Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post-election musings - warning: contains politics

Come on come on. You know I love politics and am a huge feminist. You knew this was coming. I couldn't let this day pass by without doing an election wrap up. If you're tired of it, I'll see you back here tomorrow for Thursday Thoughts.

1. I will not miss campaign ads, one trillion emails from the Obama campaign, and all the texts telling me to do something I won't do.

2. I will soon be fuming over election signs left on all the roadways. Litter sucks.

3. Back when hating on GWB was all the rage,  people who didn't like him were called unpatriotic and disrespectful. Unpatriotic, I didn't think so. Disrespectful, yes. Where's the same outrage for the hateful, degrading, ignorant, racist and downright vitriolic and aggressive comments flying around the interwebs about our current commander in chief? Crickets. If you have nothing nice to say, say it in a non-public forum.

4. END THE WAR ON WOMEN: Women of America and men who love women of America have spoken, ensuring Team Rape (who coined this? MFD? Chris Donlen? A pundit? Whoever it is, I love them.) went 0 for 7 in the election. If you think I'm exaggerating by calling them Team Rape, see below. Thanks Mike M for posting this pic.

Those statements are why this anti-woman campaign is about so much more than access to birth control. Reducing it to that is ignorant and insulting.

5. For those who think Obama or even America created welfare, please click here and educate yourself. The idea has always been and will always be valid. The system needs reform. I suggest we start with drug testing.

6. For those who have stated that democrats are all lazy non-workers with their hands out, I offer up myself as an example of a democrat (and can give you some more examples if you think I'm the exception):  I started working 30 hours a week when I was 17, never stopped doing that in the subsequent 18 years, and collected unemployment once for one month while in between jobs. Currently I am out of the house working or getting to and from work for at least 12 hours a day, five days a week, and I'm the least lazy person I know. If you think you got to where you are today without a boost from someone at some point when you really needed it, think again.

7. Maryland and Maine for gay marriage. Where are the rest of you? Let's pick this up.

8. Colorado and Washington legalize marijuana. Do it. Legalize it and tax it.

9. This election gives us a historic number of female senators: the next Congress will have 19 female senators, including Tammy Baldwin, the first lesbian Senator. Let's keep it up ladies - we're a very large percentage of the population. We need more representation.

10. Rachel Maddow - there's a spot for you in my circle of friends.

11. President Obama, the people that have been your enemies during your campaign are once again your coworkers. Republicans in the house and Senate, practicing obstructionist politics by automatically voting down anything the President introduces or supports is petulant and shitty. You've all been HIRED by the American people - do what you're there to do - cooperate and compromise to reach the point on each issue where the American people will get the most benefit from your decision. Stop fucking around and playing politics and get to work. American people, your job is to oversee this work - don't disappear until the next presidential election and then cry because your government officials are not working in your best interest. Stay on top of them.


  1. Beautiful. One of my favorite pts of PBO's speech is this"we r greater than the sum of our individual ambitions."(gives me spiritual chills) Of course, I fell asleep, too and will need to Utube it or something. I am so so so very proud of all of you young women. You are strong,educated, self-reliant, and beautiful inside and out. I keep telling myself not to stoop to the level of those GOP people who are holier-than-thou,hypocritical to the max- I said thank-you to the universe eleventy-zillion times last night & early this morning & am still saying thank you! Gratitude is THE attitude. This is a victory for the entire world. PBO & Chris Christie working together is how it starts!
    Godspeed to our leaders to work together & for all of us to be good citizens.

    Also, sending positive energy and many protective angels to all on this storm situation.
    Everyone really Carpe diem-ed yesterday,by exercising their right to vote.

    Your ever-loving positive energied MOMMA

  2. I think I kinda love you! hahahaha!

    No, in all seriousness, that was so eloquently put. I'm thinking YOU should write my "Politics for Dummies" book. The things I saw on my FB wall last night and today made me sick to stomach. I've never EVER wanted to jump into the interwebs and slap the shit out of some people more than I did last night. The sheer disrespect was mind blowing.

    Preach on sista!
    And I agree
    SMD 2016!!!

  3. My lady parts are happy! (that might sound slightly dirty out of context)

    I also will not miss the ads. My state voted against legalizing marijuana, and I will say that's how I voted. Oregon's measure was poorly written, unlike Washington's and it really gave too much freedom to the growers, and not enough control. I do hope everyone can get their shit together and make some positive changes for us.

    And what do people do with the political car stickers? Especially ones about ballot measure 43 or whatever.

  4. So....when are you running? Also, I'll raise my hand as another democrat (though a pretty conservative one, fiscally) who works her ass off, is probably in a pretty high tax bracket, and who has received assistance in the past. We exist.

  5. I agree....SMD for Presidente!! I, too, love Rachel Maddow!!

  6. I love the disclaimer. I honestly think people are more disrespectful to Obama. While I was never, ever a W. fan, and definitely made some comments to my family or like-minded friends about him, I would never have posted negative comments or rants on social media about him. He was our president. Plain and simple. And the racist sh*t really, really breaks my heart. Americans are better than that. Washington for gay marriage too!!! It took a few days for the official announcement because we have a vote by mail system and they had to count all the votes. But yes, we are some pot smoking, gay loving hippies. Hahah! The thing that gets me the most excited is the ladies in office! I LOVE this post!

  7. Just found your blog through the Striped Flamingo-- and I love this post. Thank goodness common sense won last week. Next step-- lets retake the house!


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