Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Haphazard Wednesday

It's no secret that I'm anti-Bieber. That being said, really, what the hell is this? My eyes, my eyes! The pants, what the hell with the pants and the underwear?

In other TV news:
  • Yay to JWoww & Roger's engagement
  • Kevin Bacon is so awesome on The Following
  • More of The Americans please

Bucks County friends! Save the date - Monday, April 1, Buffalo Wild Wings 2763 E. Lincoln Highway, Langhorne PA 19047, 11 a.m. - midnight: Please head there for lunch or dinner, tell your server you're there for the MS Fundraiser and 10% of your check will go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. 
There will be a Phillies vs. Redsox ticket raffle too. There's no easier way to support a great cause - you've gotta eat, and you can make a difference doing it. Thanks to the the lovely Maddox ladies for fundraising for such an important cause close to them.  

MFD had his first post-op appointment on Monday morning. Our friend Joe hooked us up with an awesome doctor at Penn Orthopedics who said everything looks good in the healing process. MFD got his stitches removed (totally not what I wanted to watch happen at 8:15 a.m. on the Monday after Daylight Savings) and got a hard cast, which has already improved his mobility. He has some of his independence back, and he doesn't have to have his leg up for 23 hours a day anymore, which is a relief to him and to me. It's hard to keep a Mexican jumping bean from jumping, you know what I'm saying? Plus, being in a cast, you don't have to worry about accidentally bumping the leg. Honestly I was nervous as shit about this down period since he is "dying" every time he gets a man cold, but he's really handled this so well and kept up with his business (which requires him to be on the go, so not a super easy thing to do in this state). I'm really proud of him. Four weeks in a cast, at least another four in another boot, and then the screws have to come out at 12 weeks, so another minor surgery. After that, PT. It's a long road ahead but things are going well and it's getting easier. And we haven't killed each other yet. High five to us.

I really really really really really really really love Google. I use it every day. I use it as a noun and a verb. Thank you, Google, for always being there for me. 
Birthday week, birthday week. So far birthday plans include: a mani/pedi/brow wax on my lunch hour on Thursday, my gift from Lori. I'm off on Friday for my actual birthday. Things to do include: get a long overdue oil change (special times!), a massage, and a little shopping. I think I'm going to make dinner at home because after I get a massage I never feel like going anywhere. I feel like napping and laying and continuing my relaxing. And I feel like wearing yoga pants, not actual clothes. So I'll troll my pinterest boards for something awesome. Saturday: lunch with some of my favorite ladies at my Mom's house. 
1. Three or four? In a super short dress with a Pete Rose haircut.
2. Family birthday party and awesome St. Paddy's party at Maria's.
3. Blowing candles out with my Grandmom, maybe three?
4. Celebrating in 2011. 
5. I loved Strawberry Shortcake. My mom loved to give me boy haircuts. Thanks Mom for emailing me these old photos! 

Book tales: Lori recommended The Good House to me. She meant B, but I got A from the library. A is scary as shit, you guys. I was like WHY did she recommend this, I am wet my pants afraid! I couldn't sleep after reading it. We finally figured out the mix-up on Monday morning when I was like Lori, I'm sorry, I cannot read this scary shit anymore. Do not read A unless you like demon scary things! I requested B from the library and exhaled. 

Ecard of the week, this made me laugh and laugh. Seriously, we've all been there. Go down! Go down! No no no! I pinned this as OPT - other people's toilets. hahahaha

Tomorrow my college pal Jana will be posting here, and I will be posting over at her blog, Daily Money Shot. Don't miss either!

Have a great day! 

Linking up with everyone's favorite fashionista, Shanna, for Random Wednesday. 


  1. Time really flies. Looking forward to lunch with you and your girls on Saturday!
    Continued green lights of healing to Mike Doyle.
    So happy about the cast.
    Love your MOMMA

  2. This Beiber boondoggle is OOC. Can he be done being famous now?

  3. i'm embarrassed to be from the same country as justin bieber!

    and i hope your hubby's leg makes a speedy recovery!

    1. Thanks!

      I vote to move Bieber off the island.

  4. Love the birthdays-past pics! Glad MFD is doing well - he sounds like a much better and compliant patient than I was!

  5. So glad MFD is getting better, and that y'all haven't killed eachother. and Biebs?! where are you going in life?

  6. I went to the dietician on my birthday....nothing says Happy Birthday, Fat Ass like a trip to the doctor to get your eating habits in check. (I note the Cadbury Egg still on my mind--it will be my EASTER CHEAT!). I hate the Biebs, too. That picture scared the crap out of me!
    Happy Birthday WEEK!
    Lulu and Daisy

  7. Oh, that ecard! So true.

    I'm cracking up at you reading the wrong book and loving the Pete Rose 'do.

  8. I love your posts! They crack me up!
    Yeah for the cast! I hope the improvements continue!
    I am dying over the book. I bet you will ask for the author's name now! Haha
    I love the throwback birthday pictures!
    Enjoy your Birthday fellow March Birthday-er!

  9. What.....J Biebz, I hate you but no. Just, no.

  10. wishing speedy recoveries! yay for j-wow and roger!!!

    katie @ thecarbmonster

  11. Beiber.....jeebus he makes me want to vomit. What an egotistical little twerp. Bah.

    I love that ecard.

    And is it weird that I want to check out the scary version of that book?? ;)

  12. That ecard is me to the T. I can't go to the bathroom at other's people houses because of this reason if you know what I mean.

    My mom doesn't even let me go to the bathroom in her house, because she knows I am going to stop it up. TMI, I know...

  13. Look at MFD lookin all smexy in his plaster covered left leg! Glad his recovery thus far has gone smoothly, and I'm quite pleased to learn you haven't killed each other. There's that silver lining! My nurse advice to him (if they didn't tell you already) when it gets itchy, have him run the hair dryer on the cool setting up and down the cast. It works. I swear. I've seen Dr's pull chicken wing bones and Transformers out of casts. I dont recommend MFD trying to scratch with any of those.

    Those birthday pics are precious!! You rock the shit out of the Pete Rose & bowl haircuts. It's true.

  14. LOL - that e-card is the best, and so true!!

  15. LOL @ the toilet thing

    And we LOVE the americans too. Are you caught up? I have something to say but i dont want to spoil it for you lol

  16. Hahaha, Pete Rose haircut! You are adorable in your mini dress! I'm with you on Bieber. His pants are ridiculous. Did you see that he wore a gas mask while shopping around London a few weeks ago. What an idiot. I have all of The Following saved on TiVo. One of these days I'll watch it!


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