Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I may or may not have eaten my weight in Best Damn Kettlecorn on Monday night.

Halloween Public Service Announcement: As we approach Halloween, please remember that adding "sexy" in front of a nurse, doctor, cop, etc., does not make it a costume. Naughty nurse "costume" = bedroom. Nurse Ratchet costume = public. When is the last time you saw someone in the armed forces dressed like this? Lame! Get creative.

Now that we've dealt with Halloween...I ordered my Christmas cards this week. BOOM. You heard me. Snapfish had them for 20% off, and I had another 50% off on top of that. I had to do it.

I've had massive train issues twice this week that led to me getting home late and missing my gym class and also being an hour late to work. Ending the day or starting the day with a frigged up commute makes everything stressful. Get your shit together, SEPTA regional rail.

I'm a new fan of the Gap True Straight pant for work.

There are children and seniors without food or shelter, schools with sagging roofs and no textbooks, people without jobs, welfare/justice/education systems in need of major overhauls, China owning too much of our national debt, infrastructure that's cracking, yet every election year we are still talking about women because women are still being used as political pawns by politicians on both sides of the political spectrum. "We're for women!" "No we are! We're for women!" Everyone should be for women you dumbasses. We're not another species to be studied and we're not lesser than you because you have a penis and we don't. We don't need hand holding and we don't need you to tell us what to do - what we need is to be treated like equals and not discriminated against in any way, anywhere. Let's just leave women alone, America, okay? Trust women to run their own lives. Government, focus on the real issues that impact citizens daily. And ladies...wake up ladies. You have voices. Use them. Be vigilant and demand equality. Stop being pushed around. Don't be the afterthought or the scapegoat of your fellow Americans or your politicians. Mitt...binders full of women? Really? If you've seen the hilariousness going around the interwebs on the binder situation and you know me at all, you knew a) I'd post something about it and b) this is the one I'd pick to post.

Do y'all know Brown Betty cupcakes? If you don't, you should. They have a few locations in Philadelphia now, a pretty cool story, and cupcakes that taste like the tiny baby Jesus baked them himself. They are heaven. My friend Arleen went to the cookbook/cupcake event last night, and when I got home from the gym and running errands, this was waiting for me. Signed!! Thank you thank you thank you! You rock R! I can't wait to make some Brown Betty cupcakes.

I hate cooking on weeknights, but last night I whipped up this little ditty from Prevention Mag and it was really quick, easy, good, and good for you. Roasted red peppers, fire roasted tomatoes, goat cheese, holler. I used baby bellas in place of zucchini since I am a mushroom whore and my pasta was barilla plus. Do it!

Ecard of the week, especially for Laura, who is the only person I know who hates cheese:

Except Laura

Happy Thursday!


  1. jdklfjdkasfjlkdsjfklasdjfklajdsflkj SOMEONE HATES CHEESE?? IMPOSSIBLE! I love that e card :)

    I also hate skanky halloween costumes and now having a burning desire to look at holiday cards online. I LOVE HOLIDAY CARDS!

    1. Me too me too, I need your address so I can mail you one.

  2. I can't stand 90% of Halloween costumes for that reason exactly. I was standing behind a very very tall, rather large woman at the store the other day and the (male) cashier asked her what she was going to be for Halloween. This woman is in her 30's. She said "Ooh! I'm gonna be Rosie the Riveter...." I thought, not bad...and then she goes, "...but, you know...SEXIFIED..." and gave this awkward little booty shake. Um, WHY!? So stupid...just be Rosie the Riveter, she was sexy enough on her own without the added miniskirt and stripper heels this lady is apparently going to wear.

    I need to hurry up with holiday cards! Last year I put it off and put it off and it never even happened.

    And I agree about the woman thing: that was a stupid question in general.

    1. Why in the world would anyone need to sexy up Rosie the Riveter, the iconic image of female power? Stop the sexy costume madness ladies!


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