Saturday, February 9, 2013

Here's what you missed this week

Happy Saturday kids! Brush off the snow and have a seat.

Here's what you missed around here this week:

Monday I wrapped up the weekend that was, which included recipes for a fabulous coffee cake,  potato soup, and buffalo balls (I said BALLS) and a new fascination/obsession with Downton Abbey.

Tuesday I laid out about My Kitchen Essentials.

Wednesday I threw a whole bunch of crap at the wall to see what would stick (also known as Haphazard Wednesday, which I do weekly). This included more Downton Abbey talk and the first mention of my birthday month in 2013. AND and and an awesome new grocery list idea that I'm doing. as well as the requisite ecards.

Thursday I shared the many many many things in my pantry.

Friday I gave you the week in five photos, and shared my happies and crappies. I also put up a giveaway for a $25 Target gift card, and there's still time for you to enter!

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  1. Me likey the recap! Hope you didn't get too much snow, we only got about an inch. Which is fine by me!!!! Happy weekend, love! Cook something good, make me proud!

  2. Thanks for linking up with us for the Weekly What! I'm loving reading through all your post through the week :)

  3. Balls. I dont want snow on my ass. Balls. Im going to have to rock this lunk up next week. Balls.


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