Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

1. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you better run, better run, outrun my gun. 
Sometimes it doesn't stop.

2. I normally switch between a few perfumes as variety is the spice of life. My mom bought me Clinique Happy Heart for my wedding. It's been my recent favorite. It's light and it makes me happy. In my heart, of course. I spritzed some on myself as soon as I wrote this.

3. I don't think I can even quantify the amount of water I've ingested this week. Bastard heat. Bastard, bastard heat. Today there's some relief, but not enough.

4. One week from today I will be in a house on a lake with my ladies - Laura and my two Kims - and some other fun housemates. I cannot wait.

5. Guess what guess what GUESS WHAT? Tonight I'm going to Sandy's to see Darren Daulton. If you need me, I will be very busy trying to discuss his glorious mullet of yesteryear with him.
Rock that mullet, Dutch. Photo:

6. Last night we stopped at Stephen & Aubrey's awesome new place. Stephen dug this picture out of the four of us, taken just shy of 10 years ago on July 31, 2002. Oh, look at us. MFD looked at it and said, "I still have that shirt."

7. On the way home, I passed a landmark of my childhood looming large in Penndel and I marveled at how some things don't change.

Big Marty's

8. When it comes to phone chargers, I am like a Tyrannosaurus Rex playing with a tiny baby bird. Roar and smash and eat, ROAR and SMASH and EAT. I don't know what the hell happened this time, but this is what remains of the phone charger MFD gave me less than a month ago:

9. Dear Emmys: The Good Wife doesn't get a nomination for Outstanding Drama Series? Really? Have you seen it? And Girls gets a nod for Outstanding Comedy? Girls is many things, but it's definitely NOT an Outstanding Comedy. You're all fired.

10. Ecard of the week

No spaghetti arms, stay in your own dance space, and hold the frame today, friends. Johnny Castle would want you to.


  1. I just snorted out loud in my office at MFDs comment on the shirt.

  2. OK, the Good Wife got robbed. WTF?

  3. You make my heart happy ALWAYS! So happy for you and your girls next week. Safe travels, angels and lights as always & loads of fun, too, on your
    venture out west! Have a drink or 5 for me! Hey, maybe we can do face-time
    on our iphones.
    Looking forward to pool day this Saturday, Sunday, too, if you can!
    Happy Thursday, a reprieve from the high temps, but not the humidity!
    A beloved 4th grade substitute teacher called it Hum-di-ditty.
    LOVE your MOMMA

  4. Haaaaaaaaa!!! HULK SMASH CHARGER HULK DONT LIKE CHARGER!!!! Got the "Shirtless Dutch" plaque ready for tonight hun!!! Also, The Good Wife is the BEST DRAMA ON TV! This is HERESY MFD...

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