Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tell me something good.

I've done this before, US Mag style. For you regular readers, this may be a refresher. Welcome new readers. Enjoy 20 useless facts about me.

1. I love the ampersand. It's my favorite. & & & & & & & &

2. I met my husband when we were 13, but we didn't date until we were 25. We got married when we were 33.

3. I think the BLT is the perfect sandwich. When I'm not in the mood for anything specifically, the BLT is a good fall back.

4. I have issues functioning in chaotic environments. I can't stand mess. If the apocalypse came and I survived amidst the rubble and woke up to shit strewn everywhere, I'm not sure I'd consider that a victory.

5. I'm a really good cook. I brushed it off for years, but I can get it done in the kitchen. And better yet, I enjoy it.

6. I don't like to choose restaurants but I will gladly be the decision maker if you give me a choice of three.

7. I'm obsessed with my dogs. They are two of the very best parts of my life.

8. Reading is essential to my daily living.

9. My four favorite places to be are my house, the shore, Target, and the library.

10. I have wonderful, true, funny, loyal, long-time, lovely friends who are family (FRAMILY) to me, and some family members who are great friends. They enrich my life beyond anything I could have imagined, and I'm so grateful for them. They're not all in this photo (wedding party), but a lot of them are.

11. Along those lines, I couldn't ask for better parents, step parents, and siblings. Having a support system like that is priceless.

12. When I grow up, I want to be a novelist. I love writing and this blog was my way of getting back into it on a personal level versus writing for my job, even if all of my actual writing (meaning not lists or observations and what not) doesn't actually make it to a published blog post.

13. I'd also like to be a personal organizer. But not of cars. My car is always gross.

14. I'm very real. I don't mind laying it out on the table. I don't expect life to be full of unicorns and hearts. Some days are full of piss.

15. I suck at math and crafts. It's good to know your weaknesses.

16. I curse too much.

17. I'm not a fashionista by any means. That being said, I don't believe in leggings as pants, Uggs, or Crocs.

18. When I go to sleep, I wear a sleep mask.

19. Dislikes: wearing jeans, My Cousin Vinny, beets, passive aggressiveness, Tuesdays, seeing movies in the theater, going to the post office, dancing, getting dressed up, waiting in line, whining, attention whores, drama queens, litter, dusting, humidity, reading on an E-reader...

20. Likes: lounge attire, books, iced tea, cucumbers, berries, steak, colored glass, seashells, pictures, my quilt, my washable couches, DVR, lip products, sunglasses, flats, Dirty Dancing, magazines, DD coffee, striped or patterned socks, scarves, sneakers, Bruce Springsteen, a clean house, flip flops, nail polish, Beverly Hills 90210, open windows, fall, the ocean, politics, hockey, vacation, fresh sheets, daisies...I'll stop now.

AND. And and and. Gwen from Confessions of a Gila Monster was the winner of the My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software giveaway. Congrats Gwen! If you're not following Gwen already, check her blog out!

Stay tuned for a Target giftcard giveaway coming up in February.

Linking up with Helene, Lora, and Emily for TMAIT and Whitney for The Facts of Moi.

Helene in Between


  1. Hurrah for Gwen! I'm mentioning both of you in my blog this week.

  2. HAHA.... I love this list!!! Such a fun way to get to know my bloggy friends! And if I haven't told you before... those pups are tooooo adorable!!!

  3. this is what i love most about link ups, finding awesome new blogs! My fav things are books and Target too! :)

  4. Lovely, light-hearted read!!! Fox Good Day has tattooed eyebrows on today. You were born with beautiful eyebrows.
    Some days my cursing is worse than others, pardon my french. PMF!
    I suck at crafts & math, too. Whatever- add, subtract, divide,& mult. is all you need. Who cares about x or a or b or c & what they =!
    the ampersand is a MUST on the Twitter.
    Stay warm today!!!
    love your mommmmmma!

  5. I'm thinking we are twins with the whole reading obsession, hater of crocs and lover of BLT's!

  6. dog obsession is always ok. soooo freaking cute yall met at age 13. and i actually am not much into wearing jeans either!

  7. BLT’s are perfection. I would love to write a novel and have lots of ideas, but actually doing so is much harder then I ever thought. Liked learning more about you ☺

  8. Still can't believe I won the giveaway. Woohoo! And thanks for the shoutout!

  9. #1! Yes!!!

    #2 - so cute!!!!

    #14 - GOOD FOR YOU. I can't stand it when people are just happy go lucky 24/7/365. I think they're liars.

    #17 - PREACH!

  10. Wow, you have known you're husband for a longggg time!!

  11. Please visit my blog to read more about Kisha.

  12. I also love a good & sign.
    I love that you two met when you were 13. All the boys I knew in middle school are now douche bags. (I learned that on FB)
    And yes, somedays are full of piss :)

  13. I love the & too but it drives me crazy how it turns up in peoples titles on my google reader. Hate that!

  14. I feel you on the mess thing! I can't handle going to bed if there are clothes on the floor or the closet doors or open. It seriously makes me crazy! Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better. Hope you don't mind if I follow along!

    new follower :)

  15. Aww, I love that you've known your husband so long. Jacob and I met at 9, dated off and on at 19, got together for real at 22, and married at 27. Haha! I love the choice of three restaurants too! I'm picky so my husband tells me what he's interested and I choose. I also suck at math and crafts. Ditto on leggings, Uggs and Crocs. I also dislike wearing jeans. PJ or yoga pants all day, every day, until I have to leave the house. And Bev Hills 90210? My favorite! Man, we are so much alike!!


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