Monday, December 3, 2012

The first December weekend that was

Friday night: two grocery stores, ham and asparagus for dinner, and Jersey Shore


Saturday morning changing sheets and duvet solo.
Changing a duvet solo = wrestling an alligator


Breakfast on the go.
If you have not had the provolone and pepperoni bagel from Wawa, do it.
Especially if you're hungover, which I wasn't, but it is excellent for a hangover.
I ordered a large iced with one cream from DD.
Does this look like one cream to you?


A nice three hour visit with my Grandmom.
We talked all about her childhood, how she met my Pop, their early lives together, and my Dad's childhood.
It was awesome.


Trader Joe's. I had a headache so I couldn't maximize my visit.
The only interesting thing I got was olive tapenade.


The creamerrific coffee didn't do it, so I went back to Wawa for a half capp half coffee.
You know you've been to Wawa too many times in one day when the cashier says,
"Hey! You're back."


Christmasing this piece up.
Why do I have to buy extension cords every year?
Christmasing tires me out. I had to take respite with Gussie on the couch.
I like tree decor, as you can see. Trees everywhere up in here.
Including that live one leaning against a chair.


MFD recreated an Alex Guarnaschelli meal from Alex's Day Off:
fried chicken, cast iron skillet corn bread, onion jam
Everything was excellent, and the odor of fried chicken didn't even linger.
Check out MFD's new glasses.


MFD's mom and Jamie & Michelle joined us for dinner.


Dinner was followed by tree futzing.
MFD Griswold had Jamie spin it for five minutes to find the best side.
Usually it's my job to be the spinner, so I was super pleased.


Some of our decor.
I have six of those super freaking awesome ceramic Christmas trees on the right.
They are my very favorite of all time.
At one time I had eight. Two went to the great Christmas dump in the sky.
More photos to come -
the window lights aren't up, the tree isn't decorated, and the outside hasn't been done yet.
Only the interior decorations get built in a day.


Sunday morning I was up and out early:
Produce Junction, Le Dollar Store, and Marshall's.
Marshall's had nothing! Zippo in Christmas decor, and nothing on the Christmas gift front.
It was shocking.
Usually it looks like Christmas threw up in there.


Holiday decor for the dining room table.
I got the idea from pinterest. Whoever did it used hydrangeas.
I did not.


Lunch with Meem & Doug, who were in town last night for a party.
It was great to see them, and good to have a Red Robin bleu ribbon burger.


Lowe's for blasted extension cords.
TJMaxx delivered on my final gift needs.
December 2 - my Christmas shopping is finished aside from booze.
There was much rejoicing throughout my land.
Pier One filled two out of three of my decorating holes.


Couch time with my boys.


Savory oatmeal for this week's breakfast. I don't like sweet oatmeal, so I cook the oats
in chicken stock then top with a bit of flavored oil and some grated cheese.
It re-heats like a dream at work.


Making turkey stock out of the frozen turkey carcass for Sunday Soup.
I'll finish it off with sauteed onion, celery and carrots tomorrow.
Then I'll add some fine noodles, frozen corn and peas.
Giddy up.


Broccoli Cheese Quinoa Casserole from Annie's Eats for this week's lunches.
I omitted the chicken because I felt like it. So there.
I subbed onions for shallots.


Roasted Shrimp & Broccoli over rice for dinner.
This was delicious and super easy. I halved it and finished it off with a squeeze of lemon.
I don't know wtf happened to the photo on the right. My apologies.


Dark Shadows from Redbox.
It was campy, but I sort of liked it.
The Campaign from Redbox.
Get some American dogs you commie!

the first December weekend that was

Holy shitskies it's December. 

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  1. OHHHHHHHHMYYYYYYYYYYYYGYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am soooooooooooo jealous of that vintage ceramic tree with the vintage lights that plugs in ... you know what I'm talkin about right? Is this old? If not, can you pleaseeeeeeee tell me where I can get one? I have been looking/wanting forever. No luck yet. Glad you got your Christmas stuff up. I am like an elf on crack when it comes to Christmas! Here is my tree {with a link on the post to my other Christmas decor} if you're interested. Have a great day/week!

  2. I have a grand total of 14 trees. Not counting the tree ornaments on the big tree. I love trees. 7 of them are ceramic, one with lights. I made all the ceramic ones. There are more in storage in the garage including a huge tree with 1200 lights... My poor little house can only support so many.
    And cast iron cornbread is the BEST! Especially if you used bacon grease. You did, right?

    1. MFD did not use bacon grease! Sad face. But it was awesome. And the next time I fry up some bacon I will save that grease for sure.

      I am obsessed with trees. From memory, not sitting there, I have the one live tree, the six ceramic trees (SO awesome that you have all those that you made!), four on top of the entertainment center, four in the front window, four by the front door, two on windowsills, and one in the bottom center of the entertainment center. 22. And always on the hunt for more!

  3. Would you kindly send your man servant to my house to cook fried chicken and onion jam?

  4. Love your pictures! And WaWa's? Never heard of it haha

  5. Love that centerpiece. I miss wawas here in Texas. Dunkin donut ice coffee-- pure bliss@

  6. Busy lady! I cannot believe how much Christmas decor you have. I have my tree and one storage box. (although, I do only have a 1 bedroom apartment to decorate) I love ceramic trees! My mom has one similar to your green one, probably been around since I was born but it's still going strong.
    I never get normal coffee from DD. It's always a ton of cream, is that just what they do? I just get it black now when I go there, I need my caffiene or I'm a crab pants...

  7. all of those food pictures are making me VERY jealous. yum and a half!! and i love dunkin donuts coffee, sometimes more than starbucks!

  8. I love all your Christmas decorations!!!

    And that is MOST definitely at LEAST 3 creams. Yuck.

  9. Wowser, we had opposite weekend. How about next weekend you take a break and catch up on trashy tv and send me about 1/5th of your ambition. You accomplished more in your weekend than I will all month. This is clearly more of a me problem then a you problem.

    Do you enjoy Quinoa? Like eaten it before and actually enjoyed it or only covered in cheese?

  10. 1. I'm totally jealous of your Christmas decor. Sadly, after moving every year for the last 4 years, I've had to pare my collection down to the bare minimum. :(
    2. Your pups are so cute. That picture of them just staring at the camera made me laugh out loud. They look so little old men. HA!

  11. To start with, Wawa=awesome. Also, holy shit do you do a lot in a weekend! My weekend was this: child's birthday party + visiting family on Saturday = me napping almost the entire afternoon on Sunday. And I'm still kind of tired today.

    Finally, dogs are the best pillows. Ever.

  12. You had another great weekend! My pictures would be me taking a nap on the couch with my cat. Lame.

    We recently found a letter from my Grandma explaining how she met my grandpa and her "sowing her wild oats" (with the LA Rams) before settling down with him. I am jealous that you got to have that conversation face to face.

  13. I used to be so jealous of all my Catholic/Christian friends because I always wanted one of those ceramic trees with the lights. Our electronic menorah growing up just didn't have that same flair! You are one hell of a cook, or at least your pictures have made you out to be!!!

    PS- I am addicted to the DD half caf/ half mint hot chocolate. Thank you for that! I am eternally grateful.

  14. Oh I am definitely going to Wawa tomorrow and getting one of those bagels. That sounds amazing. And that coffee from DD looks like a cup of cream with a tiny bit of coffee!! And this might be totally creepy but is that the Trader Joe's in Jenkintown? I love that one! Especially how it's conviently located right next to Wine and Spirits! :)

  15. Oh my gosh, so many pretty decorations! Love them all! Looks like a fun and busy weekend!!

  16. I really love this post and all your photos!! Thank you for sharing!! It looks like you had a great weekend :) Your puppies are so cute!!

    Lauren x


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