Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trash, skinny things, kindness, mummery, and nurse stuff served up for Haphazard Wednesday

Something's new, bitches! Look up. I added pages: About Me, a collection of best of posts, as well as a books tab. That's meant to let you know what I'm reading now along with my recent reads. I have a few more in the works. I'm doing a recipe page fo' sho', and I Don't Get It and Train Tales pages if I can fit them.

I continue to be bowled over by the kindness of the people reaching out to both me and MFD after his accident this weekend that leaves him laid up for 8 weeks, offering food, rides, cleaning, keeping him company, or anything at all. Whenever the universe shows me how fortunate I am, I feel so humbled and I tear up at inopportune places and times. This could have been so much worse. I am so thankful it wasn't, and I know some people are probably like STFU it's not a big deal I'm sick of hearing about it...however it has certainly impacted us; turned our lives and how we operate, live, and work upside down. We've been thrown for a little loop but won't be down for long. I won't allow it, because bitches get shit done! I'm a strong person and I will get him through this and hopefully we will not kill each other. As long as the invalid listens up and follows directions...If you know my husband, you know that he doesn't sit still well. Or at all. When the instructions for the first few weeks are to elevate the leg for 23 hours a day, a person such as MFD who is like a spinning top has issues with that.
I never mentioned any of the good parts of our weekend, only the insanity.This past weekend we were in Atlantic Shitty for the Stringband Show of Shows. For those of you unfamiliar with Stringbands, here's the Joseph A. Ferko Stringband (MFD's band) in the pit before their actual performance. Listen, I am not a video taking maven. I just wanted you to get the idea.

And here's Fralinger going down the aisle playing I've Had the Time of My Life. Hello it's Dirty Dancing, you know I had to whip my phone out and get it.

Here's a photo dump of some of the good parts of our weekend spent with great friends:
Clockwise from the top: Jill and me at The Chelsea Pub, Frank/Jill/MFD/Maggie at Chelsea, Amanda/Christa/Frank at Chelsea, Me/Jill/Amanda/Christa at Chelsea, Me/Fake 50 Cent at Bally's Mountain Bar; Jill with the fake raapper, Drunks, Me and Amanda, Put your makeup on/fix your hair up pretty/and meet me tonight in Atlantic City, Me and MFD in the middle at a late night meal

Clockwise from top left: Seeing Frank roll by in this taxi made my entire day, Bike on the boards, Me in MFD's hat, hangover = iced coffee, Mummers = confetti, My nails match the cup, Lady friends over at Uptown, Mummer backpiece, strollers are good for holding Jill's beers, Center: tuning up

Last night I made chicken parm a la SkinnyTaste. Not bad. I said, "It's the skinny version." MFD said, "I can tell." I said, "You can't get off of your ass for 8 weeks. Welcome to skinny everything." BOOM.
It was quite good for a skinny version.

Best part of my day yesterday: Evan and Griffin stopped by to see MFD and Evan took out the trash. Taking out the trash is my number one most hated house chore. I never do it. I will purposely not make trash if MFD is away just so I don't have to take the bag out. Sunday I actually sat in the hospital thinking, "Jiminy fuck. I have to take the trash out for eight weeks." It really is the little things. Thank you Evan.

I managed to remember to bring lunch today, but I'm 0 for 2 on remembering breakfast. Balls. I need some rest to reboot my brain. I can't wait for the weekend.

Ecard of the week:

Forgive any weak blogs over the next week in advance. I've added in-home Nurse Ratchet to my resume and I am very busy doling out medication, delivering food on trays, refilling water glasses, trading out ice packs, picking up cast off drinking glasses, running up and down two flights of stairs a 4756 times, telling patients to sit down and elevate body parts, etc., when I get home from work. I'm still finding my rhythm in my new position. Blogging gets the backseat some days.

p.s. seriously though...nurses, I salute you. After what I've seen through this experience, I could never be a nurse. Your job is not for the weak.

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  1. LMAO @ welcome to skinny everything. Poor MFD and poor YOU!

  2. HA! Whinese. And Atlantic Shitty. I love.

  3. I snorted when I read your "skinny everything" comeback. I love it.

    I have no doubt you're playing the role of a nurse like a champ!

  4. I have no idea why I read MarlaJan's comment as " playing the role of a nurse like a chimp" but over the next few weeks you may want to try that just to add a little variety.

    skinny everything - bwahhh haaaa haaa

    hang in there Steph


  5. I may have spit out some water when I read "welcome to skinny everything."

  6. Great pictures and videos for an Atlantic Shitty weekend! I feel your pain with MFD and his broken ankle. Hang in there!
    In March 2009 Tom broke his ankle cleaning snow off our cars. I had to rush him to the hospital - thankfully, no surgery. He, like MFD, also cannot sit still so I was doing a lot of "stay there! sit down!" yelling. I forgot to mention we during this time we had a new puppy (Ralph was 3 months old) and Tom also decided to propose to me with said broken ankle and that same proposal morning I had to wheel him in the Levittown St Patrick's Day parade that we walk in every year. Woo hoo!
    Hang in there girl! My thoughts and prayers are coming at you for a speedy recovery for MFD.

  7. It IS a big deal when one of you is down!! This injury takes longer to heal. Pins and screws and rods, Oh My! You do not know how grateful you are when all of your stuff is working, until something doesn't. Being good people, you have a myriad of framily and family to help. Godspeed to both of you. Amen, on all the nurses out there- God Bless them all!
    #HARDERTHANBEINGADOCTOR! Time has been flying, so hope Mike Doyle heals quickly and safely. Better that he wants to do things and not be waited on!!! Love, your MOMMA

  8. lol welcome to skinny everything!!!

  9. Ugh I'm sorry about the whole ankle thing! What a pain...literally and figuratively, for both of you! I hope he heals fast!!

    I love that ecard. I plan on saying that to my future children.

  10. If he listens to NOTHING ELSE, make sure he listens to the elevate your leg instruction! I did not, and ended up necrotic, with more surgery, more pain, and threats of amputation. AND more time in the cast and out of circulation. All from not elevating it. Make him listen.

  11. love the new look!! it looks awesome! and sorry for all you are dealing with!

  12. Take the backseat on blogging. We will all be here after nurse duties end. I am just honored that YOU took the time to even link up today!!!

  13. HELL YEASSSSSSSS on the whinese ecard!
    glad hubs is on the mend!

  14. Sounds like you had a pretty great time, until... I'm sure you are a great nurse. What a sucky time!! I love your St Pat's inspired header!

    Nerd alert: I was in band in high school and we played "Time of My Life" at the end of every single thing. Football games, basketball games, pep assemblies, at the finish of a parade, everything. I love it!

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