Friday, July 6, 2012

Martha and the Vandellas sang about these days

Everyone always plays Heatwave when it's hot, even though poor Martha is lamenting the burning in her heart, not the brain frying heat. And the Vandellas are just like yeah yeah!

Yesterday I let the dogs out. When I came back inside after being out for mere minutes I could feel the heat shimmering off of my shins.

They were surely flash frozen since MFD is winning the summer Thermostat Wars and our house is like the frozen tundra. I have to lay under blankets while he sits on the other couch saying "I'm hot."

It's a mad world when you need to wear socks in your living room even though it's eleventy billion degrees outside. I love to say eleventy billion.

The house I grew up in didn't have air conditioning, central or window units. I spent many summer nights falling asleep with a wet rag around my neck, and waking up with a pool of sweat in the hollow of my throat. When it was really hot, we'd go up the street to my Grandmom's and sleep in the air. Or I'd go sleep at Gamma's, where the window AC units were pumped up to the max, making the windows frosty and the floor cold to the touch. Sweet relief.

I hope you're armed with summer essentials to enter the first full weekend in July. May I suggest a Sangria pitcher filled with that delicious concoction, a thermos of ice water, your bathing suit, beergaritas, Neutrogena wet skin sunblock, a big floppy hat, frozen grapes, beach chair, umbrella, Secret Clinical deodorant, baby powder to remove the sand from your feet, lip gloss with SPF, sunglasses, Carolina Beach Music as a Pandora station, Sanuk flip flops, a sweat rag, bug spray, a muu muu to lounge in after a shower, and a dress to throw on (for you ladies or anyone wanting to feel fancy free).  Or just your AC, remote control, and a book or magazine.

Keep an eye on your kids, pets, and old people. Whatever else you do, stay cool and hydrated and enjoy your days in the sun!

Yes, I did an entire blog about the weather. People love to talk about the weather. And poop. Or maybe that's just in the circles I travel in? Everything always comes back to poop.

Regardless...everybody's working for the weekend. I hope you are too.


  1. Poop and weather... 2 of my favorite topics. We even had poop songs when I was little, and I still frequently sing them to the dog to get her in the mood. I could easily write an entire blog about poop; maybe I will! Eleventy million is great fun, although not when it's about heat.

  2. My 3yr old nieces are OBSESSED with poop. I ask them what they want for lunch? One says POOP and the other says PEE. And then they die laughing :)

  3. hahaha Mare and Marisa!

    Poop is the universal unifier.


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