Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Haphazard Wednesday

Welcome to the inaugural Haphazard Wednesday post. 
Random thoughts with no sequence, commence. 

1. Nine days into my personal spending freeze, and I have not purchased any non necessities. HOLLER AT ME. MarlaJan at LuckFupus has enticed me with MAC cosmetics (I really do need a pressed powder that's appropriate for my skin color), but thus far I have resisted. Next payday, I'm buying the pressed powder. Don't worry, I'll be marking it down in my little dirty book of sin.

2. Since I'm on a spending freeze until February 15 and trying to be more conscious overall of what I spend this year, I'm going to do this. I've seen it around, and I know my friend Misty out in Colorado is all in. Yesterday I saw it on Everything Happens for a Reason, and that pushed me over. Saving cash using a version of math - I'm on it.

3. Do you have a word to live by in 2013? I've been kicking the idea around, and I've seen it on other blogs. Yesterday I read this post by Steph at Bourbon and Glitter, and I think she nailed. it. So go read it! Less of the things that distract from joy so I can be more of who and what I want to be.

4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Michelle in Iowa (I am the bride below, Michelle is to my left)! Michelle just started blogging. She's a wonderful writer. Check her out at Handcuffed and Happy (in a married to a police officer sort of way, not a 50 Shades of Grey sort of way, ya filthy animals).

5. I made these white chicken enchiladas last night. I saw them over at Lulu and Sweetpea and had to have them.The sauce is a delectable green chile sour cream sauce. It was very good and easy. Next time I'll add a little salsa verde to the chicken and cheese mixture, or just another 4 oz can of green chiles to that mixture.

6. Everyone's out there rocking their knee high boots all over the land. Not me. I think my calves are claustrophobic. I have one pair of beautiful Ralph Lauren suede riding boots, and when I wear them I can't wait to get them off at the end of the day. BECAUSE OF MY CLAUSTROPHOBIC CALVES.

7. Si has a wife. This is her. It was on the Duck Dynasty facespace page. How about that, Jack?

8. I'm kicking around setting up a facespace page for my blog. That way people who get the blog link from FB don't have to sort through my other personal malarkey to get to the daily blog post. Timeline has ruined everything! People who come here from a link on FB, what are your thoughts on getting the daily blog post through a designated page?

9. This is in the back of the hardback edition of Notorious Nineteen. Janet Evanovitch, getting into car magnets. Hilarious. I took neither, given that I was reading a library book, but my choice is Ranger.

10. Every night this week I've wiped down the kitchen, laid my clothes out for the next day (which I NEVER do), and packed my lunch and gym bag like a good little Stepford. Normally I say SCREW IT to at least one of those things and end up in a mad dash in the morning. Not this week! Stepford all the way. And it's made the mornings so much easier.

11. Ecard of the week, sent to me via text from Lil. I roared laughing.

In the words of Johnny Castle, "You just put your pickle on everybody's plate, college boy, and leave the hard stuff to me." Have a kickass Wednesday you guys.

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  1. MarlaJan enticed me too, dammit. and those chicken enchiladas look so good.

  2. Ah, thanks Steph!!! Yes to the Facebook page, although I'll still creep you there too. Your status updates bring fun to my days!

  3. Hey girls!!! I didn't make you go out and spend money!!!!! But I am damn proud of myself (insert evil laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!) It's so worth it, and YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!!

    My sis was telling me about #2. We are thinking of doing it, as well. That e-card Rocks. My. Socks. It's going on my FB right now. If we were FB friends, I'd give you credit!

  4. less. I wonder how many of us can use the same word...

  5. that spending sheet's a pretty interesting idea!

    good luck with your spending freeze :)

  6. Haha - I love your random posts. Sometimes you just can't write about ONE thing.

    That ecard is hilarious, and applies to so. many. people. Hah.

    And that 52 week saving plan is pretty spiffy!!

  7. I love that you're doing a spending freeze. You know, because I write about that kind of stuff.

    Yes! Facebook page all the way. I have one for my site and I love that I don't have to share my crazy life with my readers even more than I already do.

    And one word to live by for the whole year?! I am way too wordy to pick just one. Maybe I'll narrow it down to 5. Or 6.

  8. i'm on a spending freeze too! but i'm trying to make mine last all year because my word for this year is "frugal". though i have cheat rules, like gifts for other people don't count.

  9. I NEED to get on a spending freeze. Learning to save money is something I'm hoping to do in the new year. Timeline has truly ruined everything.

  10. haphazard. haphazard. haphazard!! love it.

    and how awesome to be Si's wife! She needs a T-shirt.

  11. Yes to less! I'm going to try that saving money each week thing too.
    As far as blogs and facebook, I set up my blog on Networked Blogs and it auto posts to facebook and twitter every time I have a new blog post. Win for the lazy. And by lazy I mean efficient.
    And Si has a wife?! What?!

  12. Lol that ecard! And those enchiladas mmm!

    I only use MAC powder - it's amazing!

  13. definitely just sent that '52 week money challenge' picture to my boyfriend.. now lets see if we actually do it haha

  14. I saw that savings plan a bit ago. I thought it was neat, my husband thinks we don't need "little games" as he calls them.

    I also am reading "19" and I saw those stickers in it. (also from the library!) I think I am more a Morelli fan myself!

  15. You made me laugh, you made me cry... well not really. But you did make me laugh with that ecard. And your use of the word "malarky".

    Stopping by to return the favor, thank you so much for linking up with the GFC Collective :)

  16. I can NEVER decide between Ranger and Morelli!!!! I should try that spending freeze idea some day...but yeah, not this month! I've been online shopping like my freaking debit card is gonna expire....

  17. Lovin that ecard!! Too funny! You are hilarious! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!!

    Jenna @

  18. I'm doing my spending freeze in February because it's the shortest month. Haha! I'm also doing that 52 weeks saving plan! It's so cool. I love these random posts!

  19. So glad you loved the enchiladas. I use a bigger can of green chiles too :) I think I grabbed the bigger 7oz can & it was perfect! Also, when I cook my chicken I make sure to season it really well with salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic, etc. Every time I make them they get better!


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