Friday, October 19, 2012

Going away and a happy birthday

We're heading three hours north this weekend, up to the Endless Mountains for a visit with Lori, Jack and the dogs. Going to their house is so relaxing and peaceful. My dogs consider it Dog Disney, their personal vacation home. Jack and Lori are great hosts and it's a very good atmosphere for wearing lounge attire, sipping wine, walking in the woods, and getting some peace.

Lori's birthday is tomorrow. It will be wonderful to spend the day to her. Lori is my aunt who's more like a sister and friend. She was eight years old when I was born, so there was not a time in my life when I didn't know her love and support. When Gamma watched me as a child, I used to wait at the front door for her to come home from school, and I'd follow her around and do whatever she was doing.

When I was young we vacationed together in Ocean City, getting Brown's donuts from the corner store that used to be down the block from where we stayed in a little bungalow at the corner of North & Ocean. When she was a teenager, she took me everywhere with her. We were constantly at Oxford Valley Mall and enjoying taco salad lunches and gruff service from the consistently mean waitress at our beloved Chi-Chi's (RIP). We drove around in her silver Sunbird and belted out 80s tunes. Some of my best times growing up were when Lori let me tag along with her. As I hit high school and college and beyond, she was there to help me where she could.

As we both aged, our age gap seemed to get smaller until it was almost non-existent. Our relationship changed to less aunt and niece and more sister/friend. I couldn't even begin to tell the zillions of stories of all the memories we share. We've done life list things together like staying at the Flanders Hotel and seeing the Radio City Music Christmas Spectacular (hers, we sat in the front row!) and doing the Polar Bear Plunge (mine). She volunteered to wheel me around EPCOT in a wheelchair when I most likely had pneumonia. She stood up with me at my wedding, Relays with me and makes me fabulous quilts that I love. She treats my dogs like gold. I talk to her every day and she is one of the most important people in my life.

When she moved three hours away, I was worried we'd grow apart, but there was not even a blip. I love visiting there and spend every Thanksgiving weekend there, leaving early Friday morning and doing the always fun Santa's Sleigh Ride. And visiting at other times when we can get away, which is never often enough. Luckily she makes the trek down to us a lot. We always have a great time together, regardless of where we are or what we're doing.

Lori has always been extremely generous with me - generous with her time, her heart, her advice, and her gifts. I would not be where I am today without her. I feel very fortunate to have someone like Lori in my corner, someone who's always been there for me without fail, who made sure I always knew I had her love and support every step of the way. Everyone needs a Lori in their corner!

So! Sew buttons. I'm excited it's Friday, I'm excited to be eating a jalapeno cheddar bagel from Au Bon Pain (ABP: why does your coffee suck? Please fix it), I'm excited with my new Essie nail color, I'm excited to be whisking away with MFD and the dogs, and I'm excited to celebrate the birthday of someone very special to me this weekend.

Happy weekend! I'll catch you back here on Monday for the weekend that was.

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  1. There are no words to express what it is like when someone you love beyond words writes what you mean to them. Thank you for giving me the gift of your words that will last forever. L

  2. Oh my this. I need a Lori!!! Lol! Have a good time.

  3. Everybody needs a Lori! She is a priceless gift!! Lori, Steph, & I email back and forth every single day. It is the BEST! Lori is the quintessential fairy Godmother!!!!! We are very blessed and always there for each other.
    Love my girls to infinity and beyond.
    Happy Weekend everyone!

    Beautiful tribute, Steph!

    Love your momma

  4. HBD Lori! I'm awfully happy Lori's in the world, because I'm super happy Stephanie is in the world. Win win for me!


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