Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

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I'm anxious for the fall TV season to begin. I got rid of the DVR in our bedroom because I ended up watching a lot of stuff On Demand in the living room anyway. It'll be a juggling act while I'm sorting out which new shows I want to watch and what I can catch On Demand. This requires strategy, a bit of cunning, and a good dose of rocket science. Fall premieres are serious business.

It's the last season for Gossip Girl and 30 Rock. What the Chuck? I'll miss you LL.
You know you love me. xoxo.
I made and froze a bunch of cilantro lime pesto on Tuesday night. I didn't have a lot of fresh garlic, so when I revive these from the freezer, I'll probably mix some in. This will be great for some quick weeknight tacos. OLE mofos!

I love cooking. I love a clean kitchen. I hate cleaning my kitchen after I do a lot of cooking. Discuss.

I'm pulling for you Judy. You kick that cancer's ass.

“Some changes happen deep down inside of you. And the truth is, only you know about them. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be.” 
                           ― Judy Blume, Tiger Eyes

ONLY NINE MORE WORKING DAYS until vacation. I may or may not have started laying my clothes out last night.

Castaway Cay, I'm coming for you
I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little waterproof bag, so I can take one trillion photos like the one above. Best of all, it was free! $5.01 for the bag + free shipping + $10 amazon credit leaves me with a $5 amazon credit. Holler.

I use this blog as a vehicle to share my transition to homemade cleaners, pantry items, etc...Laura is simultaneously impressed and also I think worried that she will one day come to my home to find it's been replaced by a yurt or other primitive hut.

Speaking of, I hate paying for toilet bowl cleaner that you literally flush right down the drain. Apparently hydrogen peroxide is a super cleanser, and over the past week I've been using that to clean my toilets and other stuff. Click here to see where else you can use hydrogen peroxide.

Dinosaur plums and Gala apples are the fruits of the week in my kitchen. They look sort of similar. Or is it just me?

The Dinosaur Plum
The Gala Apple

I love seeing all the back to school pics on the facespace. I feel sorry for these bastards, the humidity was a killer at the beginning of this week. I swear I can remember wearing long sleeves on the first day back some years.

Can we, just for a second, marvel at what a master orator Bill Clinton is? Big Dog was trending on twitter without a hashtag within 20 minutes. He went off the cuff about halfway through. He brought it last night - he has nothing to lose, and he laid it all out there and went after the RR campaign point by point. He talked policy right down the middle in a way the average citizen can understand. Bill Clinton is my favorite - I've always loved him, and I always will. He was the first president I voted for when I came of age to vote, and while I support term limits for EVERY position in government, I would vote for Bill a million times over. Blowjobs be damned, people. You heard me - blowjobs be damned. He was phenomenal at that podium last night, infinitely better than GWB speaking at the RNC. Wait...

Let's bring it on down to Omeletteville with the Ecard of the week:

In the words of Goethe, nothing is worth more than this day. Go get it.


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