Friday, March 29, 2013

Sakes Alive!

TGIF. Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend to those of you celebrating! If you're off today, I will hate you for 15 minutes after I find out, then we will go back to being BFF.

Things from this week:

1. Silver flats from Target. $10 make you hollah, Honey Boo Boo chile.
2. Snow. On my car. From March 25. Disgusting.
3. Peeps are the grossest candy ever. MFD gouges the eyes out of his.
4. Delicious turkey dinner at Mom & Rich's on Thursday.
5. Free medium beverage from DD for my birthday. Free is for me.
6. Hello, Gustave.

Dear tiny bunny hop imitating, Reese's peanut butter egg eating, purple robe wearing, hyacinth sniffing, egg coloring baby Jesus, please grant me an early dismissal. Amen.

Question of the day for the universe: why do people pull wide left to make right turns that aren't tight or u-turns?

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Linking up with the lovely Joy for The Friday Five.


  1. Lawd have mercy! I'm heading to work so I'm off the hook. I get every other free world holiday, but this one. Kind of glad...low key day...most people took the day off. Easy work day.
    Have a great weekend,
    Lulu and Daisy

  2. I'm laughing at your hate for peeps, too. I just can't love em! OH... and I'm working today, so I'll be right there with you. However, I'm thinking we "might" get off work an hour early and I'm crossing every toes, finger and hair and praying we do! Thanks for linking up! Happy Friday!!

  3. ew. agreed that peeps are nasty. im also not a fan of 'generic' jelly beans. if you wanna give me some starbust or jolly rancher jellybeans, im down, but none of those nasty ones. ickk

  4. i like those flats! i wish my feet weren't so wide that i could wear cute flats like that.

  5. HELLO!!! Chocolate dip your Peep, the candy not the human, and you will love it. Awesome shoes!

  6. $10 flats, i need those. i'm going to target tonight. that's final.

  7. NO MORE SNOW!!!!!!!

    And that turkey dinner looks awesome, OCD arrangement notwithstanding...

  8. Love the shoes. And i agree about the peeps. I refuse to put them in the kids easter baskets....nasty!!! :)

  9. 1. Brie + Peeps = True Love
    PJ + Peeps = Mortal Fear
    So, I guess it's a draw.

    2. Those flats. {swoon}

    3. Because people are stupid.

  10. I love peeps! No shame in my game.

  11. Didn't mean to publish that right away haha. Anyway hope you got out early. Have a good weekend!

  12. Just reading this now on Saturday morning!
    That turkey dinner was the BOMB.
    I will buy a Target turkey breast @$.99/lb whenever they go on sale.
    & roast the same way- 1/2 hr @475 deg then meat therm at 325 til it hits 150. And easily stuffed, too!
    Loved having you there for dinner.
    Hoppy Easter, all!
    Love your momma!

  13. I love those shoes!!! I want them!!!

  14. Haha! My friend makes right turns like that. I always ask her if she thinks she's driving a bus. I'm jealous of people and their Target flats. For some reason they never fit right and give me blisters. Also, I like Peeps. A lot. I'm gross.

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