Monday, January 14, 2013


O U T   &  A B O U T

1. Hell. I mean, Produce Junction. But on a Saturday, it's hell. I think I have PTSD from that trip.
2. The library. One of my most favorite places.
3. The movies. For the first time in over a year and a half. 
4. TGI Friday's for post-movie drinks


1. Laundry totals: five. Light week. I put it all away, too, which usually doesn't happen. Pin a rose on my nose.
2. Deep cleaning the top floor:  purging bedside storage boxes, travel items, magazine box, and beauty items;  cleaning under furniture. And the weekly sheet changing, dusting, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, of course.
3. Main floor - dust/vacuum/general pickup/kitchen cleaning. I freaking hate dusting. It comes right back. 
4. Basement lair - minor purging, organizing, powder room cleaning

5. Make your own granite cleaner: 1/4C alcohol, 4 drops Dawn, 10 drops Essential oil (not essential, but I use eucalyptus). Fill the bottle with warm water slowly so it doesn't suds up. And go. I house this in an old Simple Green bottle.
6. How I've been cleaning my shower since December - Get one of those dish wand thingies, fill half of it with vinegar and half of it with Dawn dish liquid. When you're in the shower, scrub it down. It works well. 

B E A U T Y   T H I N G S

Nail polish purge: 

1. My collection after I purged it - I could be a nail polish hoarder. 
2. My Essies
3. My Zoyas
4. My OPIs
5. Back in the box, neat and clean

Makeup reorganization. 
This is my front row makeup, which I keep in a silverware organizer.
My less used makeup is in a box. 


1. Senorita Rosalita - one of my favorite polishes and one of my favorite polish names. I painted them pink in solidarity with Laura, who also has pink nails, for the cruise her and Chris are leaving for today. Bon voyage. 
2. Apple Cider Vinegar astringent - half ACV, half water. Since my face wash regimen is crunchy granola (oil cleansing method with baking soda exfoliation), I thought I'd give this a try. I saw it here


1. Showtime strikes again: Friday MFD and I watched five episodes of Shameless. I am not nearly as obsessed as I am with Homeland, but it'll do.
2. The Golden Globes. I love the Golden Globes, and being snarky about them. I'll snark on them sometime this week, I promise.
3. Where the Truth Lies. This is a YA novel, and I was reading it as filler, but it's not bad.
4. Entertainment Weekly - I love this mag.
5. Silver Linings Playbook - I loved this movie. I thought the script was great and the acting was awesome. Bradley Cooper, call me. Jennifer Lawrence, let's be friends. Etc. etc.
6. I picked Night Circus up from the library. I've heard good things, I'm anxious to get involved with it.
7. Welcome back, Nashville.

F O O D   &   D R I N K

Coffee with a few good men - Ron Swanson on Saturday and Bill Clinton on Sunday.

And a few other things...
1. There aren't many things I love better than fresh baked bread. This was baked by someone else, but it's fresh nonetheless. And I love it like I made it myself. 
2. Friday night I had English Muffin pizzas for dinner. It took me back to my college days. Still good. 
3. Sunday breakfast: English muffin slathered in butter, eggs scrambled with gouda and ham. It was gouda. Ho ho ho.
4. I had a big cooked ham, so I cubed four cups and froze them for use in soups and mac & cheese in the coming weeks. 
5. Sunday dinner: green beans (blanched, then sauteed in butter), ham, and scalloped potatoes to die for. 

About those scalloped potatoes...

Dill and parsley (dry is fine)
3 lb red potatoes, thinly sliced - you need 8 cups
2.5C half & half
1 tbs mustard powder
1.5TSP salt
1/4TSP pepper
2C shredded swiss
2C shredded cheddar (I used up some gouda that I had, about a half of a cup)

Preheat oven to 325. Coat shallow 9x13 baking dish with cooking spray.  In large pot, combine potatoes, half & half, mustard, salt and pepper. Over medium high, bring just to boil, stirring occasionally, remove from heat.

Using slotted spoon, transfer half of potatoes to baking dish, sprinkle with 1 C swiss and 1/2C cheddar. Give the dill and parsley a few shakes over that layer.Top with remaining potatoes, half and half mixture and remaining cheeses. Sprinkle some more dill and parsley on top. Bake until tender and golden, 40-45 minutes.


My boys. The cutest dogs in all the land. 

That's the weekend that was, you guys. (TWTW).

Henry Ford said, "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off of your goal." The goal is Friday. Keep your eyes on the prize and you'll realize Monday ain't no thang.

p.s. Happy birthday to Aubrey, my brother's longtime love, who celebrated on Sunday. Love you!

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  1. that's a whole lotta nail polish, i am jealous! love the coffee mugs, love those guys

  2. Girl that is an amazing nail polish collection! Sheesh. Love it :) And I love the way you split your weekend update into categories, rather than days! This is a good idea - so good in fact, I might have to steal it sometime! But don't worry, I'll link back to give you the credit for the idea :)

  3. Also, I feel kind of like a jerk, because as often as you've commented on my blog lately, I just realized I wasn't even following you... I fixed that problem though!

  4. holy crap that's a lot of nail polish!!!

  5. Okay, 1st — we haven't been to the movies since "The Help" came out. No joke!
    2nd - I'm with you on the nail polish. I think I have 5 different reds in OPI, and I'm just now starting to actually change out my polish every week. 3rd I'm definelty trying out that recipe soon!! Happy Monday!

  6. I am so jealous of all your nail polish!! Stopping by from the link up.. :)

  7. 1) I love your Ron Swanson mug. I need that.

    2) I love the term "hausfrauing."

    3) You have to update me/us on your apple cider vinegar/water astringent experiment!! I'm all about natural beautification stuff like that and if it works I'm definitely gonna try it.

  8. Pretty sure jam-packed doesn't even begin to describe your weekend! Can you please come over to my place and clean and cook for me? ;)

    Thanks for linking up!

  9. Last movie I saw was with your brother The Queen, with Helen Mirren.
    I cannot sit still & would rather watch @home while reading or doing
    a xword puzzle. Will def try those potatoes.
    Finally am starting to clean my house, too. I am to be you LOL!
    Love and lights and happiness
    I express love & joy & I am at peace(Louise Hay)
    lovely mantra.
    Carpe every diem!

    Love your momma!

  10. I wish I had 1/zillionth of your cleaning & cooking energy!

  11. I love "post-__________ (fill in with anything) drinks". Those are always the best part of any evening, right?

    And DAYUM that's a lot of nail polish! I have like 7 bottles. Maybe.

  12. Holy shit, that is a lot of flipping nail polish! And I heart your Bill Clnton coffee mug. I'm going to make those potatoes this week. I made a delicious crock pot on Saturday, and super easy. I'll send you the recipe

  13. Steph, I remember you loving nail polish but good grief, lady! And I feel the exact same way about Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. I need to see that movie...

  14. HOLY NAIL POLISH! And I'm DYING over those potatoes! YUM!!!

  15. Seriously that is an insane amount of nail polish! You should have a manicure party! :)

  16. I wish we were neighbors so I could borrow some nail polish and then steal your Ron Swanson mug.

    I really want to see Silver Lining. I am trying to talk my husband into seeing it this weekend.

  17. So much to comment on! I love your library's clock! I'm totally using a dish wand thing in the shower now. Brilliant! I purged my nail polish collection the other day. It feels good to get rid of some. I had so many similar shades. I love your makeup organization. My drawers are too skinny, so it all gets thrown in a big makeup bag. I loved Silver Linings too. The whole cast was pretty amazing. I love your Ron Swanson and Bill Rodham Clinton mugs!!


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