Friday, July 20, 2012

Home run ... this cutout is outta here

Last night we went to Sandy's for a Darren Daulton appearance, a roast beast Sandywich, and a few beers.

Dutch was his very nice, out there, boozy self, and he signed a plaque we won in a basket auction at Relay For Life 2011. In this plaque that now lives on a shelf in our basement, he has no shirt on and is rocking a mullet. It's unique, to say the least. We presented it to him to sign, and he got a good laugh out of it and said, "So you want the story?" He was at Spring Training in Clearwater, getting changed near his trunk, and someone ran up, snapped a photo, and ran off. And the next day he saw the photo in the paper. The End. He signed the shirtless part and the baseball card that sits in the top corner. It was a riot. 

He's still cheesing
Carol and Dutch
Dad and Dutch
Naturally, they were giving away prizes at this event. There were two lifesize cardboard cutouts. As you may remember from my brother Sean's graduation party, I am completely enamored of cardboard cutouts. When they announced they were giving them away, I could care less what The Real Darren Daulton was doing or saying. I was too focused on winning The Fake Darren Daulton.

I didn't win the first one. And I didn't win the second one. BUT my husband the Mayor  came through for me, because naturally he does know the woman who won the second one, and she agrees to give it to me. 

You guys, I was seriously full of glee. I was doing a dance. Imagine the photo ops at future parties and holidays we host. I cannot wait. Thanks Carol for capturing the timeless moment when I shoved Dutch in the back seat of my car.

Nothing to see here, just shoving Darren Daulton in my back seat
Sit tight. We'll be out in a few hours.
So welcome, new roommate. We hope you're happy in your basement lair. 

Happy Friday friends. Here's a tip: your umbrella won't save you from the deluge you encounter when you emerge from the train station if it's securely tucked away in your office on the 17th floor. 


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