Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Winter Must Haves

Slippers. They are the flip flops of winter.

The Bloggess. Have you read this post?

Sunday Soup. I make a different one each week. Coming up: italian wedding soup, stuffed pepper soup and Pioneer Woman's creamy cauliflower soup.

Gear: lovely scarves, gloves that work with touch screens, and boots. Last year I bought new boots, and wore them 0 times since Philadelphia had a super warm winter. I think they'll get some use this year.

Lori's quilts. My aunt makes beautiful quilts that are so warm and cozy. We can be found under them all winter.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on DVD because it's not on TV enough and also because I'm married to Clark Griswold.

Lip balm. Everywhere. This is what I use overnight.

Vitamin E body butter from The Body Shop. Thanks to a Groupon and a stock up sale last year I'm loaded. Check out Geege's fabulous photo bomb.

A stocked book list.

Mistletoe and Red Apple Wreath candles from (no more) Yankee (my wanky).

Twinings Peppermint Tea.

Blackberry Brandy.

TheraFlu and Vicks in case grossness hits your home. I have a cold right now and have employed the Vicks. This morning the woman next to me on the train said, "I like your perfume, what is it?" I said, "Vicks VapoRub." True story.

Baked goods. I prefer cooking to baking and usually rely on my Mom, a master baker, to provide us with the good stuff. Something about fall and winter lights my baker fire though. This week I made pumpkin butterscotch cookies, recipe courtesy of Kristin at Kristin's kNook. They're soft and lovely and great with milk. If you have some pumpkin in your house, give them a try!

What are YOUR winter essentials? 

This morning on the way to the train station I heard Mambo No. 5 and was blasted back to my early 20s. Good times. Good times.

I'm linking up to Shanna for Random Wednesday.


  1. All wonderful must haves, but I have to say I'm still laughing at the no more yankee my wanky. Who doesn't love The Donger?

  2. Replies
    1. Heading back to Target to pick up the one I want but forgot last night!

  3. ohh my gosh I focused on your adorable pooch the whole time.

    I am so scatter brained, anything puppy always steals my attention:)

  4. That is a great photo bomb, I love it. I have that same body butter too. And blackberry brandy is one of the greatest inventions ever, I agree.

  5. pumpkin butterscotch?! yes please!! and National lampoon's Christmas vacation is one of my faves.

  6. Blackberry brandy... ah, shades of youth!

  7. Blackberry brandy... ah, shades of youth!

  8. And fresh pumpkin bread loaves out of the oven today! I feel like cooking & baking this time of year, too! And everyone @ your house on NYday knows I love & can do shots of BBB! Body Butter is EXCELLENT. I would have to add hats to this mix & sometimes wear them in the house. My brain gets cold.
    What a treat this week, 3 days of blogs in a row and a 4th to come tomorrow.
    Cream of Turkey noodle soup tomorrow, stock from the carcass. Grateful, happy, warm, LUCKY! Sunny day, too! Carpe diem!

    love your mummy

  9. I also love National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!!! It is a family tradition to watch this at our house :)

  10. A stocked book list is a must!! What's on yours??

  11. Ooooooh, Blackberry Brandy....sounds deelish!! And I have been living in scarves and my leopard slippers in the evenings....such a fun post! Thanks a million for linking up!! xoxo

  12. Great list! Vicks Vaporub is an absolute must have in my house especially for my daughter! I prefer the vicks vapoinhaler, it is the best invention ever!

  13. Perfect list for survival of the cold weather season. :)

  14. Pumpkin Butterscotch cookies?! I need those in my belly right now!

  15. "Slippers are the flip flops of winter." I couldn't have said it better myself!

  16. I love the chapped hands soap-free cleanser from C.O. Bigelow. Chicago winters are brutal on my skin, not helped by washing my hands 25 times a day in lab. This stuff is amazing!

  17. LULZ @ slippers being the flip flops of winter. And to your VapoRub comment on the train. And to Yankee my wanky. I giggled all the way through this one.

    I want to make pumpkin soup.

  18. No more Yankee my wanky, the donner need food!

  19. Yes, yes, and yes. I love that lip balm and body butter. And I'm burning a red apple Yankee Candle as I type this. I also love Vicks perfume. Hahaha! I love that you make a Sunday soup. I should get into some kind of habit like that. Great list!


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