Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Things. Haphazard Wednesday

Downton Source, Kardashian Source
TV Things
1. Downton Abbey, how could you? TOO SOON! Another one SO SOON after the most recent one. Sorry for the cryptic talk, I know a lot of friends are watching seasons behind and I don't want to be a spoiler. Email me at and let's wail about it together.
2. Is Rob Kardashian the whiniest mofo in the land? Sheesh. Stop being such a bitch, Rob.
3. Why do Snooki and Jionni and the baby live in the basement of his parents' house? She made money on Jersey Shore and she has her own line of makeup and accessories and shit. Get your own place!
4. Welcome back Southland and Body of Proof.
5. I kicked Revenge to the curb. But I still want to be Emily. She kicks ass.

Blah Things
1. I've been thinking A LOT about my dogs dying. Just the thought makes me tear up. A friend of ours lost his dog yesterday, and my canine friends Spanky and Ed also went to the other side in the past year. My boys will be eight and nine. They're getting up there. I want to get a puppy because I want my next dog to know these dogs.
2. I don't feel like doing anything productive this week - working, exercising, cleaning, running errands. None of it. I feel like reading, watching TV, eating Swedish Fish and getting my nails done. It's just one of those weeks.
World Wide Web Things
1. This past weekend I learned what the Harlem Shake was. I don't really know what to think of it, but I keep watching videos of it so I must think something.
2. I tweet my blog right from the share feature on this page, then it's like I forget Twitter exists until there's a political event or awards show going on. Or until I get an email about it. I've been trying to use it more. My mother is a twitter fiend. If she can be in the mix, surely I can be in the mix too.It's like I need a daily reminder in the middle of the day, like the one I created with the explicit intent to photograph.  #lame

Harlem Shake Source
Hated Things
1. Lying liars who lie
2. Elbow holes. Yesterday was the FOURTH time I've found a hole in my elbow at work over the past yeaer. The second one in just a little over a MONTH. WTF.

E-card Things
1. Repinned from Lauren G. I'd like to show this to a lot of people.

Those are my Wednesday things. Use them in good health.

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  1. your best Wednesday blog to date!!!!

    And I totally get the dog thing... so sorry about Buddy/John. Scary thought.

  2. I've said it time and time again - you're Blah #2 is called February. I cannot get motivated in February to do ANYTHING. I suck and it sucks.

    1. Add to my long list of complaints: super dry skin that seems to be SPREADING on my face as I moisturize. What the...

  3. No thinking about our furry kids going to the other side, but at least we know we will be reunited with them. I copy and paste your blog on my twitter. You are a lot busier than I am!!!
    Would love to have a job tweeting! It is fun and I learn many things that I would never know about.
    Freezing like it was on Monday, BOO!
    Stay warm, everyone!!!

    love your momma

  4. What is Rob Kardashian bitching about now? Is his sock line not as successful as the Khrome false eyelash line? WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! I watched Body of Proof for the first time last night. Loved it. Also got a little nostalgic cause it's based in Philly. I had no idea. The missing spleen thing in all those victims is friggen weird! I think about Princess MB going to the other side, and it makes me sad too. We didn't have pets growing up, so I don't know if I can wrap my brain around that type of loss. I'm sorry about your friends dogs :-(

  5. I don't watch downtown abbey and i feel so out of the loop. and what is rob kardashian being a bitch about?
    I hate that dogs cant live as long as we do. it's so hard.
    the harlem shake makes me happy.

  6. HAHAHA! That last one cracks me up! And I know what you mean about the pups. Mar Belle will be 10 in May and I just can't imagine life without her and her personality! And I agree, Rob is a cry baby and needs to stay off tv. The sisters have enough drama without him!

  7. I forget about Twitter too! It almost scares me...Once I actually get on it, I keep scrolling and scrolling and it never ends. Haha

  8. LOL your lists made me laugh. Rob Kardashian is SUCH a loser (no joke)

  9. Love this post :-)

    I have similar thoughts about our pets too. This week I starting thinking about my own PARENTS dying too!! WTF. Srrsly, NOT cool to think about (I do not suggest that haha)

    And yes, I loooooove Twitter but fall out of habit too. My husband is on it more than I am!

  10. So Downton, UGH. Of course, I watched it online last year while it was airing in Britain so I was waiting for everyone to catch up and feel my pain. Horrible!
    That e-card is awesome. Our dogs are going to live forever, if I have to find a damn vampire to bite her, I'll do it. And I still like Revenge!

  11. I was quite late to the Downton party and still have much catching up to do, so thank you for not spoiling (unfortunately certain FB friends don't share that trait).

    I keep thinking I should get on the Twitter train. It kinda scares me, but I agree: if your mom does it, surely I can do it, too!

  12. I don't feel like doing ANYTHING productive either. I did manage to ship my dang Nikon to NY, wash 3 loads of clothes, and wash the sheets. Now, I'm ready to go to Target and buy a curling iron to make me like my new haircut. And maybe some nail polish or other beauty product that I don't need. And maybe a decaf Starbucks while I'm there.

  13. I've never seen a single epi of DA. Not like I need another addiction.
    I'm thinking Snookie probably lives there for the help. Heck, I would!
    I'm really trying to hang on to Revenge, but something good needs to happen. I can see it being tanked after this season.
    My pup on 13 years dies this past summer. Still kills me when I see adorable Pom pics on IG.
    Harlem Shake...Can't.get.enough!!

  14. I haven't caught up on Downton yet. I have three eps left! But I basically already know what happened. And boo to that. I'm sure it's lame to like it, but Harlem Shake vids are my favorite! I'd love to see you on Twitter more. I'm not on there a ton, but I like it for connecting with people since I'm such a blog slacker.

  15. This is a great post! I am so so on Twitter. I guess I like it. I don't know. I'm glad I haven't jumped on the Downton train. It seems like there has been lots of drama going on.


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