Monday, July 16, 2012

the weekend that was

I sat down to eat on Friday before starting my kitchen odyssey, and lo and behold Cocktail was on.
I enjoy it even though Doug annoys me. I like pre-Scientology Cruise and Elisabeth Shue.
And I love the Last Barman Poet poem.
Saturday I read the US Mag cover story on Scientology Tom and Catholic Katie's breakup. 
Paging Dr. Venkman...Dr. Peter Venkman...Xenu is on the fourth floor. 


The Neely's barbecue sauce is people (thanks Tiffany for the recommendation). 

I put it in the crock with frozen chicken breasts and a cup of italian dressing, then shredded it (thanks Gail for the recipe). I made a greek zucchini salad, omitting the mint and doubling the rest of the recipe aside from the dill. Next was parmesan and basil orzo. I will add about a quarter cup less of parm next time, but this was very good.


Two funerals this weekend. It's that time of life I guess.
My thoughts are with the Gallagher/Cassidy and Ferraro families.
I wish you peace.


I took my Grandmom to run errands.
And she gave me this awesome pitcher. It's happily ensconsed in its new home on Pitcher Ridge.


Clutter in a home obsessed with sunglasses


Small overnight guests: our nephews.
Do you guys know there are lego ninjas? What a terrible concept and awful cartoon.


Twilight (Magic Time) at the playground


I ate three donuts this weekend. That is why I don't buy donuts.


General hausfrauing and 476 loads of house related laundry: towels, sheets, blankets, pillows.


Lots of coffee

Next up: the Fantasy in September

Potato chip cookies. They're a little like pecan sandies.
I subbed chocolate chips for the nuts.
I like them, but they give me a spot of heartburn.


I struck out in my Sunday evening errands. No bathing suit coverup and zilch at RedBox.
I picked up pizza and salad from Pat's and called it a day.


A bunch of Datelines, and Sunday night TV - The Glades and True Blood.

the weekend that was

Don't forget to put one of those new coversheets on your TPS reports. 


  1. I have been devoring TomKat news, even though I know we'll never get the whole, true story. I want to make that greek zucchini salad. I assume it's on Pinterest? True Blood blew my mind this week.

    1. Yes, it's on Pinterest. I pinned it to my I made it board.

      I cannot believe the end of True Blood.


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