Friday, January 25, 2013

The one where I attempt to do math

First thing's first...TGIF mofos! Five photos from this week. I cheated because three of these have already appeared on Instagramnation. Too bad, so sad. Enjoy:

1. Commuted in boots all week not because of precipitation, but because of cold feet.
2. My happy place: the library.
3. Leaving work on Monday - sky over City Hall.
4. View from the 17th floor.
5. Editing means feet up on the desk, lounging.

A counting game. A MATH GAME. Listen, math makes me crazy. I have a degree in english lit - Sweet Brown ain't got no time for math. Those of you who know me are probably thinking how is THIS math deficient person going to play a MATH game? By using a calculator, DUH. Haters. Step two of my plan was to have my BFF Laura the former mathlete check my work, but she has the flu. I thought it would be wrong to rouse her at this early hour.

Every time something good happened this week, I wrote it down with a +1. When something annoying or assy happened, I subtracted 1. It was a good way to accentuate the positive, big or small, and move on quickly from the negative. I began on Sunday.

Inspired by this post.

-1: Heartburn all day (Sunday)
+1: nothing to do on Sunday (Sunday)
-1: Had to work on MLK Day (Monday)
+1: No one on the train (Monday)
-1: Only had one cup of coffee before kitchen was lost to renovations at work. (Monday)
-1: Had to buy lunch due to renovations, in direct violation of my Spending Freeze (Monday)
+1: Walked two miles - exercise does not come easy to me on a (Monday)
+1: Finished a good book (Monday)
-1: Purchased coffee, in violation of spending freeze (Tuesday)
+1: Rocked a sweater I don't normally wear (Tuesday)
+1: Resisted the urge to get under covers after work. I changed and went back out to the gym and library instead (Tuesday)
-1: Got up later than I wanted to (Wednesday)
+1: Did some straightening up before work (Wednesday)
+1: Zumba (Wednesday)
+1: Didn't turn the TV on all night (Wednesday)
+1: Good solid sleep (Wednesday)
+1: Did not eat cookies that were on the counter at work (Thursday)
-1: Distracted by chipped nails (Thursday)
+1: Survived intense zumba class without hyperventilation or laying on the floor whining (Thursday)
+1: Only $7 over the set budget for food shopping this week (Thursday)
+1: Painted nails (Thursday)
-1: Hit snooze eleventy billion times (Friday)

That comes out to 6. I think. Someone check my math. ANYWAY, +6, not bad. I hope you had more plus than minus things this week.

One more thing: I'm participating in a group giveaway over at Raising Steppe Sisters, I'm ponying up a $10 Target gift card to add to the pile of prizes because hello who doesn't like Target? Go check it out and enter to win a lot of stuff!

That's it. I'm looking forward to not leaving my house this weekend. Hibernation in full effect.

Peace in the east -

Linking up with The Sowell Life for The Friday Five and From My Grey Desk Blog for High Five for Friday.


  1. ohhh love that idea of the + and -, I amd so doing that. and hey, you came out on top!

  2. LOVE it Steph! It great to see that even though we do have some negatives throughout our day, there is always something positive to cancel them! Great post! Happy Friday!! And thanks again for linking up!

  3. A 6 week - awesome! What a grand idea!

  4. Heyyyy there.. New follower from Raising Stepsisters. :o)

  5. 1, your pictures are great and i love your boots. 2) you totally cracked me up. 3) i get distracted by chipped nails ALL THE TIME too!

  6. 6!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's the magic number! Oh wait, that's three. But 3 + 3 = 6! So that's twice the magic. BOOM!

  7. toooo much. math. brain. shutting down.

  8. Love your insta pictures :) I don't even care that my pictures show up on insta, facebook, twitter, AND the blog! My friends probably get sick of the pictures, but oh well :)
    I suck at math but I LOVE this idea! Definitely going to give it a try this next week.

  9. I totally love your Math idea. I'm a a math moron but with a calculator and a little help from my friends I feel almost confident that I could do a similar list!!

    Nice to "meet you" and looking forward to reading more and getting to know you better!!

  10. This is great! +6 sounds good to me! Cute socks in that last picture!

  11. I am a big, big fan of this math situation. And I am going to send it to my sister because I feel like she really could use it :) Yay for +6!

  12. I really like your math idea! I like your blog very much.

  13. a +6 week is a good week in my book!

  14. Love the math idea. It is a great way to look back and realize that the whole week didn't suck like you thought it did.

    I am a new follower! Hope you will stop by my blog. If you like what you see follow me back:

  15. That is a fun game! I guarantee that if unhappy people did this daily they would realize that they have a lot more to be happy about than sad!

  16. This is such a fun little math I can handle. Glad you came out on top! :) That view room the 17th floor is pretty sweet!

  17. I think a +6 is a raging win! I think this week was a bit more of -week for me, but things are on the up and up this week.

  18. How in the world did I end up with π?


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