Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Commercialized love, work bags, a bunch of numbers, psychos, and a poll - Haphazard Wednesday

1. My aversion to Valentine's Day doesn't mean I dislike love. I love love. I love my husband, my dogs, my framily. I don't love the commercialization or Hallmarkation of love. I didn't when I was single and I don't as a married person. I think it's important to recognize all types of love (partner, friend, familial, pet, etc) every day, in big and small ways; to celebrate love all 365 days of the year. Not just on February 14, to the tune of jacked up red rose prices and the exclusion of people without mates. Those are my five cents. Spend them as you wish.

2. I'm excited! I'm starting 40/40 today. Forty minutes of exercise for the 40 days of Lent. Actually 46 days. Wish me luck. Some days I'm going to have to break it into 20 and 20, or even 10/10/20, but I'm going to do this. Even today, with a frigged up back. Thanks to Gwen at Confessions of a Gila Monster for the hookup. Due to my status as an extremely lapsed Catholic, this is the closest I'll get to anything religious this year. Amen.

3. You are reading my 250th blog post.

4. My birthday is in 30 days. I'm thinking hard on what to include in My Favorite Things giveaway that I'm doing in March. I love sharing my favorite things.

5. I had to calculate my train rides for my office's sustainability committee. I've traveled more than 37,440 miles on the train since I started working in Center City almost five years ago. That's a lot of miles, and a lot of fruit loops and assholes encountered along the way.

6.The last four items contained numbers: 365, 40/40, 250, 30, 37,440. That's too much like math. That'll do for today. That will do.

7. You, madam, are bat shit crazy. You make no sense, your timing sucks (the cheating happened years ago, MOVE ON!), and you're vapid and scary. Go away.
8. DSLR or point and shoot? Camera poll. What do you use? What do you like about it? If you have a DSLR, do you use it as much as you thought you would when you bought it? I'm not looking to be a master photographer  I just want to take better photos. I also take my camera pretty much everywhere with me and am worried about the bulk/care needed for a DSLR.  Give me the poop.

9. I need a new work bag. I've been toting my shit in an ugly canvas jobby that has the name of a 55+ community on it. I'm not kidding. I brought stuff home in it when we cleaned out my Grandmom's apartment and started using it to carry my work stuff when the strap on my other bag broke. So new work bag is going on birthday gifts to buy myself list. I have my eye on this Big Buddah bag on and will be ordering it on February 28. I hope it works out. That paisley cute.
10.  Ecard of the week:

After all, tomorrow is another day.

Quick. That's the last line of what movie?

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Gone With the Wind!

    DSLR and point & shoot! (one to carry with you, one for events where you can contend with the size. I don't use mine as much as I'd like, but I do love it.

    Love the work bag!

    and 250 blog posts - you are my blogging heroine!

  2. Hip Hip Hooray for 250!!! YAY! And, I'm over the drama with RHOBH! I have both a point and shoot, and a DSLR. But if we are worried about it being big, etc... get you a Kelly Moore Bag! It's a purse and a camera bag. IN LOVE WITH MINE!! They are kinda pricy, like the Big Buddah's, but she is always having sales and giving away bags! =)

  3. 1. I feel the same way. We don't do flowers or jacked up pre fixe menus.
    2. You go girl! Feel the burn!
    3. Congrats on 250. That's an awful lot of writing.
    4. Hooray for the week/month of SMD!!!!
    5. That is a lot of flipping miles. I think SEPTA should do frequent train miles for puttin up with the cray.
    6. I heart math.
    7. Who be that?
    8. I have a Nikon d7000. Am I Annie Leibovitz? Not even close. But, it does take gorgeous photos, and slowly but surely I am learning to use it. There are sooooo many YouTube videos and books to help learn what all the bells and whistles are for. If you get one, we can meet up in Rittenhouse Square (my favorite place in all of Philly) and take pics. It's really fun and relaxing.
    9. That is a super cute bag. I approve.
    10. Preach.

  4. LOL - perfect ecard today! That bag is adorbs.

  5. congrats on your 250th post! and i'm like you... valentines day is a crock. gimme love all year dammit! :D

  6. Valentine's Day when you are single is especially sucky. Ugh! Congrats on your 250th post. I don't have a DSLR but I would love one. I hear the Cannon is very good.

  7. that is a lot of numbers but, happy early birthday and 250th post. and i am a point and shoot person bc I am too lazy to understand other types of cameras

  8. Wow, 250 blogs already. I have enjoyed VPM Very Proud MOMMA! JMj a sustainability committee! Your birth taught me the meaning of TRUE LOVE. You love your person, but YOUR KIDs, you would die a zillion times for each one! Heart you all! Rich has the Nikon d7000. He loves it. Me, I am so thrilled with my Iphone- Easier to capture moments that would fly by, by the time you get your big-gun camera hooked up. We have the best of both worlds.#GRATEFUL.
    Godspeed- 40-40. And GWTW, I always loved "Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a damn." Looking forward to tomorrow's blog.
    Your ever-loving, MOMMA

  9. Valentines Shmalentines.
    Holy shit at the # of miles on the train!
    Fun bag!

  10. Happy 250th Post Day!! They should totally make a card for these types of events!! :) I was thinking of doing a favorite things giveaway for my birthday month in April!! Love the idea!!! I have a DSLR Canon Rebel 3Ti and LOVE it!!!! It has taken some time to get use to but they are soo worth it!

  11. I love my dslr. Its a cannon T1i. It is a little large for pics at the bar, but thats what you keep your point and shoot for! you will love it if you get one and you will find yourself wanting to take more pics. I have my eye on a camera bag on that looks like a purse too. Its all about the bag. A good camera bag and you won't feel the bulk!

  12. Your posts are always my favorite....even when they do include math. LOL. Fruit looops and assholes. I die. That should be the name of a tv show. I will be coming back to see if anyone gave you ideas about the cameras, I need to get a new fancy one!

  13. For Christmas, Chris got me a new/used Sony Cybershot DSLR (model number DSC-HX1). It's nice b/c it doesn't have interchangeable lenses, and it's on the small side for a DSLR, but has TONS of features. I throw it in it's little case in our supergiantduffelbag/diaperbag now. I have a shitty point and shoot that the zoom doesn't work on for emergencies in my purse. Also, there is always a phone nearby to take decent pics in a real pinch.

  14. I'm egotistical enough to think that #7 was inspired by our conversation yesterday???

    I have been lusting after DSLRs for a while now - one of these days I will have to just bite the bullet and spend the money - my memories are too precious to be preserved in blurry point & shoot or iPhone history.

  15. DSLR! I love mine. I totally use it as much as I thought and it takes WAY better pictures than a regular old point and shoot. I like being able to swap out lenses, too.

    I'm not a huge Valentine's Day person either. Mostly I just like the excuse to buy/make Isaiah presents.

  16. I want a fancy camera!!!!! Also I'm in for 40/40 Gwen hooked me uppppp

  17. I am loving my DSLR. I do carry it with me mostly (get a fancy bag and problem solved!) But I do keep my point and shoot with me always! And if I forget either, I've got my iPhone! ;) I have a Canon Rebel T3i

  18. I have a point and shoot, but after borrowing a friend's DSLR, I recommend going for the splurge. Such better quality photos. Congrats on number 250!

  19. I agree about Valentines Day! Ross and I just go and have lunch and that's it. It's such a Hallmark holiday! And girl, all these numbers made my head spin! LOL! And yep, she is bat shit crazy....get OVER yourself already! Barf! Thanks for linking up!

  20. Lol I don't have a problem with Brandy but I do not like Adrianne anymore. I think she's lying. Plus my ultimate fav Housewife is Lisa and she crossed her lol. I take these Housewives shows seriously, you see. They are real after all ;)

  21. RE #1: Amen!!

    RE #8: I have what I would call a combination of the two. Sony NEX 5N - smaller body of a P&S, but with interchangable lenses and the functionality of a DSLR. LOVE IT!

  22. Love the ecard! And what a great month for a birthday! I am a March girl too! Let the celebrations commence!

  23. Well I cannot wait for the birthday (month) I can only imagine how fabulous it's going to be.
    V-day is lame, but Hawkeye is pleased because she's getting more food and presents that usual.
    And I have a crossover camera. Not quite a DSLR but it takes great photos and has all the features, super zoom, and best of all - automatic settings like a point and shoot for the times I just cannot figure it out. It's the Canon powershot sx40 something or other. About $400. I love it.

  24. I'm not into Valentine's day either. My friend works at a bakery in a grocery store. She said it was packed, Thanksgiving style, on VDay full of men picking up cards, roses and baked goods. That is not the kind of valentine I want! Congrats on 250 posts! I love Brandi! I know she's crazy, but she's so entertaining! And if she didn't talk about Leann Rimes, what would she have to say? Haha! Love the ecard!!!

  25. You try and hurt me with numbers. it is sad.

    also didnt 40/40 start last week? did i start early and do too much? dammitttt


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