Monday, December 31, 2012

the last weekend in 2012 that was

Friday errands:
Target - they had flipping St. Patrick's Day stuff out. On December 28! 
Home Depot
TJ Maxx - I love buying new sheets on the cheap.


Friday we cleaned out Grandmom's apartment.
I'm glad her stuff will live on in our houses or go to people who might need it.
More old photos:
Grandmom's high school graduation photo from St. Hubert's, Grandmom & Pop's wedding photo. My great great grandfather is painted into the photo on the right because he died before the family photo was taken. I was lucky enough to know the woman in the photo, my great great grandmother Granny, and the girl in the photo, my great grandmom Mom Mom

Amanda brought her new dog Jackson over to meet us. 
That sweet boy was abandoned by his family in Barnagat when Hurricane Sandy hit.
Amanda and Frank improved his life forever by taking him home with them.
We ordered chinese and chatted while MFD snoozed and obsessively watched Gold Rush.


Saturday morning coffee and eggs please.


I like having my Christmas stuff out, but I love when my house is returned to normal.
And I wasn't feeling super Christmasy this year, so it was time.


Nine loads of laundry. Where does it come from? I don't even do MFD's.


We got a dusting of snow, and the dogs inspired laziness.


What's better than macaroni salad for lunch? Not much.


I was supposed to be cleaning, but I watched a marathon of Sex and the City instead.


Taco dip. Ole.


Family dinner at Stephen & Aubrey's


In his quest to get comfortable on Saturday night, Geege walked along the arm of the couch.
And knocked over the table that had a full glass on it and a candle.
Goodbye Mistletoe candle. I hardly knew ye this season.




Shoe problems, yo.
I had to integrate some new ones into my closet, which meant purging some old ones.


Hausfrauing fo' real. Dusting, vacuuming.
I purged this house like it was my J O B.
We put a dresser out on the curb and it was gone in five minutes.


Last Mum Sunday.
MFD came home after practice and I dropped him back at the club so I could be DD.
Then I went to the liquor store, Sam's, and Redner's.
Holy shitballs the liquor store and Sam's were freaking insane.
I was happy to get out alive.


New pleasures and biscuits courtesy of Carol & Dad


Homeland on demand.
Oh oh oh.
I know I'm late to late to the party, but I love love love this show.
I watched seven episodes from season 1 on Sunday.
Hello, new obsession.

the last weekend in 2012 that was

Here we are, sitting on the precipice of a new year. Make the last day in 2012 a good one. If you're going out tonight, be safe. 

Good luck to all of my mummer friends tomorrow, especially to MFD and Ferko. 

If you didn't get a chance yesterday, check out my Year in Review post. See y'all in 2013.


  1. I love that you don't do MFD's laundry - I went through that stage with JM but now I insist he folds while I hang and it's a much better arrangement.

    Laundry is evil.

  2. St. Patrick's day items are out already!? That is ridiculous.

  3. Your taco dip with the half olives/half without looks like what I have to make. I also have been in a purging mood. I feel like we need to get rid of 50% of our stuff.

  4. So your food pics always make my mouth water.

    I love the dogs in the blankets. they are so cute.

    Tj Maxx really is the best.

    Cheers to 2013!

  5. Busy busy! Seriously w/ the St. Patrick's Day decorations at Target. Too early. They seriously have spring clothes out at Loft already too. Crazy! I love the old pictures of your grandmother. So pretty.

    Happy New Year!

  6. St. Freakin' Patrick's Day?!?! Dang, I thought Valentine's Day stuff being out was bad!
    And, I'd like some of that Chinese food, please! Thanks!

  7. Yay for new biscuits and pleasures! I bought myself new biscuits on NYE.

    Your grandmom was a total Betty (yes, I recently watched Clueless for the 964th time).


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