Monday, June 25, 2012

the weekend that was

Prelude to a fabulous lightning storm. Geege was not pleased.


Gross dinner at O'Donnell's followed by a trip to MFD's favorite store - the Polo outlet.
His wardrobe is literally worth 5x mine.


Magazines galore


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy from the Redbox. MFD's pick, he enjoyed it.
I was fast asleep on the couch within 20 minutes.


Did you guys know there's a show on Biography called I Killed My BFF?
I am intrigued.
Monday (tonight) at 10 p.m. 


Sandusky found guilty.
Hallelujiah and amen.


Woken up at the crack of dawn Saturday by the Ahole Wakeup Committee.
This led to early morning hausfrauing and leaving the house before 7:30 a.m.
Which led me to a large iced coffee at DD.


Seeing a hoagie roll delivery is a good way to start the day


Visits with Grandmom, Gamma and Pop

I scored two cucumbers from Pop's garden

I got both dogs in the pool

Geege takes a dip

Maxin' and relaxin'


Beers out back under my favorite tree with MFD, Greg and Effing Warren.
And a thrown together summer dinner:
MFD's grilled pork tenderloin, cucumber salad, fresh salsa, baked potatoes.

Beer on ice is very nice


Saturday evening stroll around Parkwood to hang out with friends


A sighting of the International Space Station and a good time over on Barbary Place


Food prep for the week, including making my own ranch dressing


A swim and a catnap pool side on the zero gravity lounge chair
Yogi on his step

1. I love these tumblers, which I buy at Marshalls, natch.
2. I love ketchup, but I think ketchup on hotdogs is wrong.
Peters disagrees, as evidenced by her hotdog.


Caught up on Teen Mom. Amber, you are 10 ways to crazy.
A new episode of True Blood. For the love of Pete TAKE TARA OFF THIS SHOW!
Aholes setting fireworks off riling Geege up so I had to listen to incessant barking for three hours.

the weekend that was

This was a true summer weekend, most of it spent outside and perfumed with sunscreen and bug spray. Languid, heavy limbed, sun kissed, slow moving. A nice respite from the busy, places to be weekends. More please. 


  1. That pool is making me salivate with envy. I need to save like a mofo this winter so ours can go in next summer!

  2. I wish I could transport myself to your mom's pool, or Meem's pool, or someone's pool.

    After watching Criminal Minds marathon on A&E I've seen so many commercials for "I Killed My BFF" that I might just have to watch it.

    1. Please watch it so I'm not the only loon!

  3. OMG I love my Healing Ocean Oasis!!! Get one asap- BHS! It is our vacation for the rest of our lives. Was weeding this morning, finished, got in the pool and swam laps and laps. More weeding, back in the pool! Just DIVINE!
    The rock wall and all rocks around it is perfect. No dirt, no plants attracting bees, etc! Just sitting next to it or looking at it is SERENITY
    NOW! I wish you could all beam yourselves here, too! What a fun time we would all have! AND the salt water(like a water softener) leaves your skin
    feeling nice, no sticky chloriny skim or smell!
    Have a beautiful week everyone!

    Your ever-loving MOMMA



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