Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All I Want for Christmas is for Bieber to go Away

I freaking love the song All I Want For Christmas is You by Mariah the Pariah. It gives me great joy and fills me with holiday sparkles.

Here's something that does NOT give me great joy, ever: Bieber. Anywhere, any way, any place, any time. Just thinking about him makes me itch.

For him to mark this wonderful Christmas song last year as his territory is not cool. It came on in my car on Saturday and I was belting it out like nobody's business. Then...

"WAIT. This is the Bieber version. WTeverlovingF!"
I'm scarred for life. Take the Bieber version off the air so no one else gets hurt. 

As for the rest of my Christmas music picks, I direct you to my Christmas playlist post. Enjoy!

Happy Tuesday!

Yes, class, that is an oxymoron - Tuesday is the worst day of the week. Today mine started with me oversleeping for an entire HOUR. Let's get this over with.

p.s. After I posted this blog, my BFF Laura posted these photos on my FB page, proclaiming that I have the fever. I knew to expect a lobby of pro-Bieber items:

p.p.s. Still so sad for Amanda and Frank who had to put Ed to sleep on Friday. Pets are furry children. Hang in there guys.

I'm hooking up with Helene, Emily and Lauren for Tell me about it Tuesday.

Helene in Between


  1. I love this post! I had a co-worker. Male. Upper 20's. obsessed with Bieber! I am not kidding. We bought him the Justin Bieber Christmas cd last year and he was obsessed. It is funny...but also worries me...

  2. ok don't hate me. i like him. a lot. i have a doll of him (a coworker gave it to me) but he is annoying as shit, just so am i. haha

  3. Mine began with the realization that I had approved a graphic yesterday with the intended audience's name spelled wrong. Happy Tuesday, indeed.

  4. I hate all teen/boy-bandish sounding "Christmas music". Woof.

  5. Honestly Bieber had 3 famous songs before I knew who he was (no car, no radio) but then I decided I loved them. But since those songs, I hate the new ones. And he cannot remake Mariah. I saw your anti-beibs pins last night, they were all hilarious.

  6. Bieber Fever has waned significantly here at the Coleman home and it used to be that I tolerated him because my adorable girls loved him so. Then he remade Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas" and I announced to the girls: "That little twerp has not business singing his silly little songs in this house."

    I used to mildly defend. Now, he is dead to me.

  7. I can't stand that kid...can. not. stand. him.

  8. My Tuesday started with receiving a text at 7:46 this morning. I did not have to wake up until 8:30. Rage.

  9. Haha! This is great. & your pugs are ADORABLE!!!!

  10. Ugh I hate when people try to redo Mariah's song. It's hers...just let it be!

  11. I teach middle school, so I am aware of the Biebs. I tolerate him at the dances, but I don't listen to him on my own free will./

  12. it was inevitable. normally i agree/relate to pretty much everything you post...

    cant help it, i LOVE the biebs. VS fashion show tonight? I'm most excited about seeing j.biebs perform. 25 and lovin' justin bieber...i know, i know, it should be a sin
    completely guilty of having his christmas cd in my car riiiiight now.

    xo michelle


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