Friday, January 18, 2013

The evolution of Friday night

Last Friday as I lay on my couch at 8 p.m. and rejoiced in the thought of being asleep by 10 p.m., I thought about the evolution of my Friday nights.

In elementary school, Friday nights meant dinner at The Ground Round with my family, playing on the swings at the Rec, or sleepovers with friends.

In junior high, Friday nights were usually sleepovers with friends, or Egan dances, or going to the movies. Sleepovers included calling boys and either harassing them or hanging up on them, and eventually, getting into our parents' alcohol.

High school Friday nights: securing rides, going to football games, hanging out at Brother's Pizza, retrieving hidden Vladimir vodka from under Kimmy Foo Foo's bed, late night trips to Walmart, terrorizing drive thrus, going to parties when someone's parents weren't home, throwing parties while babysitting, driving all over Langhorne, and working at Macy's.

College Friday nights consisted of power hours, booze on every surface, lots of loud and drunken singing, parties, cigarettes, road trips, and general foolishness.

My early and mid 20s found me heading home to nap and eat, off to wait with Frank and Mrs. for about an hour and a half at MFD's while he walked around in a towel and smoked cigarettes, off to the Hulmeville until last call, more beer and music and sing alongs at Uptown's clubhouse until 4 a.m.

I changed it up in my late 20s and early 30s. We headed right to happy hour after work until 10 or 11, or I took in dinner and a movie with MFD.

Where am I now at 35? I get home from work as quickly as possible, change into pajamas immediately, clean house, lay on my couch with my dogs, clean out the DVR, read a book or magazines, and am either in bed by 10 or I stay up late with MFD watching movies or shows.

While I've loved all of my Friday nights, these Friday nights are my favorite. I love being in my house with my dogs and husband, recuperating from the work week, with the whole weekend ahead of me. I try not to schedule anything on Friday nights, because the last thing I feel like doing after a week of work is anything at all. I don't even make any "boy I'm old" mutterings. I'm not delusional, this has little to do with age. I know what I like and what I want. And Friday night I want nothing to do, and if I do have something to do, I want to be able to do it in lounge attire. So please don't invite me out on Friday night unless I can wear yoga pants.

On deck for tonight: wine on the couch with Gail, wearing PJs and watching trashy shows. That suits me well. I don't have to leave my house, I get to hang out, and I can wear lounge attire. Done done and done, mofos.

Friday Five:

1. I am obsessed with Church doors. These are the doors to the Arch Street United Methodist Church.
2. Try not to drop dead from shock. I wore heels this week. Wedges, but still.
3. No shit, Dunkin Donuts. If you're going to label something, have it be informative. Like naming the price.
4. Deposit sent to the Strathmere Motel for an August shore weekend with Frank & Amanda! I was so giddy I wrote them a little See you in August note. At least I didn't sign it with a heart, which I was tempted to do.
5. First, that's not how you spell handling. Second, the phrase horse play makes me laugh.

However you're spending your Friday night, enjoy.

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  1. OH GOD YES. We are the same. When I suggest takeout on Friday nights Gerren is always all "let's go to the bar and have a drink while we wait for the food!" and I am all "fuck off, I am taking a bath and putting on sweats. That is my fantasy and don't you fuck with it."

  2. hahahahahahahahaha... horseplay AND Friday night youth! Perfect combo! My plan for tonight is to sit around in sweats drinking wine and eating Chinese food delivered to my door. My only venture outside will be to confront the delivery guy without Grace's assistance - she thinks every caller is for her.

  3. This made me nod my head and say "yes!!!!" in agreement. Our Friday nights out are a thing of the past. Of course, go figure, we have plans tonight. And I am REALLY not looking forward to them.

    I loved me The Ground Round, but do you remember "Pay What You Weigh" at Ponderosa or the kick ass buffet at Sizzler on the Boulevard?

  4. hahahaha yes this is so true. i used to go out hard on friday nights but now im just kinda tired and wine and couches and pjs are perfect.

  5. Oh my god – power hours—totally forgot about them. Some of the best hours of my life in college, of course they always turned into all night party. My Friday nights of late involve unattractive pajamas, my sofa, and watching Netflix. And I love it! Have a great weekend!

  6. Amen, sister! I love Friday nights at home. Now, tonight we have plans but we're going to the ballet, not clubbing.

    Not only is that not how you spell "handling," but "panhandling" is all one word. Unless of course you're talking about handling pans, which I doubt goes on in a park anyway.

  7. LOL normally I am right there with you. Tonight we are taking the kids to the batting cages first. But I will be there ASAP!

  8. Cute shoes!!! And that "banana", yeah. What you already said.

    I don't think liking a calm Friday night is an age thing at all. My Friday nights have always typically been busy (usually school related, work related, or church related) so the RARE occasion I actually don't have to be somewhere important on a Friday night is just....ah, a total dream.

  9. I'm only 27 and went from going out Thursday - Sunday to spending most Friday nights with my butt on the couch, a bucket of ice cream and dvr'ed entertainment! Since having a fulltime job, Friday nights have become more mellow and I don't mind it one bit. I still rage Saturday nights though ;-) enjoy your night tonight!!

  10. Oh I so remember Friday nights from childhood through college and before the Mr came into my life. But I'm like you, while that was fun... my Friday nights now are my favorite. PJs and usually take out with the MR and a full night of DVR! I absolutely LOVE it! I'm loving that church door and those wedges!! And go figure... I"m in flats today! HA! Happy Weekend to you the Mr, and the pups!! And thanks again for linking up!

  11. same here ! No parties on friday ! Wanna stay home watch tvshow... do things where I can lay in bed... pretty much the extend of what i wanna do

  12. haha same here... the weekends used to be all about parties and craziness; now it's all about staying home and not doing anything. how times have changed.

  13. Lol I skipped from going out all the time in my early 20s to being boring in my late 20s. Worst part? I live IN Hollywood now. This should be when all of my going out takes place lol.

  14. I spend my Fridays the exact same way and I love it! I love those church doors!

  15. Just catching this blog today. I had no idea you raided my alcohol,LOL!
    I agree,even tho I am home most of the time. Love staying in. There's no place like home. You have made a beautiful home for you,Mike Doyle, and the boys.
    Love the old churches, too. The Park sign rules LOL but ugh seeing that word horseplay reminded my of the molestor Sandusky- who said he was only involved with horseplay with his victims. JMJ God heal them all.
    Anyway- always enjoyable reading these blogs.
    Snuggle in and stay warm. Summer is coming.

    love your momma!


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