Thursday, November 15, 2012

A curious mix of turkey, new shoes, Teen Mom 2, elves, and other stuff: Thursday Thoughts

One week until Thanksgiving. One week until I eat glorious turkey and its fatty crispy buttery skin, stuffing (my favorite) and as much pie as I can fit. Which will be a lot since I'll be wearing yoga pants. Hey ohhh.

The first turkey MFD and I made in our house - Reginald
This year's turkey, name TBD. You must name your turkey before you cook it. Because I say so.
We're not hosting this year, but I'll be making turkey/stuffing/cranberry sauce sometime this week, because let's be real: while the meal itself is lovely, the leftovers are what make life worth living. It's not Thanksgiving if you can't consume 243 mayo-laden turkey sandwiches on white bread for the fattiest introduction to the holiday season ever. Hold the mashed potatoes though. I've made them a lot recently and they're not necessary for a sandwich.

Oops I did it again: I bought two pairs of flats this week, one on super sale, and I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery of both. One I just bought yesterday, I saw them on Holly's 8sixeleven pinsperation cobalt blue blog and loved them. I did a major shoe purge earlier this year, so you could say I'm restocking. You could also say I'm obsessed with colored flats. Both would be true.

I spy all of your daily thankfuls on FB. I like them. Stay tuned for mine on November 30, when you get all 30 at once. A veritable cornucopia of gratitude if you will.
I'll just put it out there: the Elf on the Shelf seems like a smug asshole. And he freaks me out a little.

My DVR shows me that it's set to record 90210 and Teen Mom 2, then it doesn't record them. Is the universe trying to tell me someone who's 35 shouldn't be watching that shit? I need my weekly hate on Jenelle fix, although I doubt anything can touch the rageful crescendo she brought me to when she was crying in her car after Kieffer (of course he spells his name with two Fs, dillhole!) got off scott free and she was put on parole so she couldn't smoke weed for a WHOLE YEAR! "I can't smoke weed for a WHOLE YEAR! Wah! Wah I need my weed! Wah I'm anxious!" STFU! Get a job! Be a parent! Cripes even thinking about it sends me into a fiery rage.

Ecard of the week repinned long ago from Michelle C. I'm not a Black Friday shopper. Every year Debbie and I get up early on Friday morning and head upstate to Lori & Jack's to do Thanksgiving Part Deux: more food, more wine, more family, Dog Disney Land, and celebrating Small Business Saturday by patronizing them on a zany and merry Jingle This Sleigh Ride.

Go back to your playpen, Baby.
I figured you could all use a little Dirty Dancing in your Thursday. You're welcome. 


  1. hahaha love dirty dancing. haha i am sorry your dvr didn't work!!

  2. The universe IS trying to tell you something-esp about Teen Mom. Glorifying
    teen moms like her is bullshit. Cancel that show asap! Ah the turkey dinner. Not hosting but will be making my 2nd turkey dinner this week. And another on Xmas which we are hosting. The Elf thing is a good deal. Perhaps they remind you of midgets! Love the flats, too.
    Most important thing ever- say thank you for even the smallest things many times a day and you will receive more blessings. GRATITUDE - all day, everyday!
    Turkey stock cooking right now smells delish. Enjoy this day, everyone.

    Love your ever-grateful MOMMA

  3. I love this post.....because I hate Janelle. but I shamefully have to admit that I follow her on instagram. because it's hilarious. and don't worry, according to instagram, she has found her soulmate. and it's not Keiffer, it's a look alike though that i'm sure is just as bad.

    also, she has new boobs. or at least she has boobs that i don't think i noticed on any previous episodes.
    annnnnnd, Leah looks like she ways about 30 lbs soaking wet. as in all of Leah's weight (not that she had any to begin with, but she didn't look deathly ill) went to Janelle's boobs.

    Love those blue flats!

  4. I agree with your mom on the teen mom crap. Also, I despise the black friday hoopla. I especially hate the midnight sales knowing that some poor guy/girl who is definitely not the jerk owner who decided that this was a good idea, has to leave their family fun and go to work so that we can save an extra 20%. On a side note, I am hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year and since most of the normal goodies are not readily available here (no canned cranberry sauce, no pumpkin pie mix, and to add insult to injury, whole turkeys are scarce so we will be cooking 2 turkey breasts sans golden, crispy, delicious skin) I was wondering if you have a stuffing recipe that isn't too complicated. Thank you!
    PJ - in the land of "What's Thanksgiving?"

    1. Ahhh! No whole turkey! I'm sad.

      Here's how I make my stuffing. I like to keep it very simple like this recipe, but you could add in apples, raisins, sausage, whatever before baking.

  5. Oh man, I really hate Jenelle. I try to go away from the room when her parts come on Teen Mom 2. Its weed, not crack. Grow up and stop smoking.

  6. I am SO glad that I'm not the only one who screamed about Jenelle when she had that little flip out, gives North Carolinians a bad name that broad. Ugh. Also, LOVE those purple flats! Maybe restocking would give me an excuse to buy new shoes..mmmm

  7. Jenelle was as terrible as always this week. She's a wreck, but I cannot stop watching! She's on the Amber route for sure.
    I am in love with those flats!! What a find. I need some now...

  8. Jenelle drives me absolutely bonkers...but so does her mother. That shrill screamy voice she does...gah. I'd need some weed, too. Just kidding. Kinda.

  9. i dont think i can put into words how much i hate jenelle. she needs to fall off the face of the earth. the rest of the teen moms might be nuts too, but my gooooooooooodddd i cannot stand jenelle.
    farrah drives me up a wall too. those girls all need a really good therapist.

  10. I think that elf is a creep and an intimidator and a mean spirited jerk who preys on Santa-fearing children who act like children and do poorly thought out child-like things and then stress like crazy because the elf is going to report their actions to Santa... then Christmas comes and the kid gets everything on his list and he realizes the elf has no power and is a fraud and the next year the kid is older and wiser and more capable of behavior that Santa would condone but sees no reason to behave accordingly because the elf is a fraud... but I rant. Forgive me.

  11. Someone posted a picture on Facebook of the Elf on the Shelf next to Bob's Big Boy. They look eerily similar!


  12. Ahhh I'm soo glad you bought the cobalt blue flats! Love them. I like the pink ones too.

    And I seriously LOLed [at work!] at your Jenelle comments!

  13. I see that your turkey is "hormone free", therefore the name should be obvious. Justin Bieber.

  14. So I had never heard of Elf on a SHelf before Piterest. What the heck is it? And Teen Mom 2 is a train wreck.

  15. Love those pink flats!

    Also Mrs Bizzle's comment cracked me up and I second a Justin Beiber named turkey :)

  16. hahaha, I love how random and fabulous this post is. Those pink flats are amazing. Thanks for sharing, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo

  17. im not a black friday shopper as well, i mean so what if i don't get the best deal out there possible, is that what Christmas is really about?? and enjoy your Thanksgiving and I agree the leftovers are the yummiest

  18. Hey! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for details! :)

  19. Elf on the Shelf totally freaks me out! I almost got one last year, but I'm glad I didn't. I wouldn’t be into it this year. I still like seeing what people do with him though. I don't do Black Friday either. We have a second day Thanksgiving with the in-laws. It's much better than standing in line for $5 DVDs I don't need.


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