Thursday, November 29, 2012

I didn't win the powerball and other Thursday Thoughts

You guys. I freaking swear I own this movie, but I went to watch it this week and it wasn't there. WTF. I always want to watch The Big Chill when I get nostalgic. I always get nostalgic around Thanksgiving.

We did not win the powerball. Goodbye beachfront house in Strathmere, large donation to Restore the Shore, toys for every tot in need this Christmas season, membership in Disney Vacation Club, bill payoffs for us and a few others, house redo, new puppy, Lexus for me and whatever car strikes MFD's fancy for him, complete line of MAC makeup, and other lottery dreams. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye.

I pinned this on pinterest. It's important to remember that we need to own our own shit and not play the blame game. Say it with me: "The blame game is lame."

I got super cute gift tags from Ink Garden. I paid $2.25 in shipping and got 20 of them for $0. Sorry for the blurry and small thumbnail, the bastard site won't let me get a good shot so you'll have to go right there to check it out. Anyway, their stuff is cool, and they're running a 50% off sale on a lot of items with the code HOLIDAY50. Get some.

Cheers to cousin Gail for being our first Christmas card this year.

Since I've had this headache for five days, I finally made a doctor's appointment for today. It's such a pain in the ass to go to the doctor, but if this is a sinus infection, there's no easy way out. Naturally, I forgot my scarf and am not wearing socks and the doctor is many blocks away. Freezing in advance.

This weekend is my last free no commitment weekend until January 12. Hold on to your hats, people. We're poised at the precipice of the holiday slip-n-slide.

Ecard of the week:



  1. Healing lights to you, my sweet & always busy daughter! Note to everyone- do not get on your computer while waiting for cken stock to boil
    for your noodles. UGH! I am old, you think I would know by now. Wish I could "beam" u this magical, healing cken noodle soup made with the special ingredient of love, Steph.
    Love your Momma! Be joyful, everyone!

  2. Ooh, I am going to check out those tags - cool!

    1. I love a lot of stuff on InkGarden. I could've spent much much more but that would've defeated the purpose of getting the deal.

  3. yup this time of year we are always packed too, my husband last night requested we pull out the december calendar and right down everything we have in the next month or so, hang in there!

  4. That e-card is so true. And I need to check out InkGarden.

  5. love that e card. And i didn't win either!!! dammit.

  6. I'm sorry we didn't win :( Whomp whomp. Guess the only way out of my student loans is the end of the world in a few weeks.
    I hope you start feeling better soon!

  7. I would totally buy one of those car horns if they made them that way. ;)

  8. Love...and by the way you were our first xmas card this year.

  9. So true about the horns! We won $4 on Powerball. Somehow I don't think thats enough to let me quit my job.

  10. I didn't win either. Not 1 dollar. On the plus side, I don't have to regret the inability to quit my job after not winning.

  11. Ugh, hope you feel better. :/
    Anddddddd, that ecard describes how I feel to a T! I hate blowing the horn to remind someone because I don't want to seem like a bitch, then there are other times when my horn would just shout out, "MOVE, B!!!"


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