Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - West Coast Edition

Tuesday en route to San Francisco I had the worst coffee I've ever had in my life on board an AirTran flight. Crazy awful. The book is good though, I recommend it.

Things I like about air travel: peering out the window, passenger camraderie, biscoff cookies. Things I dislike about air travel: lack of cup holders, the way my skin and hair look when I disembark, claustrophobia. Things MFD likes about air travel: SkyMall.

I give San Francisco eleventy billion thumbs up. I love it here. 

I do not do well with time change. At all. Speaking of that, do people who live on the west coast feel behind when they do business with the east coasters or read Facebook news feeds? Inquiring minds want to know.

The Pacific Ocean is impressive. And cold.

We rode on a cable car, had awesome street hotdogs, hit Lombard Street, walked down 20983987 hills, went to Alcatraz, had a fabulous dinner at Franchino's, saw Jack Kerouac Alley, browsed in City Lights, had drinks at Vesuvio (including absinthe, yuck), strolled through Chinatown, hung out with the son of a former Irish Olympic high hurdler at Foley's Irish House, heard some live jazz, and had a great time. Of COURSE I have photos for all of it, but right now I need to get my ass out of this hotel and pick up a rental car. So more on that with photos next week.

Sailboat on the way over to Alcatraz
MFD and I are driving over the Golden Gate Bridge this morning, stopping at Muir Woods, then making our way to the Lake Tahoe area to meet up with our people and celebrate the marriage of Christy & Al at WedFest. 

Aloha, Spicolis.


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