Friday, February 1, 2013

Pits & Peaks

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Word to your mothers - it's Friday! And Friday, February 1st at that. January, I hardly knew ye. Five photos for Friday. Say that fifty times fast.

1. Lovely sky on Thursday morning
2. I've been drinking a vat of Twinings Peppermint Tea every night
3. The week in nails
4. How can you beat Aldi prices? Butter for $1.69.
5. Best thing I've seen on instagram all week: #yogapanttime. SIGN ME UP. I am going to use this constantly. Thanks J!

When we're on vacation with Jill & Frank, Jill loves to designate time for everyone to share their Pit & Peak of the trip. I love identifying the good and the bad. Here are mine for the week:


DIRTY WET DOGS. My couches look brown. They're normally white. Thankfully, they're washable. Wiping wet dogs off when they come in from outside is the stank.

SLIP & ALMOST FALLS. I nearly bit it three times this week: once on a godforsaken escalator and twice in Wednesday night's Zumba class due to a combo of humidity and slick shoes.

ANTI-AGING MOISTURIZER. I tried to use a new anti-aging moisturizer and my face freaked the F out. Zits everywhere, like I'm 13 instead of 35. What the hell. I've had a lifelong struggle finding a moisturizer that won't make me break out. Hate.

BLOG POST OVERKILL. I had to move a blog I was following from my Priority Reads to my If I have time folder in Google reader. In two days the blogger posted 14 blogs. What? Sweet Brown ain't got time to read all of those posts. It took me a year to build up to one post a DAY.

SPENDING SIN. I fell off of my spending freeze wagon (more on this on my expose post on February 19).


FITNESS. Four days out of five at the gym. Today is my day off. Fat, go away.

TASTE OF SPRING. It was 60+ degrees on Wednesday. What a delicious break from the awful frigid temps we've been having here in Philadelphia. Of course we're back to frigid, but the very brief respite was nice.

HAVING A COME INTO THE LIGHT, CAROLANN, MOMENT WITH MYSELF. Falling off of the spending freeze wagon sent me into a why don't I just buy this too frenzy, which I got in check in a hot minute. I snapped the handcuffs on myself and led myself to the sinner's jail, also known as back to work after a lunch break.

NEW SHOW. The Americans on FX. I loved both main characters. And the storyline. I'm in. Bring it, FX. Are you watching?

MAGAZINE CATCH UP. I'm finally caught up on all of my magazines. Do you guys still subscribe to mags? I love them. I can't quit them. I pass them on to my mom who passes them on to a friend who passes them on to an old person's home, so I like to try to stay on top of them but sometimes it just doesn't happen. I get a lot.

Have a great Friday, and a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious weekend.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that I can do folders in Google Reader. I need to set that up.

    I think I'm down to four magazine subscriptions. The only one I'm up to date with is Entertainment Weekly. Oof.

  2. ooo peppermint tea is perfection. and i want to know the blogger that posted 14 times?!

  3. Love the Pits and Peaks!! And 14 times? Holy Moly, I'm just doing good to get one in a day. And I have to schedule them out, at that! Thanks to Geege for sponsoring today's post! =) Thanks for linking up, and have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. Love the simple color of your nail polish. Very pretty!

  5. I'm trying to do a spending diet. So far I haven't fallen off, but I am [almost] positive that I will. Glad you were able to get in check quickly!

    Visiting from Joy's Friday Five. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  6. Data used slick shoes to foil the fratellis!

  7. When your spending freeze is over, head to Sephora and get First Aid Beauty Dual Repair Face Cream. Anti aging, non comodegenic, fragrance, paraben and sulfate free. It's the cats pajama's!!!!

  8. 14 in one day?? That's absurd!! I subscribe to mags too, I don't wanna quit em! :)

  9. I need you to teach me how to make folders of blogs!! oh please please pretty please :-)

  10. You should try coconut oil as a moisturizer! I need to try it too...I read the other day that it's SUPER moisturizing but also antimicrobial AND antibacterial so it won't cause breakouts. And a little goes a long way (pinkie fingernail sized for the face is what I'm told) so it's cheaper than those expensive moisturizers, too. If I try it I'll let you know how it works...

  11. 14 blog posts in 2 days??? Wow, and I thought MY poor friends were bored!

    And did Geege put much cash up for sponsoring your post? Grace is afraid he is setting a precedent...

  12. You've got some good 5s there & ups & downs. Holy wowzers..14 in 1 day. I am guilty of 2-a-day sometimes, but dang, I could never do 14.

  13. 4 days at the gym...awesome!!! I only made 3 this week...maybe 4 if I go tomorrow...meeeh.

    Who has time to POST that many times let alone read them?!? Holy cow.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I use Oil of Olay and really like it.

    14 posts in one day? For real?

  15. YIKES!! Hate that your breaking out---I have terribly sensitive skin too. It stinks.

    I'm going to echo everyone else--14. FOURTEEN! cray

    Stopping over from the link up!

  16. omg the first photo of the dog is so darn cute! And 14?? girl you rock!

    want to follow each other? :)

  17. I love peppermint tea! EVERY moisturizer makes me break out, so I use Clinque's Moisturizing GEL. The Gel is the only one that doesn't make me break out.

  18. I need a good moisturizer too! It's the worst trying to find a good one. I just bought Cetaphil. I gotta try it soon. I'm jealous of your 60 degrees! I'm getting Spring fever for sure! Did The Americans already start? Crap! I forgot to record it!!


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