Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Welcome to My Red Carpet: Golden Globes Chatter

Two days later, is this still relevant? If it's not, too bad so sad, I'm doing it anyway.

1. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, you killed it. Please join my group of friends. When Tina said, "You know what Taylor Swift? You stay away from Michael J. Fox's son." I nearly stood and applauded.

2. I've loved Ben Affleck since I saw him in Good Will Hunting back in 1997. I loved him through Bennifer. I'll always love him. I could definitely hang out with him. I like his wife, but she seems like a goody.

3. Moments I loved:
-Anne Hathaway thanking Sally Field made me tear up. PMS? Or did that get you too? 
-The president of the Hollywood Foreign Press telling Bradley Cooper to call her, maybe.
-Jennifer Lawrence's speech.
- Lena Dunham - she was so excited. Girls is so weird and awkward and it makes me feel uncomfortable every week. But it keeps me watching.
-Adele's acceptance.
-Ben Affleck's acceptance.
-Big Dog as presenter. Bill Clinton walks on stage, my night gets perfect. Boom. 

4. Dennis Quaid got into a street fight with self tanner and lost. Damn, man. Put it down and walk away.

5. Bradley Cooper. Leonardo DiCaprio. Ben Affleck. Won't you be my neighbors?

6. Am I the only person alive who is all "meh" about Daniel Day Lewis? I dare not say this aloud in my own house.

7. I cannot stand Sacha Baron Cohen.  

8. Kevin Costner looked like he just finished munching on a turd sandwich while he gave his long, droll speech. Try to hold down the excitement, Kev.

9. Why was Brody speaking in a British accent? Why does he have such a small mouth? Regardless, it was nice to see him without Dana whining about something adolescent.

10. Jodie Foster's speech. Was she on a mix of uppers and downers? It was all over the place. But she pulled it in, and when she spoke to her mom, I had tears. 

11. My best dressed: 
- Jennifer Garner
-Julianne Moore
- Claire Danes
- Jodie Foster
12. Worst dressed: 
- Lucy Liu. What the hell was that?
- JLo. No.
- Jennifer Lawrence...from the side she looked like she was wearing a pair of Madonna's old cone boobs. 
- Kerry Washington. It was like a sieve in the form of clothing was put over a lace slip. No comprende.  
-Sienna Miller. Flower power? Why was she even there?
-Jessica Chastain. Loved the color, hated the dress. And that hair. Good crap. What the hell.
-Halle Berry. Was that dress from Barbarella?
-Eva Longoria. Was she auditioning for The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas?
-Lena Dunham. Those straps....they reminded me of a straight jacket. So very unflattering.
-Kate Hudson. I'm always smug when she looks awful, because I am *not* a Kate Hudson fan. I actually avoid movies she's in, aside from Almost Famous.
 -Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton. You can always count on these two to look like they climbed      out of the dumpster after a three day bender. 
-Nicole Kidman. Come on, girlfriend. You're free from that hobbit Cruise. Embrace color and joy.
-Guiliana Rancic looked like a modern, scary mix of Morticia Addams and The Bride of Frankenstein. She seems like a nice person. What's that they say in the south? Bless her heart.
-Bill Murray looked crazy like a fox.

I know Les Mis got many accolades, but I just have no desire to see a movie that's sung. I read the book. I will keep to that.  The only nominated movie I saw was Silver Linings Playbook, which I really liked. 

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  1. I actually didn't watch ANY of the GG because I had to get up early for the gym.

    I agree with most of your fashion picks, I loved Jessica Alba's dress, she is perfection!

  2. LOL @ Brody being able to talk without Dana whining at him. Kate Hudson and Helen Mirren were actually my best dressed, though I, too, like Claire Danes. WE need to put Kerry Washington and Nicole Kidman on Celebrity Terror Watches for being too thin. Send them to my house: I'll make them sausage balls and cheese grits.

  3. I did not like Kate Hudson's dress at all either! And I saw others had her on their best dressed list. Ugh!

    Love Tina and Amy and the T Swift comment was the BEST of the night. Makes me laugh even now.

  4. Haha, the Taylor Swift comment was hilarious! I bet she will put that in a song lol Happy Tuesday!

  5. Taylor Swift had the "not impressed" Kayla look when Adele won. Not nice
    no class! Loved Adele's speech. Did not stay up to watch the whole thing. Was that Emma Stone there? Would rather the camera kept scanning the crowd the whole time. Loved that Amy said "That was Hillary Clinton's husband."
    Say thanks for every little/big thing. Gratitude is the best attitude.
    Thankful for this blog & YOU!
    Love your momma.

  6. Loved your recap...I tuned in but it looked boring for some reason this year. I did record it so maybe I'll watch it today just to see Tina / Amy's performance. Maybe.

    I'm co-hosting "Tell me about it Tuesday" and found you through your link :)!

  7. I loved Anne thanking Sally Field. Tina and Amy were the bomb! I had tears of laughter during their opening. After seeing Jennifer Lawrence do interviews in which she was clearly struggling with the flu, I was even more impressed with how good she looked (aside from the boobs) and how well she did her acceptance. On the after show, Giuliana showed her the "winning moment" and while she was hugging and kissing everyone she said "there's me giving everyone the flu."

  8. lol i didnt watch it but #7 i completely agree with. Also you should totally go see Les Mis, Russell Crow singing is an instant classic lol

  9. I HATE NOT HAVING CABLE DURING AWARDS SEASON. Boo. We were able to watch the opening monologue (like T&A-ha!) but not the rest. Lame-o.

    Damian Lewis who plays Brody on Homeland is from England, just an FYI :)

  10. also, michelle dockery from Downton Abbey wins for my "best dressed" category. Swoon.

  11. Considering I didn't watch it this year... I'm pretty sure I just got the best run down from your post! Awesome!

  12. tina fey and amy pohler were AMAZING hosts! and did you see taylor swift's sour-puss face when she lost to adele? i wanted to slap that smug look off her face.

  13. alwyas love Ben. he has my heart. and heard amy and tina were great! I didn't get to see the show so love the recap!

  14. I didn't watch them this year, but this recap is awesome! I'm all caught up. Thanks!

  15. Tina + Amy + Bradley + Bill + T. Swift losing + Ben Affleck winning = awesome 3 hours of TV.

  16. Tina and Amy were awesome. My favorite line: Bill Rodham Clinton. Ha! I about died. Also, "Taylor, take some me time." Adele was amazing. Jodie Foster was wackadoo, but you are right the mom part was very touching. And I totally saw that weird boob thing on Jennifer Lawrence's dress.

  17. You crack me up! Loved all the moments you loved. Tina and Amy need their own channel where I can watch them 24/7.

  18. I really enjoyed the Golden Globes. there were some great moments!

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

    {PS - I'm giving away a fitness journal. Would love to have you win!}

  19. This it totally relevant to me because I just watched them yesterday! I LOVE Ben and kinda can't stand Jennifer Garner. I love J.Law, Lena, Girls, Adele, Bill Rodham Clinton! I'm meh about DDL too. Maybe I haven’t seen enough of his movies, but I don't get it. Brody's small mouth! Haha! Did you see the SN/Anne Hathaway/Homeland sketch where they addressed that? Hilarious.


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