Monday, September 17, 2012

the mid-September weekend that was

Lamesauce opening photo, right?
Friday night hausfrauing, top and main floors and bathrooms. 
Of all the vacuums I've had, and I currently have one on each floor, this little 
$40 Dirt Devil is the best. And grossly, you can see how much your dogs really shed.

Sometimes at the end of a tiring week, this is what's for dinner. 

Joe Dirt. 
My name is Joe Dirte. I add an e to the end 'cause it sounds cool.

The Wake up Committee let me sleep until 8:30 on Saturday...
which is why I didn't call them the Ahole Wake up Committee. 

Saturday morning grocery shopping to stock the pantry so it's set when we return from vacation.
Some fall essentials...lasagna noodles, pumpkin, and of course Sweetzels.

Coffee. I was dismayed to find we were out of half & half.
I had to wait for my coffee until after I went grocery shopping on Saturday. Nervy!
That's Evan's middle finger mug, it's a crowd favorite.
Aubrey uses it whenever she comes over.
Sunday's cup was Mickey, because in less than seven days we will be sailing the seas on
the Disney Cruise Line's newest ship, The Fantasy.

Individual chicken pot pies to freeze. These were really good. 
I read a bunch of recipes, so I can't find which one I used,
but what I did is this to make 12 large muffin size individual pot pies:
Preheat oven to 375. 
1. Mix 1C bisquick (I used homemade whole wheat), 4 eggs and 1C milk
2. Cut up 2 lb chicken (I used thighs) and saute in oil until cooked through
3. Add 1C onion, 1C chicken broth, 1TSP thyme, salt & pepper, and cook until simmering
4. Add 1C frozen mixed veggies and cook 5 min (drain after this)
5. Add 1C grated cheddar (I used sharp) and mix well
6. Spray muffin tins with nonstick spray
7. Add 1.5TBS bisquick mix to each
8. Top with 1/4C chicken mixture
9. Add another 1.5TBS bisquick mix
10. Bake for 25-30 min (min took 27)
11. Cool for 5, then cool on a wire rack for 10, then remove. 

I tried one and froze the rest. The crust does not get hard, so if you like a hard crust (dirty pervs), I'd use a pie crust and adapt the recipe. The mixture itself was fabulous. 

I nearly crapped my pants when I unknowingly walked into the web 
of this man eating spider out back.
Where are they growing these things?
My heart's still pounding.

Hot crab dip for Stephen & Aubrey's:
a block of softened cream cheese, two six oz cans crab if no fresh is available (it wasn't), a few healthy shakes of Old Bay, some minced onion, 1TBS lemon juice, 1TSP Worcestershire, 1/4 tsp dried Colonel Mustard, a little salt, and about a cup and a half of sharp white cheddar.
Bake at 350 for 30 minutes in a pre-heated oven.

We began our eight hour Lower Bucks County tour in deep Levittown.
College football and family dinner at Stephen and Aubrey's, 
featuring a fabulous lasagna by Aubrey (I snagged a piece for Monday's lunch) 
and one of my favorites, lemon meringue pie by Carol.

A lovely after dinner sky 

Happy birthday week to our nephew Drew.
It seems like we just visiting him in the hospital when he was born. Time flies.
It was nice to catch up with the Morrisville crew at Mindy & Andy's.
Incidentally, when I was there I learned from Fran that Honey Boo Boo Child's niece was born with three thumbs, and they took the baby home like that...
I'm sort of scarred, and now I'll need to investigate this On Demand.

Our third stop was the Danfords' house in Yardley, where I got 
QT with some of my adult and kid friends. And Yo Gabba Gabba. 


Kill Bill Vol. 1
I would not want to be involved with O-Ren Ishii and her Crazy 88s.

I baked zucchini bread on Sunday morning. It was magnificent.
One to eat and one to freeze. I used The Smitten Kitchen's recipe, found here.

My crapper texting phone went dead. Balls.
I think I need to replace the battery.

Then I was lazy. Drinking coffee, reading magazines, and snuggling with my cute dogs.
Disregard my morning look.

Villanova vs. Princeton at Villanova. Villanova lost, 1-0.
Amazing sky, no picture trickery either.
I love the flag in the corner.
Happy birthday week to my Sean, his birthday is Wednesday.

My pedi place is so awesome you get a hot stone massage included in the regular price.
$22. Not bad. And I ran into a friend there, always a bonus.


I hit Marshall's in an attempt to find a new dress for the Sannelli/DiCostanzo wedding.
No dice. I did, however, find the perfect red scarf.
I've been looking for one since last year.
Even if I don't find a new dress for the wedding, this will bump up a LBD.
Marshalls, will you marry me?
It's not polygamy if you're married to a man and a store simultaneously.
My blog, my rules.

Being in the sun at the game + hideous allergies all weekend =
Me being a whiny slug like Randy from A Christmas Story.

the weekend that was

Three day work week? Don't mind if I do.


  1. I never know where to start on your weekend editions... how in God's name to you fit so much in??? And not to be critical, but why no spider label? They are everywhere this September, building enormous webs - I have had one out front that I monitor daily (I LOVE it!). Who says the housing industry is down? It's booming in spiderville.
    The quality, or lack thereof, of my self-pedis makes me want to go get a real one.

    1. My apologies for the spider label omission! We have a roommate spider out front.

      This was my first real pedi since May I think!

  2. Great blog as usual! Copied both recipes!
    So great to have all of these blogs to look back on! Superb picture
    of you and Sean- my oldest and my youngest babies!
    We forget so many little lovely things that happen in our lives.
    Love you!
    your MOMMA

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