Monday, December 10, 2012

the weekend that was

Friday was a dreary, you need a Brown Betty cupcake sort of day.
When I was getting that, I caught the Army / Navy pep rally in Liberty Place. 
I love that. 


After work I headed up to Pottstown for a weekend with cousin Gail. Friday night included:
festive sangria, Christmas Vacation, wrapping my remaining five gifts, pajamas, meatball sandwiches, corn dip, Elf, Tommy the cat, 
and lots of laughs with Gail, Aunt Carrie, Crystal, Sue & Rob.


We slept in until 9 since we were up until 2. It was lovely to sleep in.
Coffee and breakfast courtesy of the Market Day Maven.


We had a daunting agenda that we came up with at midnight the night before.
We knocked shit out, running a bunch of errands and hitting Target in the morning.
There was much mayhem, tomfoolery, and driving in the right hand lane along the way.
Debbie Rae Designs bracelets 
tea to go like Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty
Crystal's new look


Aunt Carrie treated us to lunch at the Pub.
I had an awesome burger and a Bloody Mary. Okay three.


We had plans to get our photo taken with Santa, but the line was long.
This was the best we could do.
Ho ho HO.


I am unable to resist monogrammed items.


Sadly, Crystal had to head home to attend an Ugly Sweater party. 
She dropped Gail & me at Frankie & Johnnie's where we were joined by Aunt Carrie.
I love day drinking. 
The three Dr. Pepper shots were probably not the smartest thing to do. 
Regardless, we had a very fun day. I love these ladies.


Gail and I purchased matching pajamas at Target earlier that day.
We put them on when we got home like the drunken dorks we are. 


We decided wine would be a good way to end the night. It was not. 
Sunday morning was a total ouch.
We sought relief in a bag of Wawa treats. 
I did get my hangover helper, the pepperoni & provolone bagel, among other things.
Like this pickle.  A bagged pickle. It made me laugh.


My drive home was fraught with peril: rain, poor visibility, hydro planing, hangover. 


I couched it all day with my dogs. I didn't do a goddamn thing. It was awesome.


Sunday dinner: spinach feta turkey burgers, mac & cheese, corn.
The burgers were amazing. I doubled the recipe using ground chicken instead of turkey. 
I also added garlic powder and dried mustard. 
I prepped and MFD cooked. That sounds like a win to me.


The weekend in shoes. Check out my awesome sequinned slippers.


Am I the only person that can't read or hear the word nutcracker without laughing like a 
10 year old boy?

the weekend that was

This week we'll hit the 12 days of Christmas. You heard me.

Have a good one!

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  1. Looks like an awesome weekend!! What is in that Sangria? I need a batch or two....

  2. Looks like loads of fun except for the hangover. EW!
    Wishing everyone a beautiful week!

    love your momma

    1. Hangovers are gross. Especially when they last two days.

  3. your food pics always make me want food. especially the cupcake, bloody mary and the spinach feta! and love the santa pic. I would not have waited in line too!

  4. That's a lot of Day Drinking!!! And now I'm totally craving a Bloody Mary (or three!) And seriously, those burgers? Look DELISH!!!! I'm with Helene, I always want to eat and drink after reading your posts. Glad you had such a fab weekend <3 (hooray Eagles! hahahaha)

  5. Those turkey burgers look like the perfect cure to a hangover!

  6. I love Christmas pajamas! All this food is making me hungry. Now I want turkey burgers and cupcakes...

  7. YUM! the spinach and feta burgers sound awesome!!!

    xo, Emily

  8. i agree with everyone else, love your food/drink pics! you eat the yums for sure :D

  9. i want the bloody marys, the burger, and the big D coffee mug, thanks!
    looks like my kinda weekend! i'm so tired from hangin out with small children this weekend that i can hardly hold my eyes open to type this. :/

  10. First of all...I have a small obsession with whole pickles, it is weird I know. I always buy them in bulk at Sam's Club. Whoops. Day drinking is the best and I love how much fun you had this weekend! :) Yay!

  11. Another fun weekend! I also love monogrammed things. And the word nutcracker cracks me up every damn time I hear it.

  12. Whew, two day hangover. That is not good.

    I need the burger recipe.

  13. That all sounds amazing! Nutcracker. Heh heh.

  14. Looks like such a fun weekend!! Loving your sequin slippers and pajamas. Dr. Pepper shots?? That sounds amazing. What's in them? well, besides Dr. Pepper obviously:)

  15. I want allllllllllll of the food in this post (except the pickle...gross)

  16. Aside from the hangover and scary drive you had a pretty epic weekend! I want all of that food and those drinks!!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)


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