Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve

You guys. We are poised on the precipice of a food bonanza. I am atwitter with excitement.

I usually use my Thursday Thoughts post as a random place to dump everything that's been in my brain that week. This week that's not happening, so you can get it here today, and it's coming in hot.

MFD and I are making a turkey today. I made the herb butter for it last night, which will be slathered all over and under the skin making it crispy and DELICIOUS. I use Martha's herb butter recipe, naturally. How do you do your bird?

Dear stupid iPhone6 update: I CURSE YOU. My settings were all gone and my apple ID was been disassociated with my phone. Also, Apple Store on Walnut Street, you are in a business district. You can't open before 10 a.m.? You inspire rage, sirs. RAGE. Because you were closed I had to do a lot of worldwideweb research to fix my phone myself. Then my apps  weren't appearing anymore, so I had to fix that. I am now a tech guru. Or something.

Our basement needs to be cleaned and vacuumed, it's way past due. Last night, I ignored it and watched 90210, Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie and Teen Mom on Demand, because I am apparently a 17 year old girl.
Seriously, Jenelle would rather GO TO JAIL than be on probation? I've never seen someone cry like such a bitch on national television because she can't smoke weed. WTF. She actually said she can't deal with her son right now because she has to deal with her other issues, all of which seem to be that she's pissed off that she can't smoke weed because she's on probation. I mean, again, WTF!

Every day I say to my dogs, "You are the cutest best nicest boys." I hope you tell yours that too.

If I could never again have to wear a bra, or if bras could be super comfortable, that would be great. They are like torture devices. It never fails that one of the best parts of my day is when I can take that thing off.

I haven't been out on Thanksgiving Eve in many moons. Tonight my streak will be broken since I'm heading to Sandy's to see MFD and Frank play some tunes at around 9 p.m. Oh great Thanksgiving Eve Fairy, please let there be no lines for bathrooms or beer. Amen.

Ecard of the week, this is on my wish list every year. Please Santa. I've been good:

Early dismissal, I need you. A lot. Please be delivered directly.

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  1. I don't even need my own island! Just my own, remote town, preferably beach-front, with a Target and Wegmans not more than 20 people are allowed in at a time. There would be gates at every entrance to my town, and a guest list pre-approved by ME. You can live there if you want, though, since you're not an asshole.

  2. we have so so much cleaning to do! it's bad. oh well. Adn i would love to join you on that island!

  3. Haha my own island would be amazing. I need one.
    UGH Jenelle is terrible, I could not even believe she's just like oh yup I'll do 45 days in jail and lose my financial aid instead of be on probation for 9 months. Who does that? If ou can't not smoke for 9 months, then I really hate to think what you did when you were pregnant with poor little Jace. She makes me crazy. And so does every time Leah says "layye yer" Lawyer is not that hard of a word.
    I need to start watching the news...

  4. i'm so with you on the bra thing! ha. have fun tonight! happy thanksgiving!!

  5. don't even get me started on Janelle...."i just can't handle not smoking"...umm, what the crap do you think you are going to do once you get on the "inside" ya crazy freaking garden tool. I mean, come on! and her mom is a complete idiot for loaning her money to get a new car...last time I checked, you don't need a car when you are in prison. oh and I learned this week (via instagram) that she is now engaged to a random loser.

    I hate bras too. the end.

  6. No bras would be fab!!! LOL!! And if you find that island, can I join you??? This was so fun!! Thanks a million for linking up!!

  7. The Anti-Asshole Island!

    I hadn't thought of it that way before, but yes, that moment when I get home and can take off my bra is the best.

  8. This was a great post - I say things like that to Ralph all the time. Yes, we should star burning our bras. Have fun at Sandy's! They have the best sandwiches! I love the Cuban. :)

  9. Yes! Bra has to go the minute I get home. Hate them. Hate hate hate! Removal=best feeling ever :) Your Ecard describes my husband's desire in life perfectly.

  10. I slice an orange and put in the bunghole of the turkey, then slather butter and various spices on the skin. You don't taste the orange but it makes it uber moist and divine. Happy Thanksgiving!


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