Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

1. On the way home from the shore, we picked up some roadside farm stand Jersey sweet corn. It was so good that I slept for 12 hours straight after eating it.

2. I didn't get Kohr Bros. or any other soft ice cream at the shore. Hello darkness my old friend.

3. Since I was away this weekend, I ended up cooking on Tuesday night for the rest of this week. I made skinnytaste's broccoli with orzo and a hot little buffalo chicken pasta salad. Both were good and I won't have to cook again until Saturday.

Point three for three about food. Moving on.

4. The only thing I feel like doing is going to the shore. And eating Goldfish crackers. But we're done talking about food for today.

5. Add my junior high friend Pat's blog on his journey to the Chicago Marathon to your google reader.  The writing is good and the posts are interesting even to me, a certified non-runner. And the blog name is awesome:

6. I picked up five books on hold from the library last night. Four out of six are 14 day books. I went right to the James Patterson. It will be the quickest read.

7. When illusion spin her net
I'm never where I want to be
And liberty she pirouette
When I think that I am free


8. I did not win the powerball last night. Please, a moment of silence. I did sleep with the windows open, which was a nice albeit tiny consolation prize.

9.  I am a huge fan of the Ryan Gosling Hey Girl meme. So naturally I am a huge fan of the Paul Ryan Gosling Hey Girl meme.

By trying to appeal to the ultra conservatives who demand small government but also want to tell everyone what to do in their bedrooms and with their vaginas, the Republican party is alienating their middle ground voters with these wild gun vice presidential nominees (Palin, Ryan).

If abortion, gay marriage and other polarizing social issues weren't factors, we might actually get somewhere in this country. So many people tut tut and say "come on, you can't vote against him simply because he's anti-abortion." Oh really? Watch me. I will not ever vote for anyone who's anti-choice because I don't think it's anyone's business what women do with their bodies. No one tells men what to do with theirs. I don't care if people think "nothing will happen to a woman's right to choose," to me it's more than that - it's the principle of someone daring to tell me what to do with my body let alone demand legislation on it. Why don't I  have complete sovereignty over my body as men have over theirs?

Fellow voters, stop pushing social agendas. We don't have the right to tell each other who to marry or when to give birth. We do have the right to demand that our politicians work for us.

Politicians, marriage and uteri are none of your business. Show us the jobs, show us the infrastructure, show us the security, and show yourselves out the door after six years in office. Leave your lifetime health benefits and pension at the door. Politics should not be a career. Toodleoo.

Now, as DJ Kool says, let me clear my throat.

10. Ecard of the week. Every time I've seen this this week, I've guffawed. Hilarious. Thanks Meg for pinning it.

Friday tomorrow, home slices. Make the most of today, it will only happen once. Unless you are Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.


  1. Today's my Friday, I made Pinterest zucchini tots last night and they were delicious, and I love your rants against the right. Rock on with your bad self, Snotty.

  2. I miss Jersey corn!!! Damn you, Carbohydrates!!!!

  3. love the paul ryan meme, bahaha.

  4. I Try not to rage about the war on women by the GOP/holier-than-thous by sending them positive energy. What u put out is what u get back.
    Also, tuning out all of the GOP(literally GOP like goop, like ew)
    Couldn't they find better candidates than the top of the 1% & super right guy)
    The universe will make sure Barack Obama is our next president.
    Anyway, corn- have stayed away- it is like a potato - a big carb- and I use
    what seems like a stick of butter and salt and salt.
    Enjoy this stunning day here in the burbs of Philly!!!!
    Carpe Diem and always a pleasure reading your blogs.
    Love your MOMMA!

  5. Driving across the country, we saw a ton of pro-choice billboards. My 'favorite' was one that said, "Smile, your mother was pro-life." It made me want to drive my car off a road.


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