Monday, January 21, 2013

The MLK Weekend that was


Cousin Gail came to spend the weekend at our house. I made enchiladas using homemade enchilada sauce, then settled onto the couch in lounge attire with Gail and Michelle, who treated us to a photo of sweats tucked into her Uggs. MFD eventually joined us, and we spent most of the night laughing. When Michelle left, we watched Teen Mom and imitated Jenelle's Mom for an hour or so, which is always a riot. If you're a fan and you're on Instagram, you have to follow this fake Babs account:

I also got my monthly Ipsy bag and Birch Box. I'm testing them to see which I like better. So far Ipsy is in the lead.



Food prep with a side of coffee. I've had this mug since I was about 11.

Out and about: the necessary Beertown Beverage stop, where Gail secured Slim Jims for the road. I attempted to get my car washed, and when I went into the long hallway something mysteriously happened to my side mirror - it was suddenly hanging off, and just "like that," is the explanation they offered. Hiss. Sweet Brown ain't got no time fo dat.

I jammed it back on and went about my day in my filthy car. We stopped to see Gail's assistant's house and then headed to lunch at Three Monkeys. I got the burger, of course. We split fried pickles and a divine pretzel app that came with gouda dipping sauce. I hate bloody mary mix, so I just got my standard tomato juice and vodka with extra olives. Gail topped her lunch off with a lovely chocolate martini.

The boys are back in town. We had friends over to watch the first Flyers game of the season. They lost, but we had a good time anyway.

The menu: chili, macaroni salad, fresh hot italian bread, cheese/crackers/pepperoni, veggies and french onion dip, Gail's guacamole, salsa,a tray of Philly soft pretzel rods, pigs in a blanket, bacon dip, chips/pretzels/cheese puffs, Girl Scout cookies, donuts, and this oreo dessert that Julie pinned last weekend. Everything was the vision of health.

Beer on ice was recommended, and I can confirm that blackberry brandy, chilled, was involved. Asshole was played, a ceremonial avocado was on display, rewards cards were pulled from wallets and examined, phones were changed to nordic languages, and general merriment was had by all. GOODNIGHT.

My poor dogs were exhausted by all of the activity all day.


S U N D A Y 

I cleaned up pretty well before bed on Saturday night, so Sunday I could get right into the kitchen and make  scrambled eggs with cheese and green onions, bacon, and toast. We followed that up with lunch from Lee's Hoagies, the best hoagie in all the land. Accompanied by an A&W root beer, life was good.

Check out these FABULOUS bracelets I got from Debbie Rae Designs on Saturday. Visit her page and order yours today! I'm so jazzed about my Buddah and my initials. I adore them.

I purposefully scheduled today with nothing to do, and aside from wiping down the kitchen, running the dishwasher, doing two loads of laundry, and taking a shower, that's just what I did. Nothing. I caught up on blogs, read a bit, watched some TV, took a three hour nap. It was glorious.

And then it was crying time. Because I've never had a job where I had bank holidays off, so Monday is a work day for me. Pity party and moment of silence whenever you can spare them, please.

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  1. Seriously, I've worked for government contractors my whole career, and I always have to work. Suck! I love the new TWTW graphic!!

  2. Oh yes I'm at work today too. Working at a hospital that is ALWAYS open means very few holidays off! Oh well. Looks like a busy weekend w/ a lot of food! Ha!

  3. I'm just pleased that the recycling (WM) company is working today because I had a shitload of takeaways for them! My garage is thrilled to be able to breathe.
    And I don't know how you can so blithely use random coffee cups in the morning. I MUST use the correct designated morning cup, or its identical twin every day. No straying. Later day coffees can switch around, but never morning coffee. Ritual. OCD.
    And I think, as Dorothy would ay, that since moving up here I miss Lee's most of all.

  4. I'm at work too! Looks like a great weekend! I love Three Monkey's - delicious!

  5. Oh those little pup faces are so cute!

  6. I want a burger. Love those bracelets!

  7. Love your weekend!!!

    Is Ipsy also $10 - I'm doing Birchbox, this is my 4th month - I do like it but if there is something better, I need to know!

    I wonder if we get the same things, we should exchange pictures of what we got!

  8. PS what am I missing about Debbie Rae designs, I went to her Facebook page but I don't see how to order or a website.

  9. Ipsy bag...ive never heard of it. I'm intrigued!!

  10. OKay, that burger looks soooo good right now. Yes, I'm always starving! And those puppies are just soooo adorable. I love their little snuggly bodies! Sounds and looks like a jammed packed weekend full of fun, friends and fun. (MY KINDA WEEKEND!) Have a great Monday!!

  11. i rocked fuzzy socks this weekend. and rex goliath is one of my most favorite cheap wines!

  12. Goodness! You had a bust weekend...lots of fun! Love the mug with your name on it. I get Birchbox and it's ok. Is Ipsy similar?? I have seen people talk about it but haven't really seen what they get. I will have to check it out. Happy Monday!!

  13. I want to come to a party at your house. You serve some good eats. That burger from Three Monkey's looks redonkulus.

    PS- supposably

  14. Preeeeeeeeeeetty sure you're trying to make me fat. I see all of your food posts and want to eat it all! It looks SO damn good!

    Lol and I always crack up at the Babs impersonators. Hilarious!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  15. Looks like a fantastic weekend! You always have the most delicious food!

  16. What a great weekend!! Hope you enjoyed your Monday!

  17. wow, you had a great and busy weekend. i really need warm, fuzzy socks like the ones in your pic because it's freaking freezing here in toronto :(

  18. I JUST joined Ipsy, so I am really excited to get my January one. I didn't even know about it! I am glad I found it, I love subscription boxes!!! :)

    Thanks for linking up with us on Life Lately this week!

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle


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