Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Scenes from Christmas

Christmas Eve

One of my favorite traditions - Christmas Eve at Sandy's.
1. My brother and Aubrey, MFD & me
2. One of my BFFs, Kimmy Foo Foo
3. Number one again, but add my Dad and Carol

4. Lifelong friends
5. Inlaws and friends who are family (FRAMILY)
6. My Dad's lifelong friends

Christmas Day

1. Juicy iphone case
2. Geege loves his new pink piggy
3. Mom's apron
4. Bacon cheddar breakfast muffins a la Carol
5. Ferraras gathering at Mom & Rich's

6. Drew blowing the Christmas horn
7. Candy cane buddy
8. Relaxing at home with friends after a very long day
9. My brothers and me and our people

Shitter's full.

Christmas Shoes - not that awful song. The actual shoes. 

1. Eve shoes
2. Day shoes
3. Bottoms - aren't they cool?
4. MFD's day shoes

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

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