Monday, January 28, 2013

the voluntary house arrest weekend that was

I went into this weekend intending to be entirely housebound. I'm happy to report that was a resounding success. I envisioned relaxing in a clean house, candles lit, nowhere to be and nothing to do. My vision became a reality.

Since Friday night's weather was treacherous, I thought my plan was even more fitting.

Here's what I did.


I cleaned the top two floors Friday night like a robotic hausfrau so I'd have the rest of the weekend free to lounge. I also conquered Mount Laundry. Eight loads of just my stuff and household stuff, and it wasn't like I was behind. What the hell, laundry.


Coffee, eggs, and leisure on Saturday AND Sunday mornings. The eggs were fried on Saturday and scrambled with green onions on Sunday. I love a leisurely breakfast. MFD dabbled in breakfast at night - he made french toast at 10 p.m. on Friday.

Meatballs and sauce from scratch. I like to saute my onions and garlic in butter and then hit them with some red, red wine before adding my peeled plum tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, oregano, and basil. I was OUT of tomato paste. Thank God I had some in the freezer or my House Arrest Weekend would've been in jeopardy. For my meatballs: 1.5 lb meatball mix, 2 eggs beaten, milk, salt, pepper, parsley, grated onion, parmesan cheese, panko breadcrumbs. I baked them for a half hour at 350 and then plopped them in the sauce. Healthier and less mess than pan frying. finally happened. After seven years of owning a pasta maker, WE MADE OUR OWN PASTA.  It was easy and delicious and left us asking ourselves why we bought pasta, ever, and why it took us so long to do this. After we spent 10 minutes battling over the (very simple) recipe. We went with 2 cups of flower, 3 eggs beaten, and a teaspoon of salt.

We mixed the dough on the counter top, then ran it through the machine, adding flour when it stuck. It was really pretty cool. It went into a pot of boiling water for about four minutes, and it was ready. Simple pleasures, y'all. Please don't be jealous of my fabulous outfit and beauty queen appearance in this photo. I know it'll be hard.

Saturday Dessert: Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake bars. Come to mama.

Sunday soup: Tuscan soup. This made a shitload of soup. It's very good and healthy, but if I wasn't feeding a crowd, I'd definitely halve this next time. Here's your kitchen tip of the week - when you're making soup and have meat that comes in one of those styrofoam things, use it to hold the veggies you've chopped. Then you don't have to dirty another plate.

Blue cheese biscuits. The worst part of these was cleaning up the counter. They were pretty good, even though I burnt the ones on the bottom rack. You're supposed to eat these with honey, and I wasn't aware we were out. Balls.

Baked chicken. I tried a new marinade: 1/2 cup of white wine vinegar, 2 tablespoons mayo, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce, 2 tablespoons of dijon mustard, 2 tablespoons of thyme, and some salt and pepper. I dashed the tops with paprika before baking. It was quite flavorful. A little bit dry, but that was operator error and nothing to do with the marinade.

Skinny potato casserole. I added two cups of cheese instead of one, and some ground mustard.

As you can imagine, I ran my dishwasher 472 times.


I exercised on Saturday and Sunday. This is not the norm. Disregard the hole in the toe of my sneakers...while I did walk a few miles with ol' Leslie Sansone, I was too lazy to walk the two flights up to get my sneakers. I used my gardening sneakers instead because they live in the basement. They still work. I consider this a successful week: I went to the gym three times for three ass kicking 45 minute classes, and I worked out at home Monday, Saturday and Sunday.


I finished Teaching in the Terrordome and spent the rest of the weekend thinking about the inequality of education in this country. I also spent the rest of the weekend catching up on my magazines instead of starting on my next book to read, Defending Jacob.

On the screen:
  • Shahs of Sunset - Why haven't I been watching this all along? 
  • Vanderpump Rules - insane drama. 
  • The Following premiere - I love you, Kevin Bacon. Even though your new show almost made me shit my pants. 
  • The Bourne Legacy - We are huge fans of the Bourne movies. I missed Matt Damon, of course, but I thought Jeremy Renner picked it up nicely. MFD kept saying Rennercat Rennercat RENNERCAT. I had no idea what the hell he was on about. After consulting google, I was pleased to see Jeremy Renner and Grumpy Cat side by side. 
  • Hart of Dixie - I wish I lived in Bluebell, Alabama. Except I hate excessive humidity.
  • Criminal Minds - This may be jumping the shark. Someone is constantly dying, no UNSUB is taken alive, and nothing sustainably good ever happens to the team. Yawn. I wish the Doyle storyline was still going on. That was some good shit.


I spent a lot of quality times with my dogs and MFD. See below for how MFD wears his pants to clean up snow - jacked up to his armpits. Hilarious.

My inlaws came over for dinner on Sunday, and I spent a lot of time texting with my people. So while I was housebound, I was not totally off the radar.

MFD got an iPhone around 5 p.m. I think I've lost him for the next 24-48 hours.

Now, another week. A warmer week, praise the universe. I'm sick of this cold. Wah wah wah, call the wahmbulance, right?

Word to your mother.

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  1. I hate to say that you've lost MFD forever. Especially if he discovers Words With Friends or Scramble With Friends. Or maybe that's just my husband who is obsessed with those games.

    Can you come to my house and teach me to cook? Good God, woman, I think you've missed your calling in life.

  2. I think I might try the chicken marinade. That sounds good.

    1. It was excellent. I had no marinade type things in the house, so I just started getting things together.

  3. skinny potatoe casserole, yes please!!

  4. Wow I guess when you don't leave the house for a couple of days there is time to do a lot of stuff at home. That seems like a busy but relaxing weekend. And homemade pasta - yes please!!!

  5. Honey, we LOVE Shahs and Vanderpump Rules!! But then again, I knew we would because we love the Housewives so much... wait.. only Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Orange County and New Jersey! And I'm impressed with those pasta making skills!! =) I love a good relaxing weekend at home. So glad y'all got to enjoy one!

  6. Um, exsqueeze me, you MADE YOUR OWN PASTA? That's pretty impressive.

    Also, Rennercat...OMG! It's so true. And now I'll be browsing The Internets for more memes like this. :)

  7. Wow you made some super yummy looking food! And holy cow I'm so impressed that y'all made your own homemade pasta! I bet it was insanely fresh and yummy. Jealous. And good for you for exercising at home this weekend too!

  8. haha i'm the same way...i'll workout like a madwoman and kill myself during the workout but i'm too lazy to get up and turn off the light... so i get my husband to do it haha! and i hate laundry too; i'll stuff it into the machine but i hate folding them and putting it all away :(

  9. Chock full of cooking info. I will copy & paste the marinade recipe. Love using whatever is around. I just did the veggies on the styrofoam.
    Making beef barley soup as we speak and dumped a load of spinach in it.
    Spinach, the wonder vegetable, look what it did for Popeye.
    Speaking of which, I must mention Sally Starr- you girls never met her, but Our Gal Sal introduced Popeye & other cartoons in the afternoons.
    Made 90, but went to the other side 2 days later. Remember watching her when I was at my grandparents' house. God Rest her soul. Amen on the warm up. 50 some days til spring-I am ready now! Carpe the week, everyone.
    Love your momma!

  10. this looks like a fabulous weekend! Mine was so similar... I just didn't take enough photos to document it.

  11. Wow - my voluntary house arrests are way slower and less productive!

  12. BURRR.. I hate, hate, hate snow! Being trapped in the house all weekend drives me cray!

  13. what an absolutely perfect weekend. I am so jealous.

  14. Sooooo, next weekend I am so coming over in my sweatpants to eat and read magazines, 'kay?

  15. I was a successful homebody with exception of my massage and facial too. I was pretty proud. And I am already at level 6 of temple run two. I thought about putting that in my fitness pal for cardio. It should count right?

  16. If I had to be cooped up in the house from the cold, I would want to be cooped up with you! Dang, you guys eat right! I am starving now!!!

  17. Amazing weekend! I love that you made your own pasta! How fun! I used to get strawberry shortcake bars from the ice cream truck as a kid. YUM! I spend yesterday house bound, but in bed napping off and on because I had a fever. Boo! I read like 127 magazines too. Today I'm paying for it and have to do a million chores.

  18. We got Defending Jacob right after Christmas and Aaron started reading it but it takes him forEVer to finish a book.

    I keep meaning to ask you if you're caught up on Hart of Dixie. I'm loving Zoe and Wade together.

  19. RENNERCAT! I can never ever unsee that! ahahah.

    Did you like The Following? It was scary as hell but I think I will keep watching.

    Also, I'm amazed and jealous at how much you cooked in one weekend. I cooked ONE meal and wanted a damn trophy.

  20. Those used to be my ALL TIME FAVORITE ice cream bars!!

    Also - you can freeze soup!! Just do airtight tupperwares or big doubled-up ziplock bags. That way next time you're feeling lazy you just have to thaw and reheat soup. I usually double my soup/chili batches for that reason!

  21. i've only made pasta once but my gooooddd this post reminded me that i need to invest in a pasta maker. so much better when you make it from scratch and its not like the recipe is something complex! adding that to my to-do-once-i-finally-graduate list

    oh. and now im craving a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar- YUM!
    i used to work at a local deli/market right after high school and we got a certain food allowance every day we worked (for lunch/dinner etc..they didnt starve us while we slaved for them thankfully) lemme tell ya, a loooooot of my allowance went to ice cream.
    like a lot a lot. and those delish strawberry shortcake bars were always on the top of my list.

  22. Sometimes the best weekends are spent at home. I have never made my own pasta. How fun!


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