Friday, November 30, 2012

30 days of thanks, straight up. No chaser.

What was I thankful for this month?

November 1 -  Pink starburst

November 2 - The  library website, down all week due to Sandy, is back up. And I'm thankful for my Dad. Today is his birthday.

November 3 - I can fill my car with gas when many in NY and NJ can't, and that I have heat and electric and water and a roof over my head when many do not.

November 4 - That others are taking collections for Sandy victims so I have a place to take donations.

November 5 - To have room to house out of state campaign workers in the last days leading up to the elections.

November 6 - The right to vote.

November 7 - MFD. For so many reasons, one of the tops being the laughter he brings to my life daily. Especially on the days I don't feel like laughing.

November 8 - Fresh clean sheets.

November 9 - Out of town visitors who are content to get into pajamas, eat cheesesteaks, and have drinks on the couch. Holler, Misty.

November 10 - Lunch with my knottie ladies, seeing Kim & Steve who are in town for the night from Boston, and a great night with our framily (friends who are like family = framily. I JUST COINED THAT) - Kim, Steve, Debbie, Michelle, Jamie, Jenn, Frank, Amanda, Jimmy, Jackie, Chris, Diana, Evan.

November 11 - Veterans.

November 12 - My job.

November 13 - Leftover meatloaf, eaten cold with a mountain of ketchup.

November 14 - Vicks VapoRub and garishly bright flannel pajama sets.

November 15 - My nephews, the way they make me laugh and the promises they have for bright futures.

November 16 - Email and texting that enable me to communicate with so many people daily without picking up the phone.

November 17 - The utter joy I get from my dogs.

November 18 - Lazy Sunday afternoons with a good book.

November 19 - Convenience, and working in close proximity to my bank and pharmacy.

November 20 - Nail polish.

November 21 - DVR.

November 22 - Spending Thanksgiving with my Grandmom, which I haven't done in many years.

November 23 - Iced coffee from DD and the fact that Debbie spends most holidays with us - you don't have to be blood to be family. FRAMILY, y'all.

November 24 - The season's first flurries.

November 25 - My parents. Both my mom and my dad are the fucking best, in different ways. And their spouses are wonderful for them. Their divorce wasn't easy to go through, but I truly believe everyone is where they're supposed to be now.

November 26 - Free shipping on online purchases.

November 27 - My Tuesday night zumba instructor who kicks ass, Michelle for being my gym buddy, and that girls weekend in January with Laura and the two Kims was super easy to schedule this year.

November 28 - Groupon deals.

November 29 - My younger brothers. Both of them have grown into funny, respectable, kind men.

November 30 - Fridays.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I didn't win the powerball and other Thursday Thoughts

You guys. I freaking swear I own this movie, but I went to watch it this week and it wasn't there. WTF. I always want to watch The Big Chill when I get nostalgic. I always get nostalgic around Thanksgiving.

We did not win the powerball. Goodbye beachfront house in Strathmere, large donation to Restore the Shore, toys for every tot in need this Christmas season, membership in Disney Vacation Club, bill payoffs for us and a few others, house redo, new puppy, Lexus for me and whatever car strikes MFD's fancy for him, complete line of MAC makeup, and other lottery dreams. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye.

I pinned this on pinterest. It's important to remember that we need to own our own shit and not play the blame game. Say it with me: "The blame game is lame."

I got super cute gift tags from Ink Garden. I paid $2.25 in shipping and got 20 of them for $0. Sorry for the blurry and small thumbnail, the bastard site won't let me get a good shot so you'll have to go right there to check it out. Anyway, their stuff is cool, and they're running a 50% off sale on a lot of items with the code HOLIDAY50. Get some.

Cheers to cousin Gail for being our first Christmas card this year.

Since I've had this headache for five days, I finally made a doctor's appointment for today. It's such a pain in the ass to go to the doctor, but if this is a sinus infection, there's no easy way out. Naturally, I forgot my scarf and am not wearing socks and the doctor is many blocks away. Freezing in advance.

This weekend is my last free no commitment weekend until January 12. Hold on to your hats, people. We're poised at the precipice of the holiday slip-n-slide.

Ecard of the week:


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You're not welcome ever again

So last night on the train I saw this...TIGHT ROLLED PANTS, you guys. My brain seized. I was transported back to 1987 when I wore acid washed tight rolled jeans with big ass socks, colored Reeboks, and garish sweaters in Mrs. Victor's fifth grade class.

This was not a good look then, and it's not a good look now!

I am certainly not a fashionista. I have been to the grocery store in my plaid pajama pants. I have worn yoga pants to work. Nonetheless, here are other things I hope will go away and never come back:
  • Leggings as pants. You all know I cannot abide by this. They are super cute under long shirts and sweaters or dresses. However, if your girly bits are on full display, you are wearing them as pants. And you should stop. 
  • Trucker hats
  • Fedoras
  • Skinny jeans for men
  • Men's saggy baggy pants. Notice: we don't want to see your boxers or your buttocks. Move along.
  • Shoulder pads
  • Fanny packs (I already know Laura will disagree with me on this)
  • Uggs. I know, I know. They're comfortable and warm. Everyone keeps telling me that. I just...can't.

  • If you must wear Uggs, do not wear them with bare legs and a mini skirt. Please. I'm begging you.
  • Those sneakers that claim to tone your buttocks. They just look like lopsided platforms. 
  • Vibram toe shoes. They freak me out.
  • Celebrities that are bundled up for frigid temperatures when it hits 62. 

Now early 90s grunge...that can come back any day.

What trends are you over  for eternity?

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Grinch List

Let me preface this by saying that I enjoy the Christmas season. I like to deck my halls, share good cheer with those dear to me, send and receive cards, sing Fairytale of New York at the top of my lungs, marvel over ugly Christmas sweaters, sit on the couch and admire the glow of our tree, put reindeer antlers on my dogs, donate toys for tots, bake Christmas cookies, watch Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story, see everyone's tree and Santa pics, the whole nine.

But there are things I don't like too, and I'm probably not the only one. We rarely mention the stressful dark side of the holiday season for fear of being branded a Scrooge. Even though this is a season cloaked in magic, there is a reality to it, like there is to everything. Not loving everything about the holiday season doesn't make me or you Scrooge. This year my gift to myself is acknowledging that.

So what don't I like?

Doing the Christmas tree. I like it when it's up, but putting it up? No. Thankfully I'm married to MFD W. Griswold and he does it start to finish. And he does it very well - he clips it lovingly with scissors, he places each ornament carefully. He has an eye for symmetry and our tree is always beautiful. I usually have to take it down, which I also hate, but I'll take it. And, pine needles. Insidious vacuum hose ruiners.

Christmas music 24/7. Or that Christmas Shoes song, ever.

The attempt to cram a year of cheer into one month. By 12/26, I'm tirrrrred.

Seeing Christmas decor in stores at Halloween (I'm looking at you, Kohl's), really irks me. It takes away some of the rush. I remember when nothing was up in stores until after Thanksgiving, and it seemed like magic happened overnight. Now it's the sales that happen overnight. It puts me in a bad mood. I feel like greed and consumerism take over a lot of the season.

Expecting shiny happy kumbaya love circles because it's the holidays. Not everyone gets along or likes everyone else, and that's okay. That's life. Pretending for December is awkward.

Scheduling Christmas Day. Have I timed it right? Are we spending enough time everywhere? Someone is invariably disappointed and I am always anxious about it in advance. Why is it harder to keep in mind during the holidays that if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one?

The holiday season tests my desire to keep a good life balance. I want to do everything and be everywhere and see everyone. I have to remember that I can't do it all without getting totally run down, rendering me useless like Randy in A Christmas Story.

This concludes the airing of the grievances and holiday whining.

Next up: feats of strength and holiday posts about pooping candy cane scented sunshine.

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Helene in Between

Monday, November 26, 2012

the long Thanksgiving weekend that was

Wednesday night I cooked a turkey with the giblet bag still in it. No harm no fowl. Get it?
After that, I went to Sandy's to see MFD and Frank play and catch up with friends. 
Then I ate a turkey sandwich at 2 a.m. to kick Thanksgiving off the right way.
The turkey sandwich is superior to the actual turkey in my mind.


Thanksgiving dawned warm and bright. 
We took our coffee to go and headed over to the fields to let the dogs run like loons.


We enjoyed an antipasto spread at my inlaws' along with the musical stylings of our nephews.


Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt and uncle's in Gilbertsville. 
The big bird, Carol's awesome cheese art, and Cindy's Thanksgiving cocktail:
Pre and during dinner scenes:
The set table, my beloved can cranberry sauce, and my first plate artfully arranged so the food doesn't touch.  This is extremely important.
My grammatical OCD took over, and I had to correct an error on a packaged cocktail napkin. 
No apostrophe after the you. Really cocktail people?
I also caught Grandmom mid-turkey pick. Classic.
We had a lot of fun and a lot of wine. It was a full and lovely day.


On Friday morning on our way upstate, Debbie and I stopped at DD.
I sampled the red velvet donut. Meh.


Friday was full of gluttony and sloth. I enjoyed every bit of it.


Saturday flurries.


Jingle This Sleigh Ride for Small Business Saturday.
We pile in a car and jackass around a number of towns, frolicking and full of tomfoolery. 
It's always a good time.

Sleigh ride sustenance: broccoli bacon bites and mint hot chocolate cut with some coffee. 
Nimble Hill Winery's cabernet franc is my new jam.
I cannot resist presidential items in antiquey stores. MFD and I love that shit.
I wanted that Buddah so badly, but couldn't part with the $150 to get it. 


While I love the Sleigh Ride, my favorite part of Thanksgiving Saturday is this: 
drinking wine, in my pajamas, at 3:30 in the afternoon. 


We enjoyed lots of wine, an array of dips and snacks, and Catch Phrase. 
Jack even put his name on his plate to conserve materials.


Big breakfast a la Jack before heading home on Sunday


When I got home, I meant to do some hausfrauing, 
but Geege snuggled into my neck and pulled me to the nap side.


Family dinner at Mom & Rich's since we didn't see them on Thanksgiving. 


The weekend in shoes:

the weekend that was

I'm so happy I got to see so many of my people this weekend. Happy and grateful.

My body is not grateful for all the naughty foods I've eaten. Veggies are going to be comin' in hot this week, you guys. 

Last week of November? Let's do this. 

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

t h a n k s g i v i n g

I hope you spend today surrounded by loved ones, your heart full of happy, your glass full of wine, and your plate full of deliciousness.

Be grateful for the who, what, when, where, and how today.

Be grateful for who you have. Every single person in your life serves a purpose, from those who've shown you kindness big and small to the difficult people - they show you exactly how you don't want to be.

Be grateful for what you have, and not just the big things or the material things. Recognize and appreciate the simple things that make life wonderful - the way you feel when you're with your best friend, hearing laughter coming from the next room, going to bed in clean sheets, the scent of winter in the air, the unrestricted joy in a dog wagging its tail. All the little things.

Be grateful for the times when you were down and picked yourself back up, because they made you stronger; and for the times you lived to the fullest and laughed your head off, because they made you stronger too.

Be grateful for how you got to where you are, and to all the people, opportunities, good choices, mistakes and crooked paths that led you to today. We're the sum of all of our experiences, good and bad. Appreciate your journey.

And to those out there like me who don't like their food to touch: be grateful you can get up and wash your plate in the sink in between helpings if need be. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. 

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