Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

1. All aboard for Asshole Island! Asshole Island's newest resident is Joe Amendola. To be flippant and jokey after your client is convicted of heinous crimes? Joe, you are completely inappropriate and disgusting. Have some decorum.


2. I've been using this beach/pool bag for over six years. The inside zipper is broken. I can't comfortably carry it on my shoulder and that's annoying when you're walking to a beach. It's time for a new one...yet I can't quit this bag.

3. I'm sure the neighborhood is happy that we finally weeded (for over two hours), mulched for the fiftieth time, and did a general cleanup out front. It was totally nicka - neer - neer - neer - neer - neer - neer - neer out there. I finally put a garden flag on my flag pole that's been up for over a year.

4. A free concert right outside of my building yesterday made me think of how great it would be to walk outside to live music every day. But no Dave Matthews please.

I always love the lone dancer. This guy wasn't just walking, he was noodle dancing.

5. I had a midweek pick-me-up surprise when one of my favorite people (Gail) was in the area and we had an impromptu dinner at On The Border. Ole, mofos.

6. Do you think Chef Ramsay is tired of seeing and saying scallops? I'm tired of scallops.


7. The flipping towel rack on the back of the bathroom door up and fell off this week. Last June I came home to find the mirror shattered on the floor and two of the tiles knocked out of the wall in this same bathroom. Maybe our bathroom has a haint in June. Or maybe our dogs grow hands when we're not there and tear shit up in the bathroom. I don't know. Either way I'm ready to take a sledgehammer to the entire bathroom and start from scratch.

8. When one is foolish enough to half ass it at the gym for two weeks in a row and skip the third week entirely, one should expect everything to be hurty when one returns on the fourth week. I feel like Randy in A Christmas Story, only I can't put my arms UP.


9. My basil, parsley and cilantro are all puny this year.

10. I think this is one zillion percent true. I hate when people blame everyone and everything for their problems, but never recognize the part they play in them, and never do anything to solve them. Albert Ellis, if you're alive, you're invited to dinner.

11. I saw a recipe yesterday on a blog for haricots verts with grape tomatoes. I started laughing like a loon because I used to pronounce haricots verts phonetically. MFD heard me a number of years ago, laughed until he nearly died and told me how it was supposed to be pronounced. Now every time I see it I pronounce it phonetically in my head and laugh like a psycho.

Photo & recipe from

12. I ordered two Zoya nail polishes yesterday. I couldn't help it. It's toxin-free. It goes on well and lasts for a long time. Thanks to Jill for introducing me to it! I got Perrie and Pandora.

Both photos from

13. If anyone needs marriage, divorce, or parenting advice, this conductor doles it out like he was Moses on the mountain getting his information directly from God.

14. Gratuitous dog photos: Gussie and his monkey and the most spoiled dogs in the universe sleeping in while the people of the house are up and about.

15. Favorite ecard of the week:

Today begins a seven day heat wave in the Pennsy area. Can you feel the joy radiating from my pores?

Today is also my brother-in-law Mark's birthday. Love you Marcus Aurelius, have a wonderful day!

As for the rest of you...stay gold, Ponyboy.


  1. I posted that e-card, I would be giddy if I was the one that brought it to your life.

    I"m now going to look up the pronunciation of haricot verts, because I have no clue. I'm not proud.

    1. I got it via email, but you were the first one to have it on the FB! You are always on my ecard wavelength.

  2. LOL @ haricots verts. Whenever I make green beans, my Dad has to call them haricots versts. I think he just likes to say it.

    1. Now I like to say haricots verts (phonetically) just because it makes me laugh.

  3. I said ciabatta and foccachia phonetically until my italian roommate in college corrected me. I still laugh maniacally in my head when I see them.

  4. Ah haricot verts!!!! MFD


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