Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hark! It's November. Here are my Thursday Thoughts

Happy November: the month of pumpkin pie, my Dad's birthday (November 2, which is also Deviled Egg Day), Veteran's Day, stupid Daylight Savings, National Novel Writing Month and Peanut Butter Lover's Month, Election Day, that Black Friday shitshow, and Thanksgiving.

Life is busy and lots of bullshit goes on for all of us every day: good, bad and ugly. This month, let's all focus on one thing every day that we're thankful for, and on November 30 let's reconvene here and share. Deal? Even if you don't want to share your thankful list here, being consciously thankful for one thing every day will be good for you. Trust me. To show you how behind this idea I am, I wrote it down in my serial killer handwriting for you. Enjoy!

Cinemax was playing Grease on Tuesday. I wonder if that was on purpose? I've been singing the Broadway version of Those Magic Changes ever since. If I was at that dance, I'd be inclined to punch that smug Cha Cha DiGregorio in the teeth. p.s. I like Grease 2 better than the original.

Check out Angi from Into the Forest Dim on Etsy - her shop is called The Urban North and you can buy some cool stuff you wish you were crafty enough to make yourself. Add it to your favorites! Attention anyone who wants to buy me a Happy November gift - those autumn leaves ceramic coasters look right up my alley.

Here's me in my jury duty sticker, and a tip: males, please do not wear jeans like this.

The only good thing about jury duty is that it puts me closer to Reading Terminal than I am on a normal workday. Yesterday I had pulled pork with sharp provolone from DiNic's.

To my local people who are still without power, please come take a hot shower, use our oven and make a hot meal, and share our heat. I feel bad for those that are still out. PECO is working as hard as it can but there are just too many people without power, too many trees still down and wires everywhere.

I loved seeing this image this week. This is how it should be every day:

Please consider eating in this weekend and donating $10 or more to the American Red Cross to help those affected by Sandy. Those of us who spent summers at the shore or love to visit NYC or any other affected area can surely spare a few bucks to help people in those communities get back on their feet. The Red Cross provides shelters, relief workers, emergency response vehicles, meals, supplies (cots, comfort and clean up kits). You can click here to make a donation. Thanks to Christina at Easily Entertained for posting this info on her blog earlier this week.

Two unplanned days off due to the hurricane plus a half day out on jury duty leaves me with only 2.5 full days in the office, yet I'm drained. I was a Halloween party pooper last night, asleep on the couch by 8:30. I didn't even dress the dogs up this year, no time to get a costume. I'm feeling off and better not be getting the stomach virus that was going around this office last week.

Ecard of the week repinned from Debbie in CA. This is the total truth:


  1. The sandwich made me drool on my keyboard. Yummy.

  2. haha love that e card. and love Red Cross support. What a great way to help!

    1. I donated my discretionary funds for the next two weeks. I feel awful for the people who've lost everything.

      That ecard is serious TRUTH - I am chip obsessed.

  3. Aw thank you so much for the shout out!! You're awesome!!!

    Would you believe I've never seen Grease...? I'm told it's a travesty.

    I like your idea to be thankful for one thing every day in November. I'm definitely doing this, and I think I'll write up a big blog post on November 30th listing what I was thankful for every day. I have enough to complain about - time to be thankful! ;)

  4. that ecard is the total DAMN truth. fml. :)

  5. I love Grease! I'm pretty sure that is the movies I've seen the most and when I say most I mean I've seen it at least 50 times! It's a classic! I hear you on the chips! It happens to be my FAVORITE food group! lol

  6. Deviled egg day? Who knew?! I hate it when daylight savings time ends. It throws off my kids for weeks and it gets dark here around 4:30. And what? You like Grease 2 BETTER? I like it, but not as much as the original. I saw Grease on Broadway with Frankie Avalon as Teen Angel. It was awesome! Thanks for reposting Red Cross stuff and for mentioning me!

  7. finally online today and sent a donation through AARP - they match dollar for dollar!
    And I am still waiting to hear how you sidestepped that robot-checking feature on here - DO TELL!


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