Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall fuh fall fall fall

Happy October! October is my favorite months of the year, along with September and of course my birthday month of March.

Every season I get a bug up my ass to try new things and take on some new projects, and fall is always an especially productive time for me. I find the crisp air invigorating. My calendar usually lightens up a little (although October, WTF, you're packed this year). The legendary Mum Season begins (does it ever end?) which means MFD is out at mummery on Tuesdays and Sundays so I have lots of quality time at home alone.

I want to lay waste to my Pinterest boards. I'm going to craft, cook, and organize like a whirling dervish. Except maybe hold the crafts since I'm not really crafty.

Fall Will Do List:

All aboard the Sunday Soup Train! A different soup every weekend will serve as lunch for the following week.

Dream up a Halloween Costume for the annual Fischetti/Ficchi Halloween Party on 10/27.

Seasonal house clean and purge. Upstairs closets and upper kitchen cabinets, I've got you in my sights.

Attempt to make my own pumpkin spice latte from home.

Get back into a regular gym routine. This will be easier since Michelle just joined and we'll go together a few times a week.

Take a freaking picture a day to publish all at once on this blog at the end of the month. I forgot to do this in August and in September. October, be my lucky kickstart.

Pumpkin sweets, including: attempting pumpkin frozen yogurt sans ice cream machine, pumpkin poppers, and simple pumpkin cheesecake trifles from My Baking Addiction (these were on my list last year, and they are happening on 10/14, mark the date, bitches!)

Increase veggie intake and decrease non veggie snacks during the week. Do you like how I put this one right after the pumpkin sweets one?

I'm making an I Love You Because dry erase board using a picture frame and hanging it up. I think it's important to take time to recognize the little and big reasons why you love your spouse, and I figure if a board is hanging there it'll be a good reminder to do it daily. It's also important to give people who are at our house for a party a place to write funny drunken things.

Hang coat hooks behind the front door and a flipping candle holder I've had for a year (I need my hang it all BFF Michelle for this).

I reorganized my scarves like this using shower curtain rings from Le Dollar Store. I'm going to try to do purses like this too, but not using a hanger...just using a bar in the closet.

Credit: www.orgjunkie.com
Decorate a pumpkin with thumb tacks like a crafty little beast.

Credit: Real Simple

Fall To Do Wish List :

I'm dying to make these mini pumpkin pie bites from Bakerella, but I'm not sure I'll trade in a Sunday on the couch catching up on DVR shows to make them.
Credit: www.bakerella.com

Homemade Christmas gifts. Is this even possible? I know people do it, and it's awesome. Debbie made us picture ornaments and key chains last year. I don't think I have the talent for these things. But we'll see.

More freezer cooking. I want to double at least four meals and freeze half this month. Or pack at least four meals for the freezer that can be put right into the crockpot.

I'd be filled with glee if I could make this cinnamon stick wreath. It would mean I'd have to use a hot glue gun, which I STILL haven't used since writing about it here back in February, and it would be crafty as hell.

credit: www.30minutemartha.com
Dry erase freezer and pantry inventories. I got the idea here at the Full of Great Ideas blog. I'll probably just use some picture frames I have laying around.
Credit: www.fullofgreatideas.blogspot.com 

What's on your fall to do list?

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  1. October is also my favorite month and it doubles as my birthday month! No other compares!
    I have been a whirling dervish (as only you and my dear departed mother and great aunt Bet have ever said) with organization lately. Yesterday Reghan helped?
    My plans for October are quite simple... weekend away with my friends - Cape May! and weekend away with my boys and their women and their girls - Ocean Grove!
    Oh and the dentist and the DMV and shit like that.


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