Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday Thoughts, Categorized for your Pleasure

Happy manic pre-pre-holiday week!
Thursday Thoughts, organized into categories so I myself could follow along. 

Thursday Thoughts on Food
I have been PARCHED all week. What gives? Am I still dehydrated from my weekend bender?

I've recently come to the realization that I hate white beans. I hate to be a bean racist, but it appears I am. I think I'll substitute the pinto bean when they're called for in a recipe.

Dear God we're only two days into the holiday food gifts arriving to the office, and I'm already feeling like I actually AM an enormous chocolate covered pretzel.

Are you baking for Christmas? I think I want to do chocolate chip sea salted caramel cookies, peppermint or orange meltaways? I hope next weekend finds me ready to get down on it in the kitchen.

Thursday Thoughts on TV
I roared laughing at this. What? You want to know when I will stop talking about Teen Mom 2 like it's essential to daily living? Never.

After watching Barbara Walters last night, MFD and I are convinced that she is actually humanly dead and now just appearing on TV as a robot.

After seeing Honey Boo Boo on Baba Wawa, MFD went to the real Wawa to get Cheetos at 10:30 pm. No shit. Thanks for the inspiration Honey B.

I need Gangnam Style to stop. For eternity.

Oh, Justin Bobby. Eleventy billion people repinned this from me on pinterest. America still loves to hate your weirdness.

And again, MTV, The Hills was good and all, but how about a rerun of the first two seasons of Laguna Beach? 

One of the most hilarious actresses on TV:

Thursday Thoughts on Fashion
Stop. Hammer time. Stop. Pants go'way.

I have been on a tear this year buying colored flats. What color do I need? Freaking black.

Thursday Thoughts on Books
I've been in a reading slump. I picked three books up from the library last night I'm hoping they'll pick me up:
Penelope by Rebecca Harrington
Domestic Violets by Matthew Norman
The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D. By Nichole Bernier

Thanks to Heather H. For urging me to get more involved with Good Reads. I don't think I'll be at a loss for what to read again!

Thursday Thoughts on the best e-card of the week

Thursday Thoughts on Christmas
Twice this week MFD and I have slept on the couches (with the dogs crowding my couch, of course) under the glow of our Christmas tree lights. I love doing that. And luckily our couches flipping rock.

Last night MFD and I were on our couches with the dogs for a solid two hours without moving. And without hearing or seeing our lit and decorated Christmas tree fall into the wall.

Ho ho HO.


  1. I love Penny. And there was totally a moment in last night's show, as she was setting up EL James, that Baba Wawa went all Mr. Roboto turning to the other camera. It was bizarre.

  2. I can sit (or lay)in front of the tree for hours... so peaceful. Anxious to hear how those cookies turn out. Especially the chocolate chip sea salted caramel. And the fallen tree? Hahahahahahahahaha!

    1. I've made the peppermint meltaways before. I love them. Few other people do, which makes me fat.

      I'll report back on the choc chip sea salt caramel!

  3. I just almost peed my self on the Jenelle one, I actually rewound that episode because I just couldn't believe what she was saying! LOL I hate all beans equally!

  4. Did u see that teen mom episode?! Jenelle was a freakin idiot! Hello your on probation?!

  5. Please make those chocolate chip caramel cookies and send them to me.

    Okay, how weird does it make me that I love Lauren Conrad? And was seriously upset when she stopped allowing MTV to film her entire life? I watched alllllll shows she was on. We would definitely be best friends. Now I have to satisfy myself by creeping via Instagram


    It's easily replaced in my head with LET'S HAVE A KIKI.

  7. o my gosh I could not stop talking about Jenelle and Kesha for a WEEK after watching that episode!! LOL she boggles my mind! and that plunger e card? BEST EVER!

  8. Have you read Drowning Ruth? It's like 10 years old, (I missed the boat and just discovered it like a month ago) ... it's not all happy and pick me up, but shiz is good!

  9. God Steph, you can't just ask beans why they're white.
    I saw you pin that Kesha one, I about died. Hot mess!!
    And also, my friend once brought a new boy around she was dating whose name was Bobby. Imagine my reaction when I drilled him and discovered his middle name to be Joseph. This was 2007, he's not even with her any more, and everyone still calls him Joseph Bobby. To him I say, you're welcome.

  10. Haha oh Janelle. I feel so bad for her son.

    And I watched the Barbara Walters special just for Ben Affleck. He's still got it {swoon!}.

  11. Hammer pants have to go. And so does Jenelle. That eCard made me laugh so hard. My dog is looking at me funny.

  12. Oh my gosh. Jenelle talking about Kesha was hilarious.

  13. I don’t watch Teen Mom, but I love that ecard! Haha! I watched Laguna Beach on Netflix in like two days over the summer. I love that show. Penny!!! I can't believe she was fired from SNL. At least she's on a successful, hilarious show now. Penelope is on my reading list. Let me know how it is!


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