Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

A little over a year later, this guy is still here at 16th & Market every day waiting for his long lost love.

Here he is on August 24, 2012

This guy is still here too, telling everyone the heat we feel is the fires of hell at our heels, even though he himself is a shyster. Yesterday when I walked by he was saying, "The thing about your that you STINK of it."  He knows I always take his picture, so when he sees me coming now he smiles pretty for the camera. Cheese, Preacher Man!

Yesterday was Gussie's seventh birthday. I gave him his own post last year. This year he just got a hat, a cheeseburger thanks to the suggestion of my friend Sister Secrets (Geege had some too, of course), and extra treats and hugs. I love my Gussie boy.

Ann Romney, you seem like a genuinely nice person. I'm sorry. You will not convince me of the humanity of your husband and his running mate and the Republican party in general when they grant businesses personhood but believe vaginas are property of the government. There is nothing about R&R that is good for me as a sovereign female body. There are enough things to worry about in this world, and I don't need to add control of my vagina to them.


Quizno's still exists? I shut them out after they did that commercial with the RAT singing "Try Quizno's subs..." 1. A RAT pushing your food? 2. I disagree with the word sub. It's a hoagie or nothing.

Hugest pet peeve that also makes me sad: litter. The ground is not your trash can. Sad sights at the North Philly station.

This is what I'm reading. It's enjoyable, if a little draggy in spots. It's set in Australia. Here's something weird: I don't often connect with books that are set in England. But Australia seems to be ok.

Ecard of the week, repinned from Sam F. This happens to me consistently, yet I don't learn to clean it up before leaving the house. I continue to go out looking like a mongrel who belongs on Hoarders or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo:

Dear tiny baby Boys of Summer listening, cutoff jort wearing, Corona drinking, hotdog eating, three day end of summer weekend loving baby Jesus, please grant me an early dismissal tomorrow to kick Labor Day off right.



  1. LOVE the Bernie Mac popping out eyes of the cheeseburger lover!

    1. He was very happy to get a birthday burger!

  2. I voted for Obama in 2008. I am not a fan of either party, but I lean toward being a social liberal. Still, I feel that it is inaccurate to claim that the GOP wants to CONTROL women's bodies. I am pro-choice but I do not feel that the government should be REQUIRED to pay for abortions. Abortions are legal, therefore women CAN do what they want with their bodies. The PAYMENT of them is the issue here. I also don't feel that FREE birth control is a God-given right. I am pro-gay marriage, but have gays been given the right to marry under our democratic president? No. This is how politicians win our votes. They make things like gay marriage a VOTING issue and then they do nothing about it. They get groups riled up about issues that Washington is not going to change... tell us what we want to hear...all just to get re-elected. In the real world, the economy is in the toilet. People need JOBS and can't afford to pay their rent or feed their kids. Therefore, this time around I'm voting for the person who is most likely to turn that around. Everything else, whether we like it or not, is secondary.

    1. I do not support government paying for abortions. Federal funds to groups like Planned Parenthood are not used to cover abortions.

      Free birth control is not a given right, but if Viagra is covered by health insurance, birth control should be as well.

      Abortions are legal now, but there has been a huge conservative push, particularly over the last year, to pass bills that would make them illegal under any circumstance. I cannot support candidates who don't believe women are capable of controlling their own bodies, or candidates who support bills that would place laws on women's reproductive systems.

      Washington absolutely can change women's rights. Everyone has the one issue they vote on, and that is always mine. Many times men don't understand that, because no one is legislating their bodies and what they do with them.

    2. I also find it extremely distressing that the conservative biased Fox News found so much wrong in Ryan's speech, both on his social AND economic stances:

    3. I've listened to Romney speak and some of his ideas for the economy sound great. A lot of these guys have great ideas and I believe that they mean well, but then they get in office and Congress mucks things up and they can't get anything accomplished. It's so frustrating. That's why my vote will be determined by the issue of women's rights.


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