Thursday, November 8, 2012

You mess with the bull, you get the horns...and other Thursday Thoughts

About a week ago my brother Stephen told me I should play Words with Friends. I started playing, sent him my name on there, and told him to get a game going. In the meantime, as soon as I signed up for WwF, I got a game request from a Richard Vernon. I don't know a Richard Vernon, but I like to play games so I accepted and we've been playing. I even asked MFD if he knew a Richard Vernon. Nope. I figured Richard Vernon was a WwF hawk and jumped on games with all new people. Since I never got an invite from Stephen, I decided to ask him about it last night.

The Breakfast Club obviously plays a large role in our lives. 
I am that person who walks up to total strangers to ask where they got their shoes or bag. Twice this week alone in fact. My name is Stephanie and I am a creepster.

New coffee at work. Mama like:

Do you like vintage gear? Check out Marcel's Mint Julep on Etsy, opened by the fabulous Dotts sisters.

After eating large sugar cookies for breakfast on Monday AND Tuesday in addition to the Halloween candy fallout, I'm enrolling myself in Fat Camp.

Baby lips. Get it. Super moisturizing with a little bit of color.  B1G1 half off at Rite Aid right now.

Why it's important to label your frozen food: you think you're going to have sausage, pepper and onion sandwiches and you end up having jalapeno cheddar kielbasa, pepper and onion sandwiches.

November 7 is too early for this shit in Pennsylvania. Not looking forward to the gas bills this winter. 

Nothing like a Forty in the morning at the bar in Suburban Station. 8:08 this morning, to be precise. 

Ecard of the week repinned from Shelby at Big Hungry Shelby:

TRUTH. MFD can never find a Gee Dee thing.

This week is moving so slowly I think we've started to go backwards. Someone get Marty McFly and Doc Brown on the line and tell them to set the timer to tomorrow at 5 p.m.


  1. LMAO, seriously, We've lived in our house for six years, and Shawn literally can't put away clean dishes because he doesn't know where they go.

    1. When MFD empties le dishwasher, there is always "Where does this go" stuff on the counters. hahahaha

  2. Lovely as usual! You will triumph at WwF!!
    Making a lovely little turkey dinner tonight!
    Grateful, thankful always! ESP for the storm being much weaker, at least,
    in our area, with no high winds.
    May we all remain POWERfull forever.
    Godspeed & Carpe Diem as always.

    love your momma

    1. I feel awful for the people who got double whammied with this and Sandy.

  3. JM can barely find where his toothbrush goes after he brushes his teeth, which now that I'm thinking about it may be a different issue all together. However, I totally hear you - maybe they are in a secret club where they pretend they don't know where anything is so we have to do it?! :)

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Bill has this amazing quality of waking me up after a night shift all day long asking me, "Have you seen my wallet?" "Where's the TV remote?" "Where do we keep AAA batteries?" and many more variations...that E-card is so true, and that makes it so funny!

  5. BTW, that sausage is calling my name. WANT. NOW.


  6. Breakfast Club is a classic!! I'm going to go try the baby lips! I've been looking for a good lip balm. Holy shit is looks cold there. I'm in Colorado and it was 73 yesterday and in the 70's again today! I'm not looking forward to the snow that is for dam sure!

  7. That's what our car looked like this morning too. I'm not ready either!!!

    Annnd yeah. I love it when my husband helps around the house and puts things away, but ... I end up finding things in the weirdest places. Because he can never remember where they go. Even though they're ALWAYS in the SAME. PLACE.


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