Monday, December 17, 2012

the weekend that was

Friday night work Christmas Party
1. Very very dirty martini. 
2. Awesome bar set up
3. Antipasto & crudite: these are a few of my favorite things
4. Oh Tannenbaum


Saturday's coffee...there's actually another iced to add to this, 
but I was sick of myself and my coffee by the time I drank that one at 6:30 p.m.


My Grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April. 
I haven't previously mentioned this here.
She has totally kicked ass this year, and had the best attitude through all of her treatments.
My family came together to give her the best last year we could.
So why mention it now?
Friday night she entered hospice and it will be any time now. 
It was such a privilege to sit by her side, hold hands and talk to her as she makes her transition. 
Go home Grandmom. We're okay here. Everyone is waiting for you.
If you have a minute, send her a positive thought. Thank you.


Saturday hospice scenes: 
1. You've got to laugh when things are sad: blown up plastic glove in the Christmas tree.
2. Nemos in the aquarium, with Stephen & Aubrey's reflection 
3. Volunteers knit these afghans for every patient's bed, reflecting them. This was my Grandmom's. She could've picked it out herself. 


After 12 hours there, I was just spent. 
We ordered pizza at 10 p.m after eating Primo's for lunch.
Watching someone go is not the best time for nutritionally valid meals.


I slept terribly on Saturday night. I think I woke up every hour. 


Sunday morning found me anxious and upset...
Based on what the doctor said about the amount of time that was left,
I had not mentally prepared myself for more than one day in hospice. 
I needed to exert some control over my life. 
So I did some grocery shopping, and some hausfrauing, and some food prep.
I bet you could have guessed those would be my go to things.


Sunday Soup: tortellini soup. So simple and delicious.


I also made oven baked fajitas.
They were fabulous from the bite I had, and super quick and easy. Make them!


My last trip to Target before Christmas.
I had to get fishing wire to rig up the tree that keeps falling.
It was very weird to drive with the windows down on December 16.


Back to the hospice.
Going back was hard, harder than I expected.
Hard like I couldn't get out of my car when I got there.
I had to wait for MFD to come make me laugh and get me out.


In the wake of the unfathomable events in Newtown, Connecticut,
I think the entire nation could just use some peace.
Peace to the precious kids and heroic adults who were killed.
Peace to their families who are left to deal with something that is impossible to deal with.
Peace to the first responders who won't ever go to sleep again without seeing those images.
Peace to the town as they try to reclaim their identity in the wake of this tragedy.
And personally, peace to my Grandmom, and to my family as we navigate these days ahead.
And to you, dear readers, for whatever you need.

My Urban Outfitters 2012 peace ornament
Don't let my doldrums keep you from trying the oven baked fajitas for an easy meal.

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  1. What a beautiful post! They can't all be funny and upbeat - life isn't like that. And we are always grateful for the blessings of what we had when we finally lose it. God bless your grandmother; I pray she has peace and a painless crossing. And God bless you too - sometimes it's hard to remember the gratitude when we're sad. Saying prayers for you, your grandmother, and all the NE people dealing with horrific loss.

  2. (Oh, and the comfort food was absolutely necessary!)

  3. I remember how hard it was when my grandmother was put into hospice care. Thinking of you and your family during this difficult time. Hugs.

  4. agree with you, definitely in need of peace right now.

    your Christmas tree is beautiful.

  5. I am so so sorry about your Grandmother. My dad was diagnosed with esophagus and stomach cancer in May and I can totally relate to the emotions that go along with seeing someone so close to you go through such an evil disease.

    Positive thoughts and prayers going to your Grandmother and peace for your family as she makes her transition.

  6. Love and peace to you, my friend.

  7. I am so sorry about your grandmother. I'm glad you found things to laugh about this weekend though. And I am laughing at all the coffee you had on Saturday!

  8. Wow, friend. Bless your heart. Praying for your Grandma's peace, and your family's. xo

    And, as usual, you have me drooling over all of your food pics.

    I hope you are able to take some time to deal and get some rest over the holiday season. <3

  9. Steph, I don't know you, but I am hugging you. In a totally non-creepy way, I swear. :)

  10. Candy that was an awesome post. Steph your Grandmom is a strong woman as is her granddaughter. Hugs Love and positive energy to you all. L

  11. I'm sorry about your grandma!! It is so hard to watch someone slip away, no matter whether it's quick or a long drawn out process. Lots of love and prayers to you and your family.

  12. looks like so much yummy food! and I love that bar set up at the party --- looks perfect.

  13. My tree keeps falling too and I told my boyfriend he needs to get some fishing line ASAP!
    Should I even ask why there is a blow up glove in the tree?!
    New Follower!

  14. Big hugs and prayers to your family and your grandmother. I am thinking about you, sweet girl!!!!!!

  15. Lots of love and thoughts to you and your family, and your grandmom. It's so nice that she had you all there. I hope she really got a kick out of that blow up glove. Pretty good decor.
    And your fajitas look pretty darn fantastic!

  16. Nothing but peace for you, Grandmom and your family Steph. I love you so much - and hate that you're going through this. Lovely words for quite obviously - a wonderful lady.

  17. Thinking of you all. God bless. I'm here if you need anything at all. XOXO

  18. Aw congrats to your grandma - that's great news!

    I love Dunkin's mint hot chocolate :)

  19. that pasta looks divine! oh and I found nemo! :)


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