Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What the hell day is it? Wednesday?


Some weeks, I wake up on Monday and just start taking care of business. Other weeks I step off the curb directly into a huge muddy puddle. This week is one of those weeks. Monday was definitely a Monday. Tuesday started with me missing my train by 30 seconds due to people driving 20 MPH for no reason (nothing on the ground but pavement), then a douchelaroux nearly bowled me over as I was making my way up from the bowels of Suburban Station. It ended with me crying "uncle!" and getting into bed before 9 with a monster headache. Both of these days left me asking, IS IT WEDNESDAY YET?

I'm sick of the slipperiness of winter.

Monday night I cleaned the kitchen like Mrs. Patmore. Then I watched episodes two, three and four of this season of Downton Abbey. Tuesday I watched the latest episode. Oh, episode four. You broke my heart. I spent the rest of Monday night pinning Downton Abbey stuff on Pinterest to find solace.

I am spending Saturday into Sunday with three of my oldest and dearest BFFs. I can't wait.

YOU GUYS.We are about to enter my favorite time of year - my birthday month, which begins on March 1. I'll be spending the next three weeks deciding what I want to do to celebrate throughout March, what gifts I'm buying myself, and giving you a countdown. I'll also be working on a My Favorite Things giveaway so you can celebrate my birthday too. YAY for all of us. Scenes from last March:

1. MFD and I walked over the Ben Franklin Bridge on my birthday.
2. My mom's family celebrates birthdays by month. This is the March cake.
3. My library pug art from Carol & my Dad that I got for my birthday last yar.
4. I always make one of our favorite meals - Guinness roasted corned beef.
5. Every March I have one small Shamrock Shake. Just one.
6. The St. Patrick's Day Parade

Thanks to Miss MP for this awesome grocery list idea that I saw on her blog yesterday and put into action immediately. Go check out her post! You can find this template by searching the internets for Excel grocery template. To a list lover, this is revolutionary. I took cues from Miss MP and personalized the template to me (below): I changed list items, reordered them into where they're found in my grocery store, altered the column headers, etc. I left some blank spots and expect to do some readjusting, but I think this system is going to work so well for me and my Type A self. Highlighted in yellow are the things I know I need so far this week. In cases where there's more than one thing on a line, I made them red. If I had this printed out, I'd obviously just highlight those separately with a highlighter. Organization makes me so gleeful.

Bonus! Two ecards this week: the first from Ms. Patricia's facebook page. The second is me, to a T:

Tomorrow, I'll let you peek into my pantry. But Friday...

This Friday! 
Come back and enter my giveaway for a $25 Target gift card.
You know you want it. 

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  1. I feel your pain this week. I'm on-call for work so my work day doesn't end when I go home. Blah! As for the grocery list - I have one of these and they are great!

  2. I rewrite my grocery list in store order!!! Eternally grateful I am home every day, especially in the winter. Hope your girls weekend happens, but, as your mother, do not want you to go into the forecasted blizzard up north. Already sent you extra lights to you to make your week lighten up and proceed smoothly & happily into the weekend. Very over slippery conditions. X-tra lights and angels to u and your siblings on the roads, constantly, especially with these "Clipper" snows. Onward to spring.
    Warming up by Sunday. Enjoy this sunny day. Expect the un-expected happiness for an extra thing to be grateful for by the end of this day.
    Love your grateful, happy MOMMA- sorry for rambling!

  3. Dude, what DAY is it? It's Gwensday! Hope your week gets better. xoxo

    1. Also, that grocery list makes my brain hurt, but I can totally picture you getting giddy about it!

  4. I write my grocery list twice as well. Having it properly ordered definitely saves time & backtracking - essential when you've got a squirmy toddler in the cart and need to make tracks while he's on good behavior!

  5. Okay... I'm thinking we were separated at birth. I always write two grocery lists... one is where I jot down everything we need, and the other is putting it in order of where everything is in Publix. BUT, I'm LOVING the excel list, and I'm thinking this needs to be activated in my life asap!!!! It's Wednesday... Praise the LORD it's Wednesday!

  6. I love that picture of you and your girls. And I LOVE a Shamrock Shake!!!

  7. Awww... hope your week gets better!
    I usually just wing it at the grocery store. My mess of a list would probably stress you out!

  8. Haha i am so that grocery store list person! It drives J nuts!

  9. Obsessed with Downton-- I've gotten Season 3 coming this week and am going to cheat and watch the rest of the Season. I've heard the last episode is a mind-blower. Thanks so much for the shout out girl! Gotta love the spreadsheets and glad I'm not the only one who writes and then re-writes list. OCD club!

  10. I need to know more about the Guiness corned beef!

  11. Ahh I totally re-write my list based on what aisle it's in in the store! And just wait til you get through the rest of the Downton episodes - UGH. The finale, I almost died.

  12. I do the same thing with my grocery lists. It just makes it SO much faster, otherwise I find myself going back and forth from one end to the other endless times. Which turns a 10 minute trip into an hour long trip, and it's good.

  13. i thought it was tuesday today. which is good right? I blame the bachelor.

  14. Yay for birthday months! I totally rewrite my grocery list according to aisle!

  15. I've converted to the Grocery IQ app on my phone. It automatically puts items into the appropriate aisle, and you can re-order the aisles to match your store. But, it does sometimes put things in the wrong aisle, or not have items in it's database, so I have to move them manually. All in all, I love it though.

  16. I write my grocery list in order too. But mostly out of ADD necessity. I'll wander the whole store.

  17. please come here and make some delicious guinness roasted corned beef ... and bring some cake too. love, your needy ass blog friend.

  18. I re-write my grocery list, too!!! Boyfriend thinks I'm crazy so I can't wait to tell him I'm not the only one. What's worst is if we DON'T have a list in the store- I go crazy!


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