Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hello, world, here's a song that we're singin', C'mon get happy

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When I'm pissed off, sad, disappointed, upset,  etc., I allow myself a wallowing period of 24 hours. For extenuating circumstances, I get 48. To be honest, I don't even like to give whatever's bothering me a full 24 hours, but sometimes it can't be helped. I think if we spend too much time lamenting, bitching, moaning, poor me'ing, and crying, we give the thing or person that's challenged our balance too much power. Naturally things will happen in our lives that will bring a longer period of sadness, like the loss of a loved one...even then I try to get back to normal quickly. I know my loved one would want me to.

If I still can't stop the cycle of worry and unrest or shake off the sad after I've obsessively played 2,984 scenarios out in my head and dumped my problems at the feet of my people, I resort to my personal Get Happy repertoire to pull my head out of my ass. It's important for me to return to a grounded place where whatever was bothering me isn't controlling my life. On the double!

Some of the things I do are stupid or obvious, but they do help. For the occasional bad day filled to the brim with assholes, they'll do. Time to turn that frown upside down.

I clean my house. Vehemently. When I'm finished, I find that I've put everything that was turning my insides black to work making the outside fresh and tidy. I'm spent and usually need a nap. If I'm not, I pick a closet, drawer, or room to purge and have at it.

I take my dogs for a walk. Seeing them frolic perks me up.

Gus scampers; Geege likes to roll around in the grass displaying his goods for the world to see

I watch Revenge of the Nerds, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Animal House, or Best in Show. I crave laughter.


I paint my nails, have some wine, breathe deeply, and stare up at the sky while they're drying.

I walk with Leslie Sansone, ignoring her stupid comments and hideous laugh.

I do a quick and dirty gratitude list - what am I thankful for? What's good in my life?

I make an involved recipe that I've been wanting to try.
photo: legaljuice.com
I contact someone who's got issues that don't concern me and lend them an ear.

I listen to Uptight (Everything's Alright) by Stevie Wonder or Dancing in the Moonlight by Van Morrison.

I look up photos of mullets on the internet and laugh like a loon.

photo: mulletjunky.com
I ask myself if this will matter in a month, or a year, or if I'll think about it on my deathbed. Thankfully,the answer has always been no.

While I hate that I let some things get to me, I'm thankful that I can make myself snap out of it just as fast. This isn't magic, mind you. It's a conscious effort to consistently remember that while I can't control life events or the actions of others, I can control my reaction to them. Getting pissed off or upset or angry is normal, but hunkering down too long in those trenches leaves a mark. You all know I'm not Miss Mary Sunshine by any means, but I'd rather not wallow in the negative.

As Toni Morrison says in Song of Solomon, "You want to fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down." It's a much easier day to day existence when you don't carry a pack of angst on your back. Leave that to the hipsters.

Think of how much more time we'd all have to be awesome if we weren't concentrating on things and people that are le suck.

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Be awesome today. Carry on.


Tell me what you think, leave a comment! I'll reply to you via email if you have an email associated with yourself, otherwise, check back here for my reply. Thank you and good day. I SAID GOOD DAY.

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