Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

You guys. You guys you guys you guys...a week from today I'll be on vacation. Two weeks from today I'll be doing exactly this at Serenity Bay on Castaway Cay, except I'll be reading a different book and will have different color nail polish on my toes.

When I return, summer will officially be over, even though I'll wear flip flops until that one morning where I'm practically crying by the time I get to work because my feet are so cold. I want to start thinking about what's on my fall to do list. One thing immediately comes to mind: pumpkin everything.

I also need to replace some of my MAC lipsticks has gone rogue, and there are other holes in my program. I could put this lipstick in a pot and apply it with a lip brush. But I won't. I tend to not wear makeup in the summer, then I see a bunch of photos of myself on FB and I say WTF get the makeup out. I'm a cyclical makeup wearer. 

If you're married or ever thinking about getting married, you should read Lydia Netzer's blog on 15 Ways to Stay Married for 15 Years. Thanks to Shelby from the Big Hungry Shelby blog for passing it along.

Track changes is a total asshole and makes me want to rip my hair out. I want Microsoft Word to REMOVE THE OPTION. Just fucking remove it. Insert a note if the change is big enough to call attention to, otherwise let it fly. If you're working with someone who's going to quibble over the use of a vs. the, just get another job now.

Does anyone else have a dog that's crazy about licking Popsicle sticks like my Gussie is?

I made this crock pot meal on Tuesday night, billed on The Larson Lingo as the easiest dinner ever. And it really was. I added some diced green chiles and diced tomatoes and more salsa than called for, and a few shakes of Tastefully Simple's fiesta dip mix. I also used frozen corn instead of canned. On Lauren's recommendation, I held the cream cheese out until after I shredded the chicken. Then I added half a block of lite cream cheese. I ate it as a soft taco. Very easy and good.

Is it just me, or does John Mayer seem like the biggest douche as a prospective beau? Celebrity ladies, get it together. Stop dating him.

Last night in Zumba, the second song was exclusively squats. I'm glad I drug myself to the gym by my own hair when I was more inclined to be a slovenly layabout.

Looking for a new author to try? I like The Last Child by John Hart. I also just finished Everything Changes by Jonathan Tropper. I'm a big fan of his books. Both were quick and easy reads, but good.
Are you on Instagram? I need more people to follow. Hook a girl up with your instaname.

I cheated and watched the pilot of Revolution On Demand. My heart is still hurting over LOST and this could be my long awaited rebound. I'm in. Let's do this, fall TV.

I wasn't in the shower alone this morning. Don't worry, this is not about to get weird. I was in there with a huge MFing spider. From my reaction, you'd think it was Norman Bates. Sorry living thing...I don't share showers with arachnids. Rest in peace.

Ecard of the week pinned by cousin Col:

Remember...Goonies never say die. Get out there and have a good day.


  1. I also cheated and watch Revolution, and I'm all in, as well. The last 30 second hooked me like a snapper.
    I, for one, love track changes. It allows me to reject changes made by engineers to my press releases - a much-needed option in my world.
    I made a new friend from Aby Dhabi at my conference last week who once had the opportunity to party with Paris Hilton, who told her that John mayer has atrocious breath. So, there you go.

    1. I'd rather they send me a clean copy with their changes, and if I don't want them, I just go back to the way I had it. We deal with a lot of outlines in proposals and contracts, and track changes is fucking awful with that.

      I like some Mayer songs. Otherwise zero redeeming qualities that I can see through the pages of US Mag.

  2. Ahhh... vacation!

    BUT, and seriously, BUT... poor little spider!


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