Sunday, February 24, 2013

The weekend that went bad

I will have to recap the good things and funny shit from this weekend later this week. My computer is at home, we're stuck at the hospital an hour and a half away, and MFD had a bad incident with slippery wet concrete.

You haven't lived until you've had the image of your husband's foot hanging limply 90 degrees in an inappropriate direction burned into your retinas or experienced the Atlantic City emergency room at 11 something on a Saturday night. There's some good material there that I'd share if I was still feeling witty after being awake for 40 plus hours.

The doctors and nurses at AtlantiCare have been great to us especially given that we look and smell like hobos due to lack of sleep and showers. MFD is in a lot of pain and will have a hard road of recovery ahead, but tonight I am thankful he is demanding his iPhone so he can hold it with his eyes closed and try to send texts while on pain killers (if you get a coherent text it's from me. If not it's from a combination of morphine, dilauded, percoset, and a multivitamin) and not laying in bed with a broken neck. It could have been a lot worse. I am avoiding the what ifs and focusing on him being here and moving most of his body.

Throughout everything, I have been looking around for the adults who will come in and handle this. Then I realize we are the adults. We will be handling this.

I know we have a great network of people around us all the time, but to feel the force of that when everyone reaches out in stressful times is truly overwhelming and amazing. The calls, texts, emails, and Facebook messages of support and offers to help are all so appreciated. If my voice has sounded funny or clipped or if I haven't answered, it's not because i don't want to talk. It's because I am so grateful you called that I can't really get the words out, it's because you said call if you need anything and you meant it, it's because I don't want to start crying on the phone with you. Your kindness brings me to tears.

I should stop the word vomit before I tell you my secret recipes. Wait, I always do that.

Thanks for reading something that was not edited and may or may not have made sense, had no pictures or tips or funk.

The main points: we've had some dark hours, the sun will come out tomorrow, we smell like hobos, always pack an extra set of clothes in case you need to spend time in a hospital, and our friends, neighbors, family, and Mummer family are diamonds. Oh, and that we're through with this town. If I was using my fancy dancer software there would be a big red NOT in front of the to.


  1. OH STEPH!!! I'm so sorry this happened on your weekend getaway! BUT, at least you both are together! And, never fear — I'm praying for a speedy recovery and patience for both of you! Love you!

  2. I have a fear something bad will happen to us when we are out of town. I'm hoping you two get to leave the hospital soon and a shower is on your near future!

  3. You know I know a lot of what you're going through. I hope you are home soon. You know I love you and wish I could be there. xoxo to you and to MFD.

  4. Oh shit!!!! I am so sorry girl! How long are you having to stay? Let me know if you need anything, or you know, youjust want to talk balls to get your mind OFF things.

  5. Oh no! I hope you get home soon, and get the much needed rest. I am glad to hear that there were some funny parts! :)

  6. S3 - both you and Michael are in our thoughts tonight.
    Take good care of each other. S1 and S2

  7. Have been sending you both love, lights and angels thru the night.
    You are accentuating the positive. You refused for any of us to come down there, but we were all there in spirit. Creatively visualizing both of you home safe and settled in with your boys. Love you both.
    Thank God for these cell phones!!
    Green lights of healing infused. Love your momma!

  8. Oh no!! I am so so sorry! You guys are in my thoughts!

  9. Snotty, I didn't comment on FB, but I didn't want to add needlessly to the cacaphony of "what happened?" but I'm sending all the healing white light and sparklies at my disposal to you and MFD!

  10. So sorry it happened but so glad it isn't any worse. Keep you head up!!

  11. i saw your picture on instagram- no fun! hope his recovery is speedy! i cant even begin to imagine what a zoo the AC emergency room was on a saturday night, glad to hear they've been treating you guys well though! i'll be sending all my good juju your way!

  12. Oh, I'm so sorry that is so scary! I hope that recovery is as quick as possible! And I'm so happy to hear that you have such a support system around you.

  13. So scary and sad! I hope he recovers quickly! And I'm glad to hear you have a good support system and hospital care! Thinking of you!

  14. Oh no!!! Thank God he is still alive!!! Hang in there. I wish I lived closer so I could physically help you guys!!! Sending hugs and a bar of soap to you!! ;) xoxo

  15. I thought YOU got hurt! Not that it's better than your husb

    and did. Poor guy! I hope he's starting to feel better :( Glad you have a great group of people to lean on!!

    Thanks for linking up for Monday Morning Gossip!!

  16. Oh goodness. Oh my god the mental image of that kind of break...I am so sorry to hear this and hope that he is recovering well and that you are recovering from the trauma too!


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