Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not people or things." ~ Albert Einstein

Happy New Year! I don't like the term resolutions. But I do like to set goals. Here are my personal goals for 2013.

1. Go skydiving.

2. See two movies in the theater. You're probably thinking, "Two? You are lame, lady." This is huge for me, we never go to the movies anymore.

3. Watch two new to me movies every month.

4. Go tubing on the Delaware.

5. Go vegetarian for two weeks. I am a total meat hound so this will not be easy.

6. Personal spending freeze from January 1 until February 15. Buy nothing but necessities and don't be vague about what a necessity is vs. what a need is. Example: want is a pair of mustard flats that I made sure to purchase on 12/31, even though it surely FELT like a NEED. Um, or the MAC Snob lipstick and boundless beige lipglass I purchased at 10:34 on NYE. Thanks Jen C for the recommendations!

7. Make one of the fancy cupcakes I've pinned on pinterest in the past year.

8. Grow this blog and be better about planning posts/choosing topics in advance.

9. Write down what I eat. Including the chocolate cake I'm eating this morning for breakfast.

10. Host a Favorite Things party.

11. Eat at 12 new restaurants.

12. Try 24 new recipes.

13. Go strawberry picking and make a strawberry rhubarb pie from the results.

14. Up my water intake.

15. Improve my physical strength.

16. Read 24 books.

17. Touch up the ceiling paint in our bedroom.

18. Continue expanding the staircase wall into a full blown gallery wall.

19. Purchase a fancy dancer camera and use it.

20. One random act of kindness. Every week. 52 weeks. Keep a list.

21. 52 week savings plan (late addition)

Have you set any personal goals for the coming year? Tell me about them!

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Perception Is Everything


  1. I suggest you eat at Zahav. I also need a new camera, but first, like you, I need a spending moratorium.

  2. That is a good list! I started #26Acts yesterday and maybe if it goes well I'll continue and do one thing a week too. It would be nice to be aware and focus on doing kind things all year long!

  3. Love this post, I too made a list of "Focus Items" not "Resolutions" - printed out and hung it in my bathroom so I can review in the mornings when I'm getting ready! :)

  4. We were talking about the random acts of kindness thing on NYE. I would love to start doing that. I need to think of ideas, though. To me, purchasing the Starbucks behind me is not really what I want to do. I mean, I figure there are probably others out there in more need, you know? Do I sound like a bitch? Good idea! Are you pinning things? Or just making your own list that you think of? :)

  5. Love this idea! *also love that you ate cake for breakfast :)

  6. Writing down what I ear is so hard for me! I will go in spurts where I am super good at it, and then I fall off the wagon. Have you tried My Fitness Pal?

  7. I like #5! ;D Let me know if you need any good recipes!

  8. I've always wanted to try going vegetarian before but meat always seems to get in the way lol, but doing 2 weeks in a good idea!

  9. Hi there - found your blog through the link up. Can't wait to read more! Hope you're having a happy new year :)
    PS-I am your 100th follower, yay!

  10. Love your list!! I am going to post mine tomorrow...and am thinking I might add some of yours to mine!
    Happy New Year!

  11. Great list! I want to do 52 RAOK too, we need to brainstorm some ideas together!!

  12. That's ambitious, and if anyone can do it, you can!

  13. I don't ever go to the movies either!!! This post nailed resolutions...just goals!!! Let's do this!!!

  14. I want to go to your favorite things party!!! DO you have Netflix, I always find new to me movies on there!

  15. LOVE all your goals! I might need to add some of these to my list!

  16. Yes to the random act of kindness! That's such a great goal. I am also trying to do a spending freeze. Ugghhhhhh so difficult

  17. i wanna know- why veg. for two weeks? just wonderin!

  18. I love these. If you see my "changes" blog (I dont call them resolutions, either) we both seem to find MAC cosmetics are a NEED. Happy New Year, and hope you survived work today :-)

  19. I am soooo bad about planning posts! I just can't do it!

  20. Those are some great and also healthy goals! Ambitious with the spending freeze (impossible for me!!!) ... and skydiving??? Wow. Good luck with that! Good luck in achieving all of those goals in this new year! xo.

  21. We don't go to the movies either! We have a decent set up in our living room, so we figure why waste the money? I actually love eating vegetarian even though I will never give up meat full time. Just make sure you get enough protein in other ways or you will feel very weak. Hope all your goals for 2013 come true, and thanks for linking up! xoxo

  22. This is an awesome list! I can't wait to hear all about your skydiving experience! I also need to try new foods and restaurants. And I want to go strawberry picking!


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