Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

You see that man in the blue shirt standing right up front where the door will open when the train stops? Though it would appear that he's primed to board the next train, which is the 5:11, he actually  takes the 5:20. Every day, he stands in that spot, and the 40-50 people standing behind him who take the 5:11 all have to squeeze past him to get to the door. It's a tight spot, and people get pissy having to circumvent him daily because they know he's not getting on that train. Every day he says to whoever is around, "My God! I'm trying to get out of the way! These people are so pushy!" Buddy, if you were trying to be out of the way, you'd stand behind the 5:11 crowd and move up to your precious spot when they're gone. That concludes today's lesson in how to not be the most annoying person on the train platform.

Nancy from The Craft freaks me out. I  love when Sarah puts a binding spell on her:  "Nancy, I bind you from doing harm. Harm against others and harm against yourself." I want to put a similar spell on  allergens, except I don't care if they harm themselves as long as they leave me alone.  My allergies are the worst they've been in years. Too many borderline migraines that make me want to lay in bed with my sleep mask on in total darkness and silence. Be gone, bastard allergies.

It's time to start thinking about cleaning up and winterizing my flower beds and outdoor things. So when the eleventy billion leaves fall off this tree out back, I can concentrate on dealing with them.

Revenge is already kick ass and there's only been one episode this season. Are you watching? Does Fake Amanda Clark bother you as much as she bothers me? Has Jack's hairline receded in the off season? Discuss.

I'm on my third Tana French book in two weeks. They're all set in and around Dublin, and the second one is told by a character who appears in the first one but is not the narrator. The same with the third. Give her a whirl, and read them in order if you're that type. I am.

Gus, laying at the top of the basement steps like a lost soul:

The first week back to work after vacation has totally kicked my ass. I'm brain tired by 5:30 every day, and it isn't helping that it's getting darker earlier.

Something I did not expect to be trending on twitter during the first presidential debate:

This is what happened in my crock pot overnight. Yummy awesome pork, some of which will probably become some sort of taco or soup:

Ecard of the week, thank you Lil:

As Vivian and Kit say in Pretty Woman, the tale of prostitution gone right, take care of you.


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